Some have complained about color palette but I didn’t mind it. He joins an Alliance surveillance team with Selene, his newly-assigned navigator. Play through all the routes … Deimos is the quiet type but doubles as Cain’s spy and he unsurprisingly turns out to be very lithe when the situation calls for it. And of all of the endings, this is the one I would hope to become canon as it leaves everyone on the best possible path moving forward. Cain is a fighter for the Federated Alliance. You are Helios, the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler. Otherwise, and this is my biggest issue with most games that want to be ‘adult’, they don’t bother making those characters interesting: instead expecting the audience to want to watch them have sex strictly because of their tropes and/or getting strangled by the red string. They are written as if this isn’t the only article you are going to read about this game, or as if you (the reader) are going to run off and do more research. For a game that’s centered around dialogue, nothing in this game’s script is particularly revelatory, and a lot of it in the more explicit cutscenes is a little awkward. A screenshot from the beginning of the visual novel. Not just because I like playing them, but because their success is a sign of an ever-diversifying customer base for video games in general. So yeah, not exactly whisked off my feet by the story. So, again it gives the illusion of free roam when it is a mostly linear experience. With the exception of the plot thread dealing with his sister, the routes and choices Helios takes during the game can all be traced to Abel’s change of behavior. They’re just another weight on this lethargic plot and keeps the mess from straightening itself out. It took me years to figure out that visual-novels can be like choose-your-own-adventure books, or maybe they always are? This is best seen in the background art and event graphics. Helios is the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler. Navigate the difficult politics of the Kepler as you explore the beautiful sci-fi backgrounds designed by Hamlet Machine and the Date Nighto team. In his first mission on the ship he and his assigned navigator Selene are put on a team to explore a derelict space vessel, only for said mission to go horribly wrong. To be honest, while I am aware of her and what some say about her, I don’t know her work or personality. He joins the military and the Fighter program in particular out of a desire to follow in the footsteps of his older sister: a female Fighter named Valentina. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Game of Thrones Episode 4: Sons of Winter Review. Just let us enjoy our games!’. While I don’t mind the different options before you get set on a path, once your route is determined you really only have two choices in any given situation. Keeler is the lead navigator aboard the Sleipnir, a battleship from Earth. Character Information Cain is of Russian descent, but is not from Earth., HamletMachine has said that when she thinks of Cain's personality, she thinks of a cat., Cain is 22 years old. Date Nighto has done a great job with this property and fans of the comic should love it as a faithful adaptation that is exceptionally true to the tone and look of the source material. AndroidBrowserdate nightodating simiOSPCstarfighter eclipseVisual Novel. But anyone who wants me to just shut up and go away should realize that doesn’t change the fact that Starfighter: Eclipse is a mess. In this game you can get an easy sense of what’s going to endear a character to you or what’s going to get you airlocked.

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