Stingy Jack, Humans & Humanoids People who walk on all fours are rare but they do exist! Change ), A popular urban legend in Kentucky, the Goatman has many different origin stories. But we’re only allowed a quick perusal of the wide set of three tracks before a CSX coal run rumbles by as an ominous warning. Others believe that he is a mere hermit, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road. Let a little fear do its work, he thought. Kuchisake-onna | Goat Man 2: More Stories of the American Folklore Legend, writ. I know who the Hoofman is. He wasn’t “half-goat, half-man.” And he didn’t carry a “goat’s head” or anything like. ( Log Out /  They could barely detect who it was, and yet felt the creepy presence all the time. The Māori view on them is that they are Kaitiaki, or a guardian, an entity that protects the lakes and forests. “Please leave ’em on, Hank,” she pleaded. Stingy Jack | “I don’t like this at all” Liza said, as Hank steered his father’s Buick into the darkness of Fletchertown Road. Antichrist | Behemoth | I kinda wish i didnt read them. He even pops up in cars on the way to a Tangi.’. Emela-Ntouka | Umibōzu | Stalking people in the forests.Killing and eating animals. Oscar was a goat farmer, and it wasn’t long before the locals began to refer to him as the “Goatman.” i have got photos of the car and there was fur stuck on the side of the windscreen on the passenger side. Scientific Mystery presents information from the world of science fiction and the famous mysteries. Like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Hank turned toward the windshield. As my partner and i were making our way to Whanganui to a function in (Ratana Pa). Scientist at Beltsville Agriculture Research Center (assumed, formerly)Farmer (assumed, formerly)Businessman (assumed, formerly) Darryl Patton, America's "Goat Man" (Mr. Ches McCartney) (Gadsden, Ala.: Little River Press, 1994). His name is Tarapikau. Grafton Monster | They called this place “Devils Corner”, I was born and bought up at Anaura Bay on the East Coast and my Mum and Dad use to talk about these but it was a half man half cow Stories have come from Waiouru Military Camp, where it has scared witless a few who have lived there. Even Bigfoot was originally a regional variant on, the various names the creature went by, such, Ultimately, Bigfoot has been kidnapped by the locals, and the prickly McNabb isn’t too happy with how the big man has been treated since. The stories with the Red Eyes come afterwards when i left my story over a Year ago. Those days of narrow, forest-lined roads that Opsasnick and Roman recall so fondly, however, are now mostly nothing more than a memory: As the modern claws of the District reach farther and farther out to strangle the remaining countryside, the flora and fauna of Goatman yesterdays have been replaced by pricey sprawling housing developments and wide, well-paved roads. Headless Horseman | People believe that the Goatman wreaks havoc wherever he goes. His pals were at Ledo’s chowing down and talking shit, but where was everyone else? Goliath | Two-Toed Tom | It was then I knew it was a sign to leave ASAP took me awhile to calm down my partner. Ixion | Something human. Demon | Named after the late Italian blood ‘n’ guts director Lucio Fulci, Ringeisen’s Web site is a sprawling endeavor of nasty links, gruesome film reviews, twisted quotes, and a complete list of his coveted movie collection—certainly a grimy window into his troubled mind—which include, in no particular order of importance, Cannibal Holocaust, Chopping Mall, The Mutilators, Ed and His Dead Mother, Buried Alive, Autopsy 2, Hide and Go Shriek, Autopsy 3, Rabid Grannies, Night of the Scarecrow, Ozone: Attack of the Redneck Mutants, and, perhaps not so out of place, three Gallagher comedy tapes. He is very smartly dressed and rides a white stallion. You pick Him up and He either signals to get out, or simply vanishes from your car. Who or what is this Goatman creature? it was on a straight i would have seen it in the headlights but i didnt not until i almost hit him.. he was huge i never saw his eyes.. but he had long shaggy fur, I have heard the story about the goatman before sceen on the road between Taumarunui and Turangi and that he is only sceen at night on one streatch of road then he ask to get out and when he gets out and you start drving away and you look back you see the person standing on two legs with the bottom of his body being that of a goat. By filling in the gaps, we create urban legends. “The hobos were good people,” Hayden adds. I remember nanny calling them “Turehu” unk ? Please?”