This was mainly because of a general lack of mobile forces able to transport the 45,000 strong Slovak Army Group alongside the German advance. The best units of the former Slovak Army Group were now organized into two new divisions, the 1st Slovak(Mobile) Infantry Division and the 2nd Slovak (Security) Infantry Division. Great to see some Slovaks!!! The Capital was chosen as Praha (Prague) which was in the traditional lands of the Czech people. The first group was a brigade-sized formation that consisted of six infantry battalions, two artillery battalions, and a company of combat engineers, all commanded by Anton Pulanich. [3] Slovak soldiers participated in numerous pogroms and frequently robbed Jews during the first days and weeks of the occupation in the summer of 1941. Unlike the lumbering Infantry divisions, the Slovakian Mobile forces prided themselves on conducting a war of manoeuvre based on pre-war Czech doctrine. The Mobile Division (also Fast Division) was formed in August 1941 when the Mobile Brigade was upgraded.

The two groups were organized around the HQ of the 1st and 3rd Slovakian Infantry Divisions. Two combat groups were created for the Campaign in Poland for use alongside the Germans. The Mobile Division was routed and over 2000 men were taken by the Soviets. As such they are a bit of an almagam between the 1941 Pilfousek Brigade and the 1942 Mobile Division; and the battle of Lipovec may be on the horizon! It was at this time that the remaining forces of the former Slovak Army Group(no longer an independent formation), were used behind the German lines in conjunction with the 103rd Rear Area Command of Army Group South in security duties and helping to eliminate pockets of Soviet resistance. The Slovak 1st Division then shared the fate of the German southern forces, losing its heavy equipment in the Kuban bridgehead and suffering heavy losses at Melitopol in the southern Ukraine. 40 tanks. Four days after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, Slovakia sent its own units forward against the Russian lines in the form of the Slovakian Expeditionary Army Group. The two combat groups saw fighting while pushing through the Nowy Sacz and Dukeilska Mountain Passes, advancing towards Debica and Tarnow in the region of southern Poland. All the tanks were used in 1941, withdrawn shortly after and then sent back to the Division in October 1942 so were not used at Rostov. [1] On 21 June 1941, the Slovak government was informed that it was expected to provide a contingent to participate in the German invasion of the Soviet Union. In 1943, His unit of 2,500 – 3,000 men defected en-masse to the Soviets, officers included.

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