If you are the girl who wants to flaunt her girly charm yet look bold, letting people gape on your contradictory style, then this Style is going to be your favorite bid. We add more pixie hairstyle photos every week so be sure to check back often. The sharp edges of the hair strands in this style can keep your appearance prominent. Only proper brushing can be enough to stay stylish when you are going out in the short-tapered haircut. 25 Fade Haircuts for Women- Go Glam with Short Trendy Hairstyles Like Never Before! Bob hairstyle with different layers of strands in short hair can make your presence smart and messy. To achieve a flawless and soft layered look, opt for your layers beginning only a few inches above the ends. If your hair color is naturally black and you want a bold look, then nothing can give you a better result than the short pixie style. A few thin layers make a big difference to the feel of your hair, while just making a slight structural change. Such a hairstyle can be a good break for your hair and scalp from all the treatments and straightening and is stylish at the same time. Large curls free of sticky, crunchy styling products are a great option. Keep your natural curl and simply liven it up a bit with a modern cut that still looks feminine. It can be hard to find a color that really pops on short tapered natural hair and still looks sophisticated. Keeping the hair curled away from the face allows women to showcase their features while enjoying a bold style. Simply wash, condition and twist your hair in sections, allowing them to dry at night. Allow curly front sections to graze the forehead for a softer, more feminine twist on short hair. Now ladies have taken over the trend and made it their own with feminine flair like the flower petals shown here. Have your hair cut into a short taper to maximize the coil in your curls, and then add either temporary or permanent dye in the hue of your choice. 25 Best Hair Dryers and Accessories Products, 25 Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type – Hair Brush Reviews and Ideas, 25 Most Charming Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair, 30 Hottest And Trendy Bob Haircuts For Stylish Look, 30 Hottest And Latest Hairstyles For Women, 25 Charming And Hottest Medium Haircuts For Your Inspiration, 25 Classy And Trendy Celebrity Short Hairstyles, 25 Most Beautiful Celebrity Long Haircuts To Adore, 30 Cute And Classy Ways to Wear Center Part Hairstyles, 26 Most Glamorous Looking Haircuts With Side Bangs. Add feather cut layers into the style to soften the severity of the crop, while also ensuring texture and volume throughout.

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