Interrogative: 0.0 0.384769539078 0% => OK It’s not just about having a smartphone and some mobile coverage. It is better that students only see leftist websites with no access at all to anything on the right wing, otherwise students may start voting republican instead of democrat. Article: 2.0 2.52805611222 79% => OK For instance, I bought a new watch on the Internet and I am comfortable with my choice. Paragraph topic coherence SD: 0.130890744455 0.056905535591 230% => More connections among paragraphs wanted. Language errors: 0.0 5.01903807615 0% => OK To be verbs : 13.0 13.1623246493 99% => OK Subordination: 1.0 2.10420841683 48% => OK Firstly, this technology gives us inst... This essay will let we know the arguments against and favour about them, concluding we should be available because there are some good information for us. I think the Internet is something that we have to know, and we should know what is good and bad for us, and keep ourselves away from what can damage ourselves in any way. Language errors: 2.0 5.01903807615 40% => OK Article: 4.0 2.52805611222 158% => OK flesch_kincaid_grade: 8.8 11.3001002004 78% => OK Sentence topic coherence SD: 0.131392545139 0.0667982634062 197% => OK One bad aspect of internet is that anyone could acess anything anytime. This is no small task. Also we may get in touch with our parents, if there are far from us. In here, it has some news, which are not true, are updated in other sites. Some of these restrictions come from pressure from publishers who do not want students downloading copyrighted material via college Internet systems. Write on the following topic: In some countries, many people do not have enough money to access the internet. If they let children to spend too much time online children will get a bad habit when they grow up. Sentence Length is relatively short. Fourth root words length: 4.15483772266 4.20363070211 99% => OK Some websites contain offensive contents such as violent or sexual images that could harm children’s behavior. Performance on sentences: !! Sentence length SD: 30.44164709 49.4020404114 62% => OK In the past lectures were the traditional method of teaching large numbers of students Nowadays new technology is increasingly being used to teach students Do the advantages of this new approach outweigh the disadvantages. Preposition: 26.0 41.998997996 62% => OK Everyone has heard stories about hackers that published private and scandal photos of data base of the big company. It's useful for students, like me. flesch_reading_ease: 45.76 50.2224549098 91% => OK Nowadays, all the activities that are given for example to the students in the schools are online; for that reason I believe that it's an indispensable tool for learning. Essay topic to essay body coherence: 0.286451122571 0.244688304435 117% => OK Hi, I'm Manjusha. Also, the Internet sends viruses to your computer. I personally do not believe that it is the government’s responsibility to provide free internet access to everyone as it is quite an unreasonable demand. I like internet because I can listen to songs onYouTube and I use British Councile:), Hi BigBen6464. Relative clauses : 5.0 7.30460921844 68% => More relative clauses wanted. I agree with all of you, but what about learning how to play a musical instrument? automated_readability_index: 8.9 13.0946893788 68% => Automated_readability_index is low. Think of an environmental problem facing your country. In my argumentative essay I discuss if the Internet should be limited to students. Obviously, a student should be restricted from viewing such material in classroom unless he or she is working on a project that involves adult material. gunning_fog: 8.8 10.1190380762 87% => OK : ). Secondly, it provides teenagers with tons of information from all sides. I totaly agree. British Council really helps me with my vocabulary. However, it seems to me that it is important to communicate with other people. I do not feel that it is so terrible that students see adult content via student Internet services. smog_index: 8.8 7.44779559118 118% => OK I'm glad to hear that you enjoy practising English here :) Is there anything in particular that you like on the site? Sentence topic coherence SD: 0.151881521614 0.0667982634062 227% => The coherence between sentences is low. For example, many students study in their college dorms, and they shouldn’t be restricted from seeing adult material in their college dorms. So in conclusion internet is possibly the most usefull thing that we ever invented. Should students be banned completely from seeing the right’s perspective on things? In this modern world, it's hard to imagine things without the internet. While there are many good sides, there are also its downsides. VIP users will receive further evaluations by advanced module of e-grader and human graders. Major tasks have been made easy thanks to the internet. Also, people can have fun using it and it is very reasonable. It's the 21st century that people are meeting one another by the internet from distance. Pronoun: 29.0 24.0651302605 121% => OK I also agree that