Caption: Ashley Jones with her husband Chad along with their kids. "We're not being overly dramatic.". "I remember that feeling of missing him, but I remember the adrenalin rush. Ashley said she’s still getting used to having a camera in her face, but feels much more confident going into her second season. "I remember this one coming out late," Jones said. When Louisiana's alligator season opened in Sept. 2018, Jones and Adams were members of the "Swamp People" cast. "He said, 'I'm going to take you deer hunting this afternoon. "It was so suspenseful each morning waiting to see if the bait was down," Jones said. Jones said she loved her family and was able to care for them and work, but nothing in her life could bring her out of the dark place she was in and fill the void in her life. 'The unluckiest guy in America':Mississippi hunter bitten on head by copperhead in tree. "What put me in the depression was a miscarriage," Jones said. You can cut it with a knife.". But the thrill of the hunt and being in the show made up for the challenges. Ashley Jones battled depression and that led her on a journey which changed her life. Her husband introduced her to hunting and she came alive again. "I just remember sitting at the kitchen table and my husband said, 'I don't remember the last time I saw you smile, much less laugh,'" Ashley recalled. It was a hormonal imbalance and that's normal, but I didn't have anything I was passionate about to fall back on.". "It may bring something out in them they didn't know about. Though the redheaded beauty spends most of her time on screen with good friend Ronnie Adams in Louisiana’s Belle River bogs, her home base is actually Mississippi, where she lives with her husband and three kids. Contact Brian Broom at 601-961-7225 or And as unlikely as it may have seemed at the time, it all started with an afternoon in the woods sitting on the trunk of a fallen tree. But five years ago it felt like there was no hope. The show focuses on alligator hunting during the alligator hunting season in September every year in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamps in Louisiana. Ron Methvin from ‘Swamp People’ Biography. So there she was — a woman who had never hunted before and a big buck was standing 10 feet way. She fired. It really did.". Is 'Mountain Monsters' Fake? "I really didn't have things I was passionate about doing," Jones said. He offers wild hog hunts and Jones booked a trip with him for her and her husband. It is evident from her look that she has not crossed the forty-year mark just yet. "I was in depression for three months without even knowing it. "Now that I understand it better I can be more myself. "Now that I understand it better I can be more myself," she acknowledged. Her life seemed to be one that most people wish for. Meet his Wife Bernita Landry. 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Swamp People’s Ashley Jones. Ashley Jones is a reality tv star on the show, Swamp People, that airs on the channel, History. "[Chad and I] went down there and hog hunted and really got along [with Ronnie]," Ashley told the Clarion Ledger. Tom 2 years ago. If you do these 5 things every day I bet your…, Posted by Ashley Dead Eye Jones on Monday, April 13, 2020. Because she'd never hunted before, her husband asked her to practice slowly raising the rifle and aiming at the deer, even though none were what he wanted her to shoot. "They were pretty bad," Jones said. "Their hot is different than ours," Jones said. The fishing enthusiast connected with Ronnie via the platform and signed up for one of his wild hog hunts in New Orleans. Everyone on TikTok Is Making Hot Cocoa Bombs, and They Look Delicious, Is Andrea Mitchell Sick? But watching the show on television isn't the same as being in the swamps of Louisiana where things are very real. "My advice to any guy who dates someone who doesn't hunt — take them," Jones said. For fans wondering how Ashley transitioned from deer to gators, she has Facebook to thank for her reality TV stint. Ashley Dead Eye Jones. "We went down there and hog hunted and really got along," Jones said. Fans Are Convinced the Travel Channel Series Is Scripted, What You Need to Know About Alligator Hunter Willie Edwards From 'Swamp People', Here’s Why Fans Won’t Catch Gator Queen Liz on 'Swamp People', 'The Great British Bake Off's Japanese Week Sparks Controversy. Caption: TV personality, Ashley Jones net worth. All rights reserved. "I just felt like there was something missing. Here's what Jones told the Clarion-Ledger in a story in 2019. Sharing our crazy adventures with you. However, she said that sometimes she feels anxious, but she doesn’t let the anxiety take the better part of her. 2 Ashley Dead Eye Jones’s husband and kids. As aforementioned, the middle-aged reality star is married to husband Chad Jones, who is a hunter and a practicing lawyer with his law firm. "Some things happen that you don't expect every hunt," Jones said. Then a deer that would change her life stepped out. It was like I was meant to do something else. Jones was friends on Facebook with a man named Ronnie Adams from New Orleans. He was already a cast of the show, and he went and put in a good word for her to join the show. "Some things happen that you don't expect every hunt," she shared. It’s hard to believe that History Channel’s hit reality show Swamp People has been on the air for 11 seasons, but our favorite cast member just joined the series last year. Ashley Jones fell into depression after a miscarriage. One of the son’s name is Cooper McMichael Jones. Ashley Jones had a nice home in Brandon where she and her husband lived with their two young children. She started hunting alligators and hogs to fuel the passion that had been missing in her life. Please help support the work we do at the Clarion Ledger by subscribing. "Once that thought entered my mind I couldn't concentrate on anything else. It was like just going through the motions of life without getting anything back from it," she told the Clarion Ledger in 2019. Ashley Jones proved herself to be an essential asset on History Channel’s Swamp People, and she is worth the attention as well. Ashley credits her husband with helping her out of a deep depression caused by a miscarriage six years ago. "It was a hormonal imbalance and that's normal, but I didn't have anything I was passionate about to fall back on… I just felt like there was something missing. "Then getting to see how big of a gator we caught. "It's nice not being the rookie.". Jones is now in her second season as a cast member of Swamp People. "I didn't think it could be more humid than Mississippi, but it can. They have three children, two sons, and a daughter. ", In his bio, Chad explains, "I have handled cases against BP relating to the oil spill, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and other large corporations… I represent former NFL players that have suffered neurocognitive impairment as a result of repetitive brain trauma.". As the only female alligator hunter featured, Ashley "Deadeye" Jones is a breath of fresh air amid all that testosterone. Despite what Jones thought, that was exactly where her path was taking her. "The biggest one we've caught was 12.5 (feet), but if we didn't have any measuring tapes around I would have said it was 14. According to his firm’s website, the lawyer specializes in "Mass Tort Litigation related to injuries caused by corporations for their profit. The American hunter won a lottery for a gator tag and was invited aboard Ronnie’s boat to give him a hand. Ashley from Swamp People is active on Facebook and Twitter. "He said, 'I'm going to take you deer hunting this afternoon.' She continued to hone her newly acquired hunting skills and became pretty good at it that her friend, Ronnie Adams, noticed that she was an exemplary hunter. "I watched the show religiously and never in a million years would I have thought I would be on it — ever," Jones said. ", Jones got her buck and more followed. "It was like I was dead inside. Chad Jones is a hunter and a practicing lawyer with his firm in Ridgeland. Though she is not far from it as well. "I knew I had to make it my mission to successfully kill a trophy buck," Jones said. 8 Ashley Dead Eye Jones wiki-bio and other facts. As aforementioned, she got an interest in hunting after her husband, Chad, invited her for a hunting expedition that changed her life for the better. Even though she's more settled into her role in the reality series, she said filming is far from routine. "I was just taking care of other people. However, we know that she was born in November and is in her thirties. Her exact birth year is unknown.

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