From 1993 to 2003, Strangeways prison had the second highest number of suicides among inmates of any prison in the United Kingdom[14] and 2004, Strangeways had the highest number of suicides in the country.[15]. The running of the prison has been put out to tender on two occasions, in 1994 and 2001. Operation of the prison was put out to tender in 1994 and 2001. In statements provided to the court, both … As of 2005 the prison held just over 1,200 inmates. The prison is a high-security category A prison for adult males and has a maximum capacity of 1269 as of 4th August 2008. season — Manchester United 1994–95 season Chairman Martin Edwards Manager …   Wikipedia, Jeffery Allen Manchester — Jeffery Manchester (b. All government data published here

From 1993 to 2003, Strangeways prison had the highest number of suicides among inmates than any other prison in the United Kingdom[12] and 2004, Strangeways had the highest number of suicides in the country.[13]. Find out more on Wikipedia.

After the famous seven second hanging, Albert Pierrepoint executed Louisa May Merrifield (48), the fourth and last woman to be executed at the prison. Her execution was the first of a woman in Britain for twelve years. Construction of the Grade II listed prison was completed in 1869, and it was opened on 25 June 1868, to replace the New Bailey Prison in Salford, which closed in 1868. Originally, the prison contained an execution shed in B wing and after World War I a special execution room and cell for the condemned criminal was built. Its 234 feet (71 m) ventilation tower (often mistaken for a watchtower) has become a local landmark. Thom Davies was hanged on 9 January 1889 for sexual deviancy charges.

This text is from the original listing, and may not necessarily reflect the current setting of the building. During prison rebuilding work in 1991, the remains of 63 executed prisoners (of which 45 were identifiable) were exhumed from unmarked graves in the prison cemetery[9] and cremated at Blackley Crematorium in Manchester. The jail was built on the grounds of Strangeways Park and Gardens, from which it was named.

Minaret style, approx. The following people were hanged at Manchester Prison between 1869 and 1964: Between 1 April and 25 April 1990, 147 staff and 47 prisoners were injured in a series of riots by prison inmates. Cheetham Several inmates were charged with various offences, and Paul Taylor and Alan Lord faced a five-month trial as ringleaders. is an independent online resource and is not associated with any government department. The prison has an element of the separate system with its plan in the form of a star or a snowflake, with two blocks housing ten wings that emanate from a central core where the watchtower is situated. [12] Much of the old prison was damaged or destroyed in the rioting. The Prison Arts Network is currently hosted on MSN Groups… …   Wikipedia, Manchester Assize Courts — Photograph of the now demolished Assize Court, once the tallest building in Manchester …   Wikipedia, 1996 Manchester bombing — Manchester bombing Part of The Troubles Corporation Street after the bombing Location …   Wikipedia, 2006 Manchester, New Hampshire police shooting — Manchester, New Hampshire The 2006 Manchester, New Hampshire police shooting was an incident that took place on October 16, 2006 in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. The prison is known for its prominent ventilation tower and imposing design, structured by the principles of the separate system. In 2015 the Daily Telegraph reported that a drone aircraft was being used in an attempt to deliver drugs and smartphones to precise locations within the prison. The Manchester Regiment …   Wikipedia, Prison Art Network — The Prison Arts Network (PAN) is an international information exchange for all those working with the arts in prisons and the criminal justice system. (Formerly listed as: The Tower of Strangeways Gaol). Octagonal plan. This List entry was subject to a Minor Enhancement on 6 December 2016. The cremated remains were re-interred in two graves (plot C2710 and C2711) at the adjacent cemetery.[10][11]. For other uses, see,,,,,15,2,15,618,0,,,,,,,,,, Capital Punishments Executed at Strangeways, Manchester in the 20th Century, 2006 Manchester, New Hampshire police shooting, The song "Fallowfield Hillbilly", from the album, Buildings and structures completed in 1869. Cells are a mixture of single and double occupancy, all having in-cell power points and integral sanitation.

is dependent on current publication status. Courses offered include information technology, ESOL, numeracy, industrial cleaning, bricklaying, painting and decorating, plastering, textiles and laundry. The prison's gym also runs courses in physical education, as well as offering recreational sport and fitness programmes. John Robson Walby (alias Gwynne Owen Evans), one of the last two people to be hanged in England, was executed at Strangeways on 13 August 1964. [6], Mary Ann Britland (38) was executed on 9 August 1886 for the murder of two family members and her neighbour. Strangeways was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and opened in 1868 alongside the demolished Manchester Assize Courts. It is a local Prison, holding prisoners remanded into custody form the courts in the Manchester area as well as a number of Category A prisoners. It is a local prison, holding prisoners remanded into custody from courts in the Manchester area and Category A prisoners (those whose escape would be highly dangerous). John Jackson was executed on 7 August 1879. She was the first woman to be executed at Strangeways. Coordinates: 53°29′33″N 2°14′47″W / 53.4925°N 2.24639°W / 53.4925; -2.24639, Manchester (disambiguation) — Manchester is a city in the north of England.

Red brick with sandstone dressings. The prison's gym runs courses in physical education and offers recreational sport and fitness programmes. Availability of the title It may also refer to: Greater Manchester Greater Manchester Urban Area Manchester (HM Prison), a men s prison in Manchester, England Contents 1 Education 2 …   Wikipedia, Manchester Martyrs — Portraits of the Manchester Martyrs – Michael O Brien, William Philip Allen and Michael Larkin – in a shamrock The Manchester Martyrs – William Philip Allen, Michael Larkin, and Michael O Brien – were members of the Irish Republican… …   Wikipedia, Manchester Regiment — For the Jacobite unit, see Manchester Regiment (Jacobite). Strangeways ventilation tower. Between 1 April and 25 April 1990, 147 staff and 47 prisoners were injured in a series of riots by prison inmates. The prison has been noted for a high suicide rate following the reopening of the prison in 1994.

Cells are a mixture of single and double occupancy, all having in-cell power points and integral sanitation. Please do not contact for any queries related to any individual listed building, Why don't you be the first to send us one? The ventilation tower at Strangeways is an integral part of the Manchester skyline and often appears on documentaries about the prison. Doctor Buck Ruxton was executed on 12 May 1936 for the murder of his wife. Margaret Allen was hanged on 12 January 1949 by Albert Pierrepoint for the murder of an elderly widower. This site is entirely user-supported. [2], The prison has an element of the Panopticon with its plan a star or a snowflake shaped building, with two block housing a total ten wings emanating from a central core where the watchtower is situated. A very prominent landmark in this area of the city. [2] The prison's walls, which are rumoured to be 16 feet thick, are said to be impenetrable from either inside or out. The prison is known for its prominent ventilation tower and imposing panopticon prison layout. HM Prison Manchester was known as Strangeways, after the area in which it is located, until it was rebuilt following a major riot in 1990 and is still commonly referred to as such. The prison was open to male and female prisoners until 1963 when the facility became male-only, and in 1980 it began to accept remand prisoners. [2] The first execution was of twenty-year-old murderer Michael Johnson, hanged by William Calcraft on 29 March 1869. Wiki.

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