learning on the internet (like here ont the british council ;) ) is very usefull . What's your opinion? Check your writing: gap fill - useful phrases, A for and against essay about the internet - exercises, A for and against essay about the internet - answers, A for and against essay about the internet - essay, A for and against essay about the internet - writing practice, How to be a good listener if someone is upset. It restricts the rights of a student if he or she is unable to watch adult material. Should governments be responsible for ensuring that everyone can get access to the internet? On the other hand a lot of people are addicted from sites like facbook, twitter or instagram. Sometimes, there are websites that we can't trust and kids can accidentally click on a website that is not meant for their age. Essay readability: In many growing economies, the government has several major problems to tackle like hunger, poverty, infrastructure and healthcare etc. In my own perspective, it's not completely bad for us. Internet sometimes is helpful but sometimes is harmful. However, there is an ongoing discussion about whether the internet should be serviceable or it should there sometimes be limitation. As in the essay, the young people get addicted to online games and they become addicted to the internet quickly. However, the internet provides many benefits to the general public. Some people take advantage of the useful social net works to do bad things. Sentences with positive sentiment : 12.0 8.67935871743 138% => OK In summary, there are obvious arguments on both sides. The Internet is already restricted in college campuses. How many sentences: 21.0 16.0721442886 131% => OK I like your reading skills practice, stories about UK and "What is it?" Some people believe that the internet should be regulated and censored. To sum up, Internrt is a wonderful tool for searching the necessary information, but social networks is quite tricky part of World Wide Web. difficult_words: 63.0 78.4519038076 80% => More difficult words wanted. Should the internet be available to everyone, or should there sometimes be restrictions? Setting up internet facilities requires expensive equipment which will put additional burden on an already pressurised government and I would rather have the government spend this money to eradicate poverty or on the basic needs of its citizens. In this essay, I will support my opinion with examples. Many people argue that they also need use the internet in their lives. Suggestion: public As in the essay, the young people get addicted to online games and they become addicted to the internet quickly. dale_chall_readability_score: 9.04 8.58950901804 105% => OK This is a big problem and I agree that in the text mentioned this points. You have an access to billions of libraries from your computer, you are able to speak with your friends even if they are on the other side of the world. The internet has recently become more and more important because this technology provides a range of benefits to our lives. We don't know what will happen in the further times, but we do know that we shouldn't overuse it. The internet does host lots of materials that are inappropriate for young children. Hi Tony, Updated June 5, 2015. Powers, Kirsten. If I want to know something, so I need help from the Internet. Do universities need to change hiring practices?” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, 20 May 2016, I think the Internet is something that we have to know, and we should know what is good and bad for us, and keep ourselves away from what can damage ourselves in any way. Student’s freedoms of expression are at risk if a student is unable to see people conducting the act of love. Word Length SD: 2.83676953322 2.80592935109 101% => OK Your email address will not be published. I think we should make limits of using the internets for them. I think that the internet has some advantages and disadvantages nowadays. The Internet is an electronic way of communicating, socializing and also can also be used as a research tool. However, there is an ongoing discussion about whether the internet should be serviceable or it should there sometimes be limitation. Pronoun: 6.0 5.43587174349 110% => OK In my opinion, Internet is one of the greatest people created. syllable_count: 511.2 506.74238477 101% => OK What will the consequences be if no solution is found? 2015 “How Liberals Ruined College.” The Daily Beast, The Daily Beast Company, 11 May 2015, For example, now in Indonesia, many teenage girls lost their virgin. Although it have many benefits, also have a disadvantages like the addiction to online game, it is affecting about all to the young of this generation. Internet Access Must Be Limited To Students In my argumentative essay I discuss if the Internet should be limited to students. Preposition: 2.0 4.76152304609 42% => More preposition wanted as sentence beginning. syllable_count: 470.7 506.74238477 93% => OK Copyright © 2005-2020 TestPrep Communities by, All rights reserved.

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