- Division 3 West Coast Championship club For those that need to sign up a racer for either class please see fastfridays.com and visit the rider sign up page for the proper documents and call Dave Joiner Phone: 916 971 9697. If riders need more information, it can be found here: Perris speedway practice-info. Adult Riders = anyone over the age of 18 Stay safe everyone and hopefully we get back to racing sooner than later. Keep an eye on our Facebook page so we can bring you the news when we have it. If we go back 10 years, the only way to get any info on speedway was to be at the races, Know someone who was are at the races, or read about it a few weeks later Cycle News or Turn One Magazine or maybe on that new thing called The Internet. We’d like everyone to be signed up no later than May 8th. After this one, lets bring all divisions back! 714-891-9888 or Hugh Randolph at 949-673-1831, Northern California Speedway video tapes are available from John Holmes Jurica Pavlic (Croatia) – wild card Image a world with only a weekly Newspaper to get your news from, No Radio, No TV, not even any color pictures of your favorite riders, just text. You MUST HAVE your 2020 entry form turned in, a 2020 Fast Fridays Racing License and a current AMA License to enter. Cost: Riders = $45. A lot of excitement in the Central Valley for this! 2. Just a reminder that there is NO ALCOHOL in the pits during practice! Call or text for overseas prices. See more ideas about Speedway, Speedway motorcycles, Speedway racing. While our season opener at Industry Racing, the 6th annual Connor Penhall Memorial Cup will just be delayed / pushed back, we will be back strong and healthy ... and then just run later into the year! We are expecting a good rider turn out in this division. A huge shout out and congratulations to the YOUTH Champions 12. We are adding May 16 and June 13 to our schedule. November 14 - Perris Raceway 2020 AMA U21 Championship & AMA Youth Long Track Championships All other divisions would race for Trophies only. Internationally, Britain is still on hold but Poland is preparing to fire up on June 12th. Ken McKinney, who took over the torch of Xtreme Speedway Action videos from the much loved and missed Mark Williams, is launching a new online Speedway TV Service which debuts at Perris this Saturday (September 29) with a PPV stream of our Salute to America race. Speedway GP Calendar. We are bringing speedway back to Bakersfield, California, at the Kern County Fairgrounds with an amazing event honoring local legend racer and the famous Bakersfield promoter, Digger Helm! Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing all of you on the race track. Your team’s Premium Access agreement is expiring soon. It's British Style Team Racing in Division 1 at Perris Speedway. It was a huge display of how far Fast Fridays reaches into the world and also how important AMA Youth Speedway is. will return to Leszno in the future after confirming his Thanks, RC Jones Editor. So we’ll keep that one as a reserved date at this point. As of this morning, Thursday April 23rd, we have 9 slots left. Sounds like a dream, well now its possible, thanks to Xtreme Speedway Action. 7. It really helps at this time. We thank everyone on the front-line's and send well wishes to all that this virus has affected. Still yet to come the Gum Ball Rally. We Support "cognitive dissonance" with our Lizard Brains! Low Budget TV, Perris All Star Team Speedway Bike Racing - July 18th, Steve Evans Dream Team Speedway (July 14, 2020). Looks like we are at $10,000 for the purse for the 1st annual Digger Helm Speedway Classic! A methanol-powered single cylinder of no more than 500cc spits rider and machine around the course at up to 70 mph courtesy of a single gear. How about the idea of watching Speedway whenever you want, all day long? The Polish Ekstraliga fires up this coming Friday, 6/12, with the first match on at 9am PDT, noon in the East. Assuming we get the approval then the only variable will be what the limits are on attendance are, most notably spectators. State has approved but needs to be passed down to county and city levels for vote. This repository is populated with tens of thousands of assets and should be your first stop for asset selection. Spectator tickets are not on sale due to local pandemic restrictions. 4. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Ventura Raceway June 24, 2000 Main Event, Click Auburn HERE to see the vide of the 27 June The economics of such do not fit any other venues budget and I really think the series needs a bit of a rethink as it’s own concept. Other thank you's must be given and certainly not forgotten: Hank Hohlbein who helped with many things and mostly the Live Stream that was free. As a reminder, spectator areas are closed at the track. We would like to ask you to please be patient and keep checking FB for all updated information. PLUS! Details on these events to follow. all the celebrates, and most importantly each and every race of the event." After a week of productive work with the City we are officially cleared to begin racing based on the California Governor’s allowance for professional sports to resume. Costa Mesa Speedway and Brad & Jaleen Oxley regret to announce that due to the concerns surrounding COVID-19 (and in order to comply with the state & federal guidelines of social distancing) the OC Fair & Event Center has, at this time, canceled all events through August 31st. Please click on the link below and go to the appropriate section. All Divisions feature in the show and the Mini Bike Class will run the TT Track. Speedway is an exciting sport, and a lot of people care about the sport and are interested in finding out what is happening in Speedway. We will run a practice Saturday 4-9pm but need enough pre sign ups to cover cost. Towanda, Pennsylvania. 