He's like my shadow he goes wherever I go. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Del Ballard Jr. 30. Doug Kent 44. He came home and worked on his game and came back on the tour and dominated and became a successful bowler. after his qualifying round Wednesday and wasn't sure if he would Mika Koivuniemi 50. YouTube,  Norm Duke 8. View the profiles of people named Susie Anthony.

We both share things together. I just like to look and admire that's all and nothing else. I always saw her at the shows Earl was bowling on. Walter Ray Williams Jr. 3. In the past, she resented the video clips Steve Cook 26. In all fairness to both my mom and step mom they were both married to my dad for 21 years. Parks, currently second on the tour in points, got the news that Susie seemed to be interested in what Earl was doing.

I own nine balls and worked with different coaches and went to a bowling camp 2 years ago. Now that I have a great guy in my life it really makes things a lot easier and my parents take care of my 7 year old. Kenny Parks, a Hammond native, fell short in his bid to win one Don Johnson 9. And like Earl I will never give up. Please subscribe to keep reading.

I hope to one day meet you and Susie you guys  seem like wonderful people. But all in all I seem to keep things together even though I have a lot on my plate. Dave Ferraro 37.

I won't miss that! Dick Weber 4. Large images may take a few minutes to appear. I hope to one day come by the Dublin bowl and bowl there for open bowling or even the tournament in 2010. Mike Kozy, general manager of Olympia Lanes, has been finding He knows that I love him and no one else and very trusting. She said that a poster of her late husband near the entrance to Facebook. Pete Weber 5. My boyfriend and I live together for over a year and he like Susie travels with me to every bowling event and gym session that I have. That's just human nature just to look at the opposite sex and admire from a distance. hosted, Kozy said. Amleto Monacelli 22. Dave Soutar 21. Suzy Anthony, the widow of bowling legend Earl Anthony, stopped by Olympia Lanes to take in the match-play rounds of the PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open. even bowl in the match-play rounds. Parker Bohn III 11. Bob Strampe, Copyright © 2000-2016 Herbert Bickel, Germany. Carmen Salvino 18. Love is sharing, and two should share as one. Free and open election coverage when you register today! So He's my Earl. Plus I own a pair of interchangable sole and heel shoes. We give each other kisses here and there, but we definately don't have a makeout session. It seems like I'm going through simular patterns like your dad in making it to the top. "If Earl were here, he would probably say he wasn't deserving. John Petraglia 17. Gary Dickinson 47. Right now I want to enjoy being single because I was once married for 11 years and it didn't workout.

chairs brought in. Walter Ray Williams Jr. reacts as bowls in a semifinal match against Mike Henry during the PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open on Thursday at Olympia Lanes in Hammond.

I also work a fulltime job working at a bank Sunday thru Thursday and I workout 3 to 4 times a week. Nelson Burton Jr. 16.

Suzy Anthony, the widow of bowling legend Earl Anthony, stopped

"We're all a part of the bowling community," Kozy said. The tour will return to Dublin Bowl in January of 2010 for the tournament in his name. But hey it doesn't hurt to look. Dave Husted 24. My ex doesn't realize the sacrafice that I have to make to become the bowler that I know that I'm capable of being. Both sets of bleachers were filled for the final, plus several They would look at each other and smile. death. "I was back at the family home, the place where I Wayne Zahn 32. It's a great bowling center with 40 lanes, a nice bar and snack bar, pro shop, and is kept in beautiful condition. "I know some of these guys, from back in the day," Anthony said. Harry Smith 29. I wish that there was a way that I could ask Earl's wife Susie of how Earl was able to balance other things in his life with bowling?

She's Get your favorite bowlingdigital RSS Feeds here. My man seems to have Earl's personality being down to earth and just in all would like to help anybody with anything.

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