Riki calls her "Melly", while the resident Nopon of Frontier Village call her by the term "Bird Lady".

After Melia is declared successor in a public ceremony, Mechon attack Alcamoth and Sorean travels to Prison Island. Melia completes the trial and is deemed worthy by the forefathers to become the imperial successor in spite of her half-Homs ancestry.

Sharla and Melia don't really care about either of those things. Publisher

The game has a number of features labeled as "Time Saving Support Features". Melia refuses to explain her reason for being in Makna Forest, but decides to accompany them temporarily and leads them to Frontier Village. Another of the game's systems is the "affinity system," in which characters can partake in many optional sidequests with non-player characters. The game conveys the feeling of freedom to the player through large, open environments, and is not as focused on cutscenes and story as its sibling games Xenogears and Xenosaga. As part of the alterations made to the port, much of the on-screen information was moved down to the bottom touch screen to avert clutter to the top screen, while the layout was carefully arranged so as to maintain the feel of the original as much as possible. Among these are Teelan - a young High Entia researching whether it may be possible to return Telethia to their High Entia forms - and Tyrea, who is guarding Teelan and trying to find a reason to live having lost her mother and her ideology. In the meantime, her brother Kallian serves as regent while an impersonator of unknown identity is prepared to fill in for Melia's public appearances during her absence. Fixed an issue where loading an autosave file after hearing a quest-acceptance conversation would cause quest progress already seen to return to that before having heard the conversation. This port was co-developed by Monster Games, an independent company, since Monolith Soft was working on the upcoming Xenoblade title at the time. Similarly, she also has a few spells that cause statuses on enemies. She instantly apologises and offers to help the Homs in exchange for saving her life. It included the following general issues: The version 1.1.1 update was released on May 28, 2020. Height Fixed an issue where in Chapter Nine, while the Mechon soldiers do battle with the Laias on Prison Island, viewing Prison Island from Eryth Sea would show the battle effects, but they weren’t visible from Imperial Capitol Alcamoth. Ultimate.

Element Burst may be completely used up upon casting an Art; the higher her tension, the more likely she can stay in Element Burst after casting an Art. The game was released on June 10, 2010 in Japan, and released on August 19, 2011 in PAL regions. Fixed a lockup that sometimes occurred when battling Nero Andos.

Several tie-in products have been released. The version 1.1.0 update was released on May 28, 2020. It appears that Melia was going to do something to the unconscious Shulk, perhaps a kiss, but she would later be ashamed had she not stopped herself. ※ These stats are raw and do not include the bonuses from the skill lines.

Fixed an issue that caused the player to become uncontrollable when falling off a ledge just before seeing a vision from a collectible. Following the events at the Mechonis Core, Zanza sinks Prison Island into Eryth Sea and floods Alcamoth with ether. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Melia has the following Skill Trees (not available in Future Connected): Serenity is one of Melia's initial three skill trees, and the first skill is unlocked when she joins the party. Fixed an issue that caused the quest to become unacceptable when changing to a different event or changing the time while talking to a quest-giving NPC. Her Spirit is a Primary Spirit that is found in the World of Light and on the Spirit Board. Melia's abilities are based upon Ether Arts, being a mage-like character with low HP and physical strength, while excelling in ether combat and defense, making her very useful against enemies with high physical defense or that specialize in ether attacks. An NPC in the imperial palace states that Melia has grown up to resemble the second consort. Melia generates a lot of aggro if she's played well, and Riki isn't great at drawing aggro in, so Melia's in some danger unless you expend a few gem slots to control aggro (and even then I wonder if it's enough). Some of the “!” icons appearing on the area map and in the field while using Travel Guidance can now be disabled. Starting a New Game Plus after lowering character levels in the New Game Plus Settings could cause the number of Affinity Coins held to decrease. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, https://xenoblade.fandom.com/wiki/Melia?oldid=470859, Increases HP absorbed from water arts by 25%, Increases chances of finding rare crystals from ether deposits by 5%. Shiori Katsuta Melia has a strong sense of duty and, due to her status, believes that she should be capable of doing tasks bequeathed to her alone. - Final Fantasy. The game was announced during E3 2009, when a trailer was released to media.

Being a princess and due to a fairly strict upbringing, Melia is partial to polite and formal behaviour, and is one of the most serious members of the group along with Dunban.

A missable special scene can occur just after the events of the Mechonis Core when the party first returns to Colony 6 and Shulk is unconscious in Linada's lab aboard the Junks. Do you support Shulk x Melia for the end of Future Connected. Prevents accuracy loss due to low tension. Time Attack is a new feature added to the main storyline, during which enemies must be defeated in the shortest possible time. Completing such quests can alter perception of the character in the towns, and open up additional story sequences. However the art book "Xenoblade: The Secret File" reveals her age to be 88. Battling any remaining Leg Volffs would cause the battle to end abruptly, and battles would start and stop as soon as you entered their line of sight. Melia is the only player-character in the game with a known surname. Melia is also the name of a species family of plants that the Chinaberry Tree belongs to. In Japan the first print run included the 1-CD Special Soundtrack. Fixed an issue where changing the controlled character while climbing a wall would cause the character to fall through the wall. Developer 1.56 m The new "Events Theatre" feature, similar to the one in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, stores all game's events, and allows to see again and modify them with parameters to select (equipment, time, weather). The new Collection Mode is another new feature allowing the ability to view the game's 3D models from any angle in the Model Viewer, and listen to the musical score in the Jukebox via a token based lottery. However, the decision to declare Melia as Sorean's successor does not sit well with the first consort, Kallian's mother, who resents Melia due to her half-Homs heritage as the daughter of the second consort. Many of Melia's arts provide a buff when summoned and do damage when released. Despite her status as the princess of the most advanced race on Bionis, Melia is a very humble, modest and kind person, never looking down on Homs as inferior (which pure-blooded High Entia often seem to), though this may be because she is half-Homs herself. This is noted thus in the list below: (group buff when summoned | damage when released).

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