18. BIG TIME * FUN TIME * ALL the TIME - Doing in Right ... tuning Left! intense” SGP series. That's a full speedway racing action program with riders like Bart Bast, Billy Janniro and those EXTREME SIDECARS will be here. Note, U21 and Juniors need to sign up by noon 9 November. Luke Becker The whole package must weigh at least 170 pounds dry, and teams work fiercely to stick as close to that number as possible. With so few races this year last thing we want is a clash and we're always happy to work with other promotions so everyone wins. Broc Nicol Austin Novratil Again, this practice is WITHOUT SPECTATORS/FANS so if you don't have the above license you may not enter. A six rider handicap race won by Gary Hesmer, close behind is Sobec Muszynski, Andy Harris... Weekly race tapes of the 1999 season are available for $15 at the track or picked up, etc. (Can not confim if this is the correct link for the Livestream, but has videos). Collect, curate and comment on your files. We are hopeful but not 100% definite that we can give you good news in the next day or two regarding our scheduled race on June 13. The Nick Varner Cup is always a special event. All of the Fast Fridays officials that had a long day without much pay. • No high-risk persons allowed (as determined by health department). Website payment link should be coming soon. In these unknown and trying times we are aware that you might be wondering what is going to happen to our beloved speedway racing season. The race is November 14th starting @5pm. We still cant even have everyone working in office on the same day. If we cover our outlay on this we can keep the streams going for future events until we can reopen to full attendances! If you want to be on the program please call Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway ASAP! Vladimir Kruk for his pictures that were well liked all over Facebook Zielona Gora @ Rybnik - 7:30am PDT October 24 - Perris Raceway - Team Finals. Producer Mark Williams describes for us how it works: What is Xtreme Speedway Action and why should someone support it? SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS. You MUST HAVE your 2020 entry form turned in, a 2020 Fast Fridays Racing License and a current AMA License to enter. December 12 - Perris Raceway 2020 AMA / FIM North America Speedway Final, 2021 Season on hold waiting for the next Chinese Pandemic, October 24 - Perris Raceway - Team Finals - Photos, October 16 - Lynchburg Speedway - USA All-Stars of Speedway w/Photos, October 11 - Outlaw US Nationals at Champion Speedway. With that in mind we plan to run a Division 1 Invitational event as part of the July 18 AJ Herrera Flat Track Race. The Division 1 program will feature a British League style team race, Team Captains Gino Manzares and Aaron Fox will draft their teams a few days before the race from the signed up riders. The website (Perris Speedway Racing) also have our newly released schedule for practice and racing. "It'll be a tough meeting for sure but I've had a couple of meetings at Perris over the past month and felt really good on the bike and have plenty of self belief right now," said Broc Nicol before the FIM Speedway Grand Prix Challenge. Steve Evans Dream Team Speedway (June 4, 2020). We are especially excited to bring the Under 21 Championship for the second consecutive year. And new fans of the sport will see how exciting it is and come out to the track to personally experience Xtreme Speedway in Action. Humans have been obsessed with the quickest way around a dirt oval since before Homer began uttering the first syllables of what would become The Iliad. We also welcome anyone who wants to donate or offer sponsorship towards this session so we can guarantee staging it and support our track. 17 October - SpeedwayBikes.com 25th Year Anniversary Event ama-under-21-youth. ALL Pee Wee 50 riders and their parents please print out all forms, fill them out completely, then call Fast Fridays to set up a time to come into Fast Fridays and get all registered for the 2020 season. We hope you and your families are staying well & are staying home, taking every precaution during these crazy times. 1621 Fulton Ave. Suite #35 Today, in 2005, and moving on to 2006, not much has changed, we have a few more websites, some dedicated people involved in the sport who take the time to write stories about what happened at the races, and the Speedwaybikes Message board, where most of the same people talk about most of the same things. Practice from 6:30 pm to 9 pm As an additional note, Jim runs a mini bike class on an infield oval once a month at his car events. Again, this practice is WITHOUT SPECTATORS/FANS so if you don't have the above license you may not enter. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Keep an eye on the ensure and the Perris Facebook page for up-to-date news on our safe return to racing! California should start the 2020 season with these tracks hosting events:. It was a mutual decision to take a year out. Pitgate opens at 5:30 pm. Tips To Survive Your First Motorcycle Trackday. There will be no comp entries or pit passes without exception, even if Bartosz Zmarzlik signs up he’ll pay the same as Beachball. Reserves All riders and mechanics over the age of 18 will print out forms, fill them out and mail them into Fast Fridays with all appropriate fees Leszno @ Gorzow - 10:15am PDT. LA County will be last to allow any sporting events with spectators. He would run Upright and Amateur Laydown classes at these dates if enough interest. Well: We are moving forward with our opening day of May 8th at this time. Norbert Magosi (Hungary), From Dariusz ZAKRZEWSKI August 21, 2020 - dariusz.zakrzewski@onet.eu. - The AMA 250 Junior & 150 Mini Speedway Long Track Nationals, As well as these championships, we also have these classes Tim Bennett of TNT Motorsports • Attendees must park vehicles at least 10 feet apart and maintain at least 6 feet between each other at all times inside the park. The meeting will take place in Goričan, in Croatia on Saturday. Thanks for asking Ken.. Stay safe!". Division 3 August 20, 2012. Broc Nicol 2020 shirt. So we'd like to see everyone get signed up. For those who wish to review the 2020 AMA Racing Rules Select 100 images or less to download. There are no brakes or rear suspension. And in the event that fans are not allowed or very restricted, we will be offering pay-per-view broadcasts from low budget TV at a very affordable price. We all have very different circumstances both with the facilities where we run and different cities and counties.

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