Definitions include: a party where there are a lot more girls than guys. As in, this taco is fucking awesome! If you hear the phrase Darse el taco it can mean to drink wine or, in El Salvador, to brag. All in. “Bring it on!” If a taquero looks at you and you reply échale, it insinuates, “I want it all, and I want it heavy!”—Ruiz. My conversation with the Google employee who told me about the penalty starts dropping A popular weekday event in which non-Mexican restaurants hawk tacos to try and get people in the door. The meaning of each slang word is the same, but its implications vary depending not only on the term itself but also on the way in which it is used. Last edited on May 23 2016. A taco ordered with everything. “The language is racist, for sure, but it’s a kind of a playful, mild racism.” Guero is used for anyone light-skinned, Chino for anyone of Asian descent; you’ll hear el gordo (the fat one) uttered without remorse. School cafeterias, bars, and middle-class family dinners are also places where Taco Tuesday thrives—just ask Guy Fieri. the female equivalent of a sausage fest. A taco filling made out of male parts, usually penis. Taquerias put out bunches for you to pluck and chew while eating tacos. The diet that keeps you going, comprised of all of the tastiest items in the Mexican canon: tacos, tortas, tamales, tlacoyos, tlayudas. [Nudge nudge, wink wink. The hottest salsa in the line-up.—Arellano. A mix of something which varies from taqueria to taqueria, but is generally chorizo, bistec, and something else. Short for paisano, an affectionate term meaning countryman. (“Fish Taco Fiesta!” appears on the menu in the cafe of the Trump Tower, after all.). At its best, inhaling a taco is a pure, democratic pleasure—anyone can savor a hot tortilla, dripping salsa and juices onto the sidewalk, next to strangers at a lonchera. Señor Frogs is the archetype. ), Your vote: None Some wikis use a different format for links, so be sure to check the documentation. The delicious mess that sits in the convex-steel cooking vessels, including a melange of meats, sausages, offal, cebollitas, and nopales. Submitted by alethea p. from Houston, TX, USA Definitions include: an unattractive (fish) odor from a woman who hasn't washed "her business.". In Puerto Rico, young women also refer to their high heels as las tacas. This can mean cilantro and onion, but also salsa, cheese, or whatever else that particular taco is served with. Avocado mash comes at a price. Last edited on Feb 26 2018. private parts), the animal-centric (beaver), the culinary (pink taco), the twee (hoo-ha), the curious (vertical smile), and so many more. Let’s learn some sexual emoji meanings. Below is a breakdown of the most commonly used terms and slang for vagina; the categories are somewhat arbitrary.

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