Defect has more paths to high scaling, making him better at building the synergies that will be needed for the heart-kill, but having a deck full of scaling cards typically means the deck is a slow-starter so you rack up chip-damage over the course of the run. Unplayable. Deal 5 (7) damage. This ranking is obviously based on my own experiences: Silent - Incredible defensive options like Leg Sweep, Wraith Form, and Malaise. Apply 4 (7) Poison and 2 Weak to ALL enemies. This turn your next Skill is played twice. by cardcommonwealth on twitch, check him out here. Exhaust. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Watcher decks get really strong and consistent with just common and uncommon cards, so getting to the Act 3 boss happens more often. Exhaust. I also think it's likely that players get "baited" by upgraded cards and make a suboptimal choice for their deck, just because they see that a card is already upgraded. Weapon This ranking is obviously based on my own experiences: Silent - Incredible defensive options like Leg Sweep, Wraith Form, and Malaise. Deal 13 (17) damage to ALL enemies. Deal 12 Damage. Discard all non-attack cards.

Deal 12 damage. It is quite good in the Act 1 elite fights before your deck is fleshed out, and remains relevant throughout the game.

If this card is discarded from your hand, gain 1 (2) Energy. The Nine Bosses. On your next turn, your Attack damage is doubled. Deal 8 damage twice. Discard 1 card at random. Yep. I agree, Alignment Chart  If this card is discarded from your hand, gain . Deal 15 damage. Deal 10 damage to ALL enemies. Are you planning to make a tier list for colourless cards? You cannot draw any cards this turn. Exhaust.

Currently available on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and iOS. Whenever an attack deals unblocked damage, apply 1 Poison. Whenever you draw this card, add a copy of it to your hand. If you have discarded a card this turn, gain 2 Energy. The most prominent cards in the group B are Armaments and Offering. Defect is my top character. This guide explains how to consistently win runs of Slay the Spire, using the Silent and a turtling, defense-first style of play. Share Dedicated to all discussion on the roguelike deckbuilding game Slay the Spire by Mega Crit Games.
Deal 12(16) damage. Whenever you apply a Debuff to an enemy, they take 3 (4) damage. Deal 7 damage. Above-average winrates give additional points and below-average winrates subtract points, down to 0. Defect is hit or miss because I'm bad at the game, Watcher is op, wrath/ divinity stance is nuts - but she requires the most skill to play by a huge margin. I don't want Entrench if I don't have Barricade, but it's pretty rare to get offered those cards in that exact order. Great for the heart. At the end of your turn, lose 1 HP for each card in your hand. Apply X Weak. - Negative scores are not throttled, but hard-capped at 0 instead. Watcher - Anything in Slay the Spire that says 'double' or 'triple' is generally nuts. Unplayable. Poison is OP, especially Catalyst, and there are several great poison relics. If those cards/relics don't show up early enough, I'm not getting on track towards a win until it's too late. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party... Child best weapon Only picking up power and skill cards and only if they compliment my deck. What does a score of 0 mean?

This ranking is obviously based on my own experiences: ... Silent has strong defense, and an easy path to a heart-kill strategy. Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24/30/36/42/48%. This strategy should lead you to victory on most runs. At the end of your turn, gain 1 Weak. Watcher uploads are available and everything else will be gradually added.

ALL enemies lose 6 (8) Strength for 1 turn. Unplayable. Gain 2 Intangible. He's also plagued by some genuinely very bad power cards like Heatsinks and Hello World and cards that appear to have synergy like Scrape and Reprogram, but actually have limited utility. When an enemy dies, deal damage equal to its MAX HP to ALL enemies. Deal 9 damage. They cost 0 this turn. Some upgrades are that good.

It cost 0 until it is played. Add a Row Below. Apply 6(9) Poison. S — BASE: Amazing use case, incredible in every deck POTENTIAL: A card which single handedly defines and carries its archetype deck: C — BASE: decent card, but pick these only for synergy Increases Base ATK by 20/25/30/35/40%. Deal 15(20) damage. Exhaust. Each time this kills an enemy, increase its damage by 3(5) permanently. The top cards in group A are Corruption and Entrench. colorless. Clear Row Images, Add a Row Above Idk if I'm more likely to win with watcher or IC/silent, but I suck at watcher and I have a pretty good handle on IC and silent. Childe best Artifact Unplayable. Unplayable. A couple cards that inflict Weak + Paper Krane is half a winning deck on its own. Unplayable. Those are based on consistency though, if you're looking at the ceiling for classes it may be much different. Exhaust. Draw 1 card. ALL enemies lose 6 Strength for 1 turn. Glass Knife's damage is lowered by 2 this combat. More posts from the slaythespire community.

Deal 4 (6) damage. Until there's another major patch or an expansion, I plan to keep the data since 1.0 so the scores should only improve in accuracy over time and eventually I'll switch it to A20 only. for the images. The most obvious Core, it's colorless and doesn't need any Setups. Exhaust. Anything over like 10 with any other class would be crazy. (Not Ethereal). Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Pretty consistent IMO. Artifact Sets Maybe in a few months I'll have enough accurate data to add it. Whenever you play a card, deal 1 (2) damage to ALL enemies. Enemy loses 9 (15) Strength for the rest of this turn. I would not underestimate an early Hello World. Next turn, add 3 copies of that card into your hand. Why don't scores for all acts add up to the total? At the start of your turn, draw 1 card and discard 1 card. Draw 2 cards. Add 1 (2) Shiv(s) to your hand. If we are talking about a20 heart, I would say watcher is the strongest, then ironclad and silent are about the same, then defect us bottom tier. How often is the tier list updated? Yep. Gain 5 (8) Block. Poison is OP, especially Catalyst, and there are several great poison relics. Whenever you draw this card, add a copy of it to your hand. Deal 4 damage. Draw 1 card. Shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile. Rope coach is about to hit 50 wins in a row (asc 20) with watcher. This page was last edited on 23 June 2018, at 17:24. 3. Once every 24 hours.

