we Africans may be in Africa if not for slavery but be rest assured that Africa would be way more developed without the slave trade , Africans are basically the foundation of America . Resource Type. I am Scottish so I dont class my self as British so I will refer to what Britain did in those time's, they went on to create Pakistan by thier usual meathod's of drawing line's in the sand, and when the Asian people came to settle in Britain in the 1960's they were horrified that those paki's where allowed to come and settle here. They don't consider themselves "white" since "whites" and blacks are referred to as Goyim. What do you think created the wealth and power that britain and america have today. Besides, the so called, "black" people refer to themselves as "nigger" anyway. The founding of the first Black Christian.

To start I'll just say ROME.

If we were still in our homeland then there would not be any of us because majority of us well just about all of us Americans: white, black, etc. The math should put to rest any further argument regards the African slave trade as being unique or unusual in the course of this continuing trade. Enslaved people living in rebelling areas against the Union. What company established a fur trading post in 1624 on a hilly island called Manahattes. WHY DOES AMERICA NOT INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION? How were Quack and 12 others punished for burning down Fort George? I advise you cease making outrageous and mean comments, How is Africa doing lately? D'ya know that the term 'nigger' was originally used against the Irish and still is among the top Brit scumbags who use the term to denote all slaves.

Is American In what year did the first enslaved African arrive in Dutch New Amsterdam? I learned a lot from this documentary. We're all slaves to the same bankster gangsters and as slaves, we're all equal - no race excluded except the 'Master Race' chosen ones.

I watched him on The Electric Company in the 70s. Everything refers to tribes and so on! Yes, that old cliché still remains. We are the answer to "OUR MASTERS PLAN" will you say yes, yes I/we to can. Achieving their assignments was for the real value for their owners, not their own personal well being and worst of all not knowing when they were going to be free again. One thing to understand is that European whites of the 21st Century had nothing to do with this pain that we still feel! 66 terms. Getting involved with trades and being the middle man etc.

African slave value: up to 50 shillings sterling As the events of Smalls' life unfold, the complexities of this period in American history are revealed. Rise up and become inventors and creators! Children born to an indentured slave belonged to the master (was sometimes of the master) even if the woman somehow managed to earn her freedom; she would not leave her children so continued as a slave. 89 questions for students to answer for Episodes 1-4 of Slavery and the Making of America. %PDF-1.5 African slaves first traded, and then bred domestically after the trade ended--disconnected from cultural or ethnic backgrounds and denied the rights of national citizenry (de jure) until Civil War, and then for a century afterwards de facto until 1965 - - - the condition and situation of African Slavery in the United States is unique --- a fact that does not in any way diminish other forms of slavery and oppression of non-Africans--or for that matter atrocities suffered throughout the world by many of multiple "races" etc. 32 terms. I suppose he wants a button or medal for being from South Africa then moving to Europe to benefit from their wealth. Blessed Be Mr Robert Smalls. Sorry, your linguistics are foul.

With these being said I The Ottoman Empires and almost all dark ages colonial conquerors had slaves as spoils of wars and they were middle easterners, they had black as well as white ones! Are you sick in the head or perhaps just a little dumb? because it is for your own good.

The advent of the combine harvester made slavery, white and black no longer economically viable, so slaves were 'liberated' as indentured servants of state (via birth certification, the introduction of 'sir' names generally for tax ID purposes). Yet, for all of its evil throughout its evolution as a World Religion, the Christian Church appears to be poised to take over the governance in many cities in the United States. This myopically introspective and insular denial of the context of their nation's or people's plight, is, I find, both repugnant and pathetic. The Code of life was cracked and DNA markers authenticated the findings of paleontologists, archeologist, climatologist and geneticist that placed the Cradle of Life in East Africa. That system of belief caused Charles darwin to be extremely cautious and exacting in revealing what he had proven to himself.

Those captured were decapitated and put on display as a warning to other slaves who might think of rebelling. And if you want to talk about the horrors of slavery, take the blinkers off and look into Irish and English, Polish and Africaans, Serbian, Slovakian or any one else's history and you will find the same atrocities at least a hundredfold. Beware! And start respecting us as Americans, and African Americans. The Downward Spiral.

He worked on board a ship . I read that there are more slaves in the world today than ever before.

Working side by side with white indentured servants, these men labored to lay the foundations of the Dutch colony that would later become New York. Offered slaves freedom for fighting in the Revolutionary war.

they were men and women of their time and wether you like it or not,the simple fact is if we(british)didnt build an empire,the french,spanish or even the dutch would have done. Title: Slavery & the Making of America film guide questions.docx Author: Patrick O'Brien Created Date: 6/18/2015 11:18:48 AM Why do you think my people should earn your respect? Sis LINDA Melody_Johns. The first 11 enslaved africans built the colony with hard manual.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenderd to Grant. Our women whose beauty was made a curse form early childhood our fathers whose strength was the cause of their deaths. a white captian sounded an alarm; those caught were beheaded and their heads put on display; planters decided to import fewer africans. What happened to the slaves that fought in the Revolutionary war?

I suspect that nothing will change unless there is a grassroots effort launched to make this information know. forced out of Politics , forced out of real self dierction , today 1/2 black Arab american DUPE president is gift of the under lying controlling aspect that guides the MASSES thru $$$$. All of it is relevant. Not in the colonies, it wasn't. I took Smart aleck's advice, because I thought his comments were well thought out, and watched his recommended video. We cannnot revel in the glorious parts of our history and sweep the shameful parts under the rug. I never got a penny from the slave's work, but their great great great grandchildren get millions from European American's taxes each month. His life will continue to impact the world as the exploration of scientific thought advances.

dont blame britain for the worlds problems.

That's a read that will rattle a few cages.

Slavery and the Making of America is a four-part series documenting the history of American slavery from its beginnings in the British colonies to its end in the Southern states and the years of post-Civil War Reconstruction.. How did Southern whites react to the Nat Turner rebellion? Have a nice day Chief. be interesting as they were all White. It is just my way of saying that It would probably be a good idea to educate yourself on the subject of slavery and Africa. Modern America has now proved what Southerners always knew: slavery works to make money.

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