A young man was found dead on the train tracks. She says he was her brother. Read “The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan” (second story in preview), The Adventure of the Speckled Band | Arthur Conan Doyle. P_]�:@�'�������X��vK>=����؟;�"jAB�הc�L��ւ�C=���k�0��Ƹ*��RCa�.�ʼ+�nk�Q c�W��y{����d�-� Mr. George Blake is a kind, distinguished gentleman, with a very unusual hobby…he kills people. The death was ruled an accident but she believes he was murdered. Smiles The suspect and his home have been searched to no avail. Short Story / Mystery and Crime. Read “Wasps’ Nest” (Free trial sign-up required), The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds | Neil Gaiman. He doesn’t suspect either of his employees. Mrs. Opalsen insists on showing Poirot some of her jewels. *"x��.�/���_�PB�#�[��(�-%�o0¼�o��=�r��������� �l�g�_Dp������V�Xz1"�7�r��:����~ She lives with her stepfather, who is known for his outbursts. 0000008841 00000 n No one had entered or left the office during the time in question. Short Mystery Stories Featuring the illustrious characters: Mr. A. J. Raffles Mr. Sherlock Holmes Father Brown and Lady Molly of Scotland Yard This E-book was created from public domain texts from Project Gutenberg, edited and formatted by Candida Martinelli of Candida Martinelli’s Italophile Site. Poirot notices increased activity among the staff and realizes something has happened. This year, in addition to the three members of his family, he has eleven guests. 0000003761 00000 n A Favorable Favor x��][s��~w���TN�S�x03�˩-�$��]o|v�v�E��$#�R�_40�Fc p�J�Er0@��� ��?��~z��ïgYq|���}�N��}��\dB�E�}�y�Fd�����*/�:k�.�Փo��-����7G�3y�^��g��(���3���L�Gۙ�����N}������W��n��n�>�$��E�p���mߟ���sѳ7*�Sq���hd^W�a�m�K��~VS��腀 ^� They always brought something … Start Reading. endobj S��Ї��0���s� Su[B=k�GN�,���!63m�����ۖ�+��Q��5��HV��F��D�R&xe�8@�T9�^\�*�0�F'�b��Q Sir Septimus throws an annual old-fashioned Christmas party at his country house. He had recently withdrawn $10,000 from his bank. September 16, 2020. Hardly had he finished eating when he heard someone shout. Uncle Auguste Her sister died two years before in their home. %PDF-1.4 %���� �9�B6ۭ�!�D��YfV�T2B5�@Q�l��ol�|s�l������<>&ʆ���3���k�C:�n����JK��E�L ع Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. by Peter Lovesey Best collection of short stories on the internet grows daily. Florent was eating in his house. by Charles Todd California, has won many prizes for her crime stories. The Perfectionist The Great Man 0000003307 00000 n A novella about a lost manuscript from a tortured genius and a conspiracy that leads to murder. https://strandmag.com/product/strand-magazine-issue-53/, Your email address will not be published. NL�ZG,�h�w��p��o�1���������֪ b�*oJ>d�|-�i�6گPP��m5�F7�?��t��hx �2�3��'��Q��[bh݉�w�u������a��ݢ�!�$٨��Q�t�K\{P0W1���r6ӖS��x�%N� ��IY�������&X~Q3~��ga��d-��w`h;�.iy ]n t�3�����U@ͧ�,���)�"d���+N�%�㶰v�ˎ�Of��z���O@7?zv���~�A��� �C.�֐ #t�g�YBP���Z�vf�o���WV��iO��j9d����h9D"B [�p�����~��}f�Pjq�`�2d1���[Në-F���N��;��� ���?�~���O���쮂p+ �ټ9Z=����g�R�������-c[�JVy�S���,sD8�D٨�S:)�U�P4�A.�'ݔ.�]��N>�gs`�F-�VGo@d�"�Z�~t����e0�W���l��Q7��fSV3�&�5�i_�m'`� A suspicious neighbor, a hound, and a missing spouse make for a thriling-comic mystery. I could put that right for you! An elderly lady tries to sell an expensive painting to a very shrewd gallery store owner in London…, The Case of the Accursed Cairene He’s been finding them around his house, and they seem to mean something to his wife, Elsie. A private detective sits in his office drinking and cleaning his gun. They start taking Ruth’s theories a bit more seriously. Key included. Stine, John Mortimer, Faye Kellerman, and Matthew Pearl. A tale of horror set in revolutionary France…, Artistic License They usually feature private detectives or police. by Bill Pronzini She thinks he’s up to something, but Rick dismisses her concerns.

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