His proof strengths include production, fertility, udder ligament and calving ease. Either way, as a general rule we are now using mostly NRF as cleanup and are getting more pregnancies as a result. As you may remember, I’ve started using Norwegian Red semen as cleanup on all cows. I’m sure she’ll be fine as she gets used to the whole routine. He is another top polled bull with a balanced proof. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Val – The number one active bull for TMI at 35 (Velsvik is still the top bull overall at 36, just freshened my first daughter a few weeks ago). I’ll probably just use him until I can’t anymore. I’d use more if he were better for calving ease, but not using him on heifers limits his usage somewhat for me. That’s sort of my thinking. These cows are not absorption crosses in the true sense. So what have we been missing here in the USA? These days I’m utilizing Braut a little differently. The Danish bull R Facet was the most used VikingRed bull in 2011. His proof strengths include production, fertility, udder ligament and calving ease. None of mine are close to milking yet. Maybe I just don’t take a stand on anything anymore but I just don’t believe there is a right answer to that question. I don’t use a lot of Swedish Red for cleanup mainly because nobody is dumping any excess supply on me for dirt cheap. Or what if you just looked at the top five bulls from each breed? He is another top polled bull with a balanced proof. The daughters of his that I’m milking are pretty young but I give them a pretty great chance of having staying power. In North America, Semex markets some Ayrshire bulls influenced by Nordic Red genetics. She’s synchronized to be bred tomorrow and I was thinking the Finnish bull Ullimulli. The other caveat being that I haven’t done a head to head comparison with Swedish Red or any of the other Nordic breeds. Last week i attended an open day at Richard Parks farm near Kendal in Cumbria. If there are any cows that should be crossbred, it’s the hard breeders. Richard has a couple of Normande X heifers milking which were of interest to me as i have a few at the point of calving. Bulls that test negative to Schmallenberg will be able to be brought into the United States. After an interesting presentation from Richard followed by Hielke, we had lunch then rounded off with a walk through the 170 cow herd. If you are in Europe and want to chime in, I’d love to here what you have to say. The first one is now breeding age and eventually I see the NRF making a pretty sizable impact on my farm. 1263 0 obj <>stream I get enough wiggle room that the disparity isn’t quite so large. One from a batch Richard imported in a few years back. Now that I’m using more NRF on hard breeding Holsteins, I’d expect that gap to narrow because I’ll be throwing NRF semen into Holsteins that won’t conceive no matter what I use.

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