There has yet to be any real call to action to arrest, charge, and punish these vandals who have torn apart an American city. What hasn’t yet emerged are calls from the general public to corral the miscreants who destroyed Philadelphia. Photos show fans climbing on top of vehicles and attempting to scale the gates of City Hall. But his 44-yard hookup with speedster Tyreek Hill - on a 3rd and 15 - was the play which turned the game on it's head. There have been reports of an explosion, looting, destruction, cars being flipped over, street signs and lights being destroyed, and violence. Will voter turnout exceed 2016 levels? The idea that riots in the United States are a “funny joke” seems to emerge only when the rioters are white. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Another commenter drew comparisons between reactions to the destruction caused by rioters and widespread criticisms calling the "take a knee" movement "disrespectful" after a number of NFL players, led by Colin Kaepernick, began taking a knee during the U.S. national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality in America. It even gives white people rope to undermine the rights, justice, and freedoms of others. In the aftermath of the chaos that erupted in Philadelphia as Eagles fans tore through the streets celebrating their Super Bowl victory, many could not help but notice the difference in how the public and officials reacted to riots by fans compared to those prompted by civil unrest. Video, 00:00:42 Eagles' Super Bowl win sparks riots Police stand by idly and watch. Our. Travis Kelce and Williams caught touchdown passes from Mahomes before Williams run in a 38-yard rush to seal it. I didn’t watch the game, but apparently this is the first time in their franchise's history that the Eagles have won a Super Bowl match. For just the fourth time in history, the teams were tied at half-time in the Super Bowl as the sides went in to watch Shakira and J-Lo strut their stuff at 10-10. In this op-ed, Jenn M. Jackson, a writer, activist, and Ph.D. candidate in American Politics at the University of Chicago, explains why destruction that occurred in Philadelphia following Super Bowl LII was actually white rioting. "They were just so angry they didn't know how to express themselves any other way. Fans scaled the awning outside the Ritz Carlton, which ended up collapsing under the weight of around 30 people. Wild stuff. Meanwhile, a Super Bowl party at Temple University in the city spilled out onto the streets – with at least 8,000 people joining the already huge crowds. "We laugh about white people doing things like this for a team, but look down on black and brown people upset over a killing," one commenter tweeted. I agree that there is a clear and consistent double standard about rioting. Another riot occurred in Denver the next year after Broncos defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII. In the words of The Root’s Yesha Callahan in 2014, “While black people are protesting the senseless deaths of unarmed black men, white thugs are ravaging the streets because of pumpkins and football.” This is because white people are considered by some to be less violent than black Americans. #phillyriot #philly #phillypolicescanner.

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