In Great Britain, Clarendon was certainly among the first companies to credit their writers, but the fact that Townshend was a peeress was undoubtedly the main reason that she was credited at all. Scottish, Strathspey. The humble British film industry was more than a little flattered when the Marchioness Townshend (1884-1959), born Gwladys Ethel Gwendolen Eugénie Sutherst, later Mrs Bernard Le Strange, agreed to provide scenarios for the Clarendon Film Company. View in Augmented Reality. The young peer's incident-prone childhood and youth were avidly chronicled by the popular press. A Minor. For example, The Love of an Actress (1914) featured the novelty of a film actress who falls in love with a Lord when her company makes a film on the grounds of his country house. I have always taken a keen interest in the stage and have written many plays which have been produced for charitable purposes. Should Chris Woakes be used as a home Test specialist? Lord Townshend married, thirdly, in 2004, Philippa Sophia Swire (born 28 April 1935), former wife of Humphrey Roger Swire (1934–2004), and daughter of George Jardine Kidston-Montgomerie of Southannan. A carte-de-visite portrait of Marchioness Townshend (1804-1877). I heard only yesterday that the Crown Prince of Siam had a private theatre in which he gives his soldiers practical instruction in manoeuvres and military matters, a notable example to come from so small a state. Silent Film Organizations, Festivals & Conferences, Long Ltd., 1937. She married, lastly, Christian Boegnor in 1991. [1] He notably served as Chairman of Anglia Television from 1958 to 1986. Only one other film, When East Meets West, however, was eventually made, assuming that she did not count the three 1914 films. Another advantage is the extent of its appeal, for although the nature of that appeal is in some respects more restricted than that of the stage, and must necessarily be more simple, it reaches a far greater public, and if nothing can equal the power of human speech, on the other hand, nothing can equal the eloquent silence of the cinematograph.”, “Then you are not in favour of the speaking picture, Lady Townshend?”, “Not of the mechanical speaking picture. However, the first four films she wrote were received with well-wishing enthusiasm, but when Clarendon held a joint trade show for her three 1914 films, they were reviewed as one, suggesting a similarity in both form and content. He was reported to have seen and accurately described "the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall" (the ghost of "Turnip" Townshend's wife, Lady Dorothy Walpole) and to have received letters, signed "a British Communist", threatening to kidnap him – to which his mother responded: "His assailants will have to look out, for he is a very clever little boxer.". She died on 27 January 1877. Vanity Fair said of him in February of 1870: He is the prey of impostors, his generous efforts produce much lasting harm with only a little transient good, he is thwarted and laughed at by glib respectability, but he is a refreshing phenomenon in a selfish age, for he is the Beggar's friend. Lord Townshend joined the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry in 1936, and was an ADC to General Sir Edmund Ironside as GOC Eastern Command. On 18 August 1825 she married John Townshend, later 4th Marquess Townshend. All of the motion pictures she wrote were made for Clarendon, one of the seven major British companies at that time; all were directed by Wilfred Noy; and the main actress was always Dorothy Bellew. Townshend was the only son of John Townshend, 6th Marquess Townshend, and Gwladys Ethel Gwendolen Eugenie Sutherst. What I do know? His grandson was knighted in 1588 for gallantry at sea during the battle against the Spanish Armada, and in 1617 another Roger Townshend was raised to the baronetcy – shortly before embarking on the building of the Italianate mansion of Raynham Hall, possibly with the assistance of Inigo Jones. Perhaps there is a middle ground for this one, in which the Marquess did behave like a lunatic, whilst retaining his sanity, wherein his behaviour is explained by his diagnosed depression. in an arts documentary. I certainly have no difficulty in weaving stories, and I think I have always been in the habit of doing that in dramatic form, but, after all, I think originality of treatment is the main thing, and that is essential in all classes of literary work. 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Having held his titles since the death of his father in 1921, as of 2 March 2009 Lord Townshend had held a peerage longer than any other peer in history, having passed the previous mark of 87 years, 104 days, held by Charles St Clair, 13th Lord Sinclair (b. London: Unwin Brothers Limited, 1973. His education was at Harrow School, where he contracted a near-fatal case of septicaemia caused by a cricket injury. The oddity of her position as both aristocrat and industry worker comes through in the deferential attitude of the press. 30, p. 12. Elizabeth Clemintina (nee Duff), Marchioness of Townshend National Portrait Gallery, London The Marchioness referred to in this tune is Anne Elizabeth Clementina (née Duff), who married John Villiers Stuart Townshend, 5th Marquess Townshend on 17 October 1865. In 1970 he intervened to stop Anglia showing nude scenes from the erotic musical Oh! Sadly, none survives. Looking back, she saw her visibility as a boon in the first decade: “When I see the enormous development of the Cinema to-day I am glad I broke through the barriers of anonymity” as a gesture to future writers for the screen (41). In her autobiography she writes that she had “built a small model theatre” for which she used “figures cut from illustrated newspapers, and photographs and cardboard buildings,” and for The Convent Gate (1913), she even arranged scenes in her garden with “cut-out figures of nuns in cardboard” in an effort to imagine the scene (40). A high society celebrity, Townshend was a writer of articles, plays, novels, and scenarios, and in 1936 published the collection True Ghost Stories with Maude Ffoulkes (McKernan “Interview”). Anne Townshend, Marchioness Townshend (c.1752 – 29 March 1819), formerly Anne Montgomery, was the second wife of George Townshend, 1st Marquess Townshend, previously Viscount Townshend. They divorced and Gladys married the author Bernard le Strange in 1946. Are hair salons closing for lockdown, and can I see a mobile hairdresser? Townshend Lunacy Case. If I write of the doings of the people of the slums, I want them to look and behave like real slum people; just as when I bring in members of the aristocracy, I want them to look and behave like ladies and gentlemen. Anne Townshend (née Montgomery), Marchioness Townshend ('The Marchioness of Townshend in her full Court dress, as worn by her Ladyship, on the Queen's Birth day, 1806') published by John Bell, published in La Belle Assemblée or Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine etching, published 1 March 1806 NPG D47498 Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine. The Esoteric Curiosa. Lady Joanna Agnes Townshend (born 19 August 1943); she married Jeremy Bradford, son of Commander George F.N. He was also a long-serving director of London Merchant Securities, the property-development empire created by Max (later Lord) Rayne. Anglia's first directors included the naturalist Aubrey Buxton (later Lord Buxton of Alsa), the West End theatre owner Donald Albery and the film maker John Woolf. An exception for scenarists in the early period of British cinema, Townshend was given full credit on all her scenarios. The Marquess had already travelled America and France with his accomplice Arthur C. ROBBINS looking for a wealthy wife; and they had finally found it in ‘the most beautiful woman in England’. Lord Townshend married first, in 1939, Elizabeth Luby, daughter of a judicial commissioner in the Indian Civil Service. Medical witnesses cleared the Marquess’ sanity, albeit diagnosing him with depression. Low, Rachael. Was her husband really a lunatic? True Ghost Stories. Having fallen on hard times, the 6th Marquess first sold off parts of his inheritance, including a lease on Raynham Hall, then set off for America – accompanied by a former curate and amateur hypnotist called Robbins, who had some influence over him – to find a rich wife.

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