I've won a20 Heartbreaker runs with all 4 characters and truthfully I think they're all fun and great. Except silent is the worst one instead of the best, To me, the character with strongest offensive : Watcher > Ironclad > Defect > Silent. Can only be played if there are no cards in your draw pile. At the end of 3 turns, deal 30(36) damage to ALL enemies. Common, Uncommon, and Rare Relics can be found from a variety of sources.

(Innate). Deal 6 damage three times.

Filter: Common Uncommon Rare | Low Frequency. Drag and drop your whole 'run' folder, 'character' folder or individual runs anywhere on the site. At the start of your turn, add a Shiv to your hand. Exhaust. Exhaust. Android port coming soon!

If the enemy is Weak, Gain 1 Energy and draw 1 card. Draw 1 (2) card(s). Deal 6 (8) damage for each Attack played this turn. Drag and drop your whole 'run' folder, 'character' folder or individual runs anywhere on the site. Choose and exhaust 3 (5) cards in your hand. Next turn, draw X(+1) cards and gain X(+1) Energy. I am a newish player (FIrst heart runs were back to back Silent then Watcher LAST NIGHT;A1). Spend all Energy. Defect is last, too many trash cards (hello world, heat sinks, meteor) lowish scaling. If the card is a Skill, gain 3 (5) Block. ... -Silent is the best for both tasks because poison is a decent and easily obtainable damage-source and because her defensive cards are by far the best. Award. TYPE TO FOCUS & SEARCH. Exhaust. At the basic level, it's just delta winrate*1000 (to make a nice round number) and then act scores are added up together, but there are some adjustments:

Deal 9 (12) damage. I don't want a Limit Break before I get Inflame, Spot Weakness, or Demon form, because every time I take a Limit Break before a strength source, RNGesus is sure to punish me by making sure no strength card shows up until Act 3...if at all. Enemy loses X Strength. Guides » Slay the Spire - The Silent Ascension Mode Build. Pretty sure Watcher is considered the strongest by, like, everyone. 4. - Positive scores are "throttled" for cards with low sample size, meaning cards that are rarely picked get only a small boost to their score, otherwise you'd have stuff like Flechettes unreasonably high because the card actually does well when picked in exactly the right deck, but 99% of the time nobody takes it since it's generally really bad.

Then I got two copies of the power card that creates a random power card at the start of each round.

1. Also each time I can I like to discard the attack cards then remove the defense cards that start in your deck. Whenever you take damage increase this card's cost by 1. For information visit here. Deal 4 (6) damage for each Skill in your hand. Noblesse... Racket Renegade - Sports, gaming and Anime Fans.

Both have multiple viable builds and lots of trash cards and plenty of scaling with poison/str gain cards. Pretty consistent IMO. Deal 15 (20) damage. A — BASE: great general use, strong in almost all decks, D — BASE: bad card, only slightly better than strike/defend. If you can get a rainbow (all three orbs) card early and upgrade it doesn't exhaust, which is also amazing since it's 3 orbs for the cost of two energy. Credit to We welcome feedback as there will most likely be something we've missed, SpireSpy is not an official website of, or affliated, with MetaCrit. Exhaust. Slay the Spire. skill Adrenaline 0 S+ Gain . Discard your hand, then draw that many cards. ironclad. I'm looking to add relics, as well as a more "guided" tier list, which helps show which archetypes should be played for each card. At the end of your turn, Retain up to 1 card. Build Basics The build relies on a single "combo turn" utilizing Catalyst multiple times to exponentially increase poison damage.

Lightning is not reliable enough to build around. Deal 6 (8) damage to ALL enemies. B — BASE: good general use cards, overall solid “deck filler”, F: Even worse than strike/defend AVOID THESE, Silent Archetypes: poison, machine gun, block control, discard, every deck, crazy with strong 0 drops (distraction, adrenaline, etc). If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. At the start of your turn, add a Shiv to your hand. At the end of your turn, lose 1 Dexterity.

Detailed stats for each Silent Card: best cards, pick frequency, winrates and more

2020-05-10: Spirelogs 2.0 (development version) is open! Lots of combo pieces which isn’t too useful by themselves (mantra, scry cards), Ironclad and silent are about par for me. Exhaust. Exhaust. To do this, cards "start" with 50 points per act. At the start of each of your turns, add a random colorless card to your hand.

Unplayable. Scores in orange highlight cards which perform above average but have low sample size (approximately bottom 25% popularity). Those numbers are pretty high... If this card is discarded from your hand, draw 1 card. To find your files: In your Steam library, right click on "Slay the Spire" and navigate to Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files. I have been lucky and gotten the artifact that makes a random card free. Exhaust.

Discard 1 card.

Tips and Tricks. Discard your hand. I agree mostly but I think Watcher might be better.

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