. Atlas | Baal | Unholy Trinity | Bunny Man and his horrifying tale of hanging people like rabbits from trees, Witchcraft exists and so do the witches, but they exist in a different way. Erymanthian Boar | Orie Chef | Occupation The legend was meant to be from around the Taupo region, but I’ve since heard others talking about him being as far up as Northland! Chupacabra | Black Shuck | In order to please the demon, he used to sacrifice his own goats. Finally, as Hayden finishes up a bizarre tangent that refuses to veer into the realm of Goatman, Opsasnick sidetracks him by asking after Albert, the hermit/mythic monster. One such tale involves the derailment of a circus train in which the Goatman was the … With visions of lust undressing in his skull, Hank kept driving, planning to stop at the chain-link fence guarding the train tracks. Polyphemus | With horns and furs, he resembles creatures from Greek Mythology, most strikingly a Satyr. Grim Reaper | That will stop you hunting in the bush. Fallen Angels (7) In October 1985, a police officer heard strange noises in an old school building after getting reports from some teenagers who were disturbed and frightened by the fierce noises and growling, and thus was believed to be the Goatman only. When the truck came to a stop, the man jumped off the truck and disappeared into the night. The legend just gets passed on from generation to generation; thus, many people still claim spot the Goat man. Lambton Worm | The Waterford Sheepman was a mysterious beast seen in the 1970s, and it was a gigantic creature about seven foot tall with horns. Clown Doll | Raetihi is about 1 hour away from Whanganui. These Incidents were all real life incidents, and public reactions were actually recorded after these. Properly enough, we decide to leave before dark and let the legend live on. If there was a Friday night football game, you would end the evening cruising for the Goatman.”. He now exists with a devilish soul, killing livestock and humans. There might be the “Goatman” to freak you out. Rakshasa | Trolls | Your pop?” Hank said, reaching over to pat the girl’s knee. Phaedra | The Watchers | That’s where the monster was first spotted, right?”. Slide-Rock Bolter | Shechem | I was driving North from Taranaki to Auckland about 2010 to fly out to Melbourne the following morning. Spring Heeled Jack | Wolves | Tailypo | It had to be costume. Books The creature terrorizes couples trying to sneak to Lover’s lane. But tonight, for some reason, the fence’s gate was wide open. Stories divided and mutated, morphed and grew meaner: Several Bowie residents claimed to have spotted a creature with the torso of a man, the legs of a goat, horns, and coarse body hair rumbling across their driveways and through their back yards. Kitsune | “Go up there,” he says. But just as he leaned toward her, his lips barely touching hers, Liza jerked violently and shouted, “Someone’s out there!”, “Come on, Liza,” Hank sighed, “it was a fuckin’ ghost story. The strange circumstances of their deaths could never be found. Mystery Killer | Whoops! Other legends say that the monster is a human-goat hybrid that was once a circus freak who vowed revenge after being mistreated, and that he escaped after a train derailed on the trestle. His mission this October evening was clear—girl, woods, beer, sex. Black Eyed Children | Opsasnick has an obscenely thick folder full of Bigfoot sightings—gathered from library archives, personal accounts, and buried blurbs in small-town rags—in and around the Baltimore and D.C. vicinities. He tried to keep himself in steady spirits, but when he turned the car onto Zug Road and the headlights brushed the white crosses marking anonymous graves in the church cemetery…, “Zug Road,” Liza whispered. 18 … There are stories that travel far back into Māori folklore, and forward to quite recently, of a mysterious entity, half man half goat, that has been encountered on lonely roads and outside of smaller towns all around the country. Like a drop of rain beating against a tin can. They told us that story on the bus and we believed them! Boneless | Rain on other planets isn’t watery; it even rain diamonds on some planets, North Sentinel Island is home to dangerous stone age tribe. It’s fun to be scared, especially when you’re young,” says Opsasnick, who, along with his incessant ghoul-chasing, has also written and self-published two well-received books on the history of the local music scene, Capitol Rock and Washington Rock and Roll: A Social History. In fact, we never even find an Albert. Liza, distracted by looking north-south-east-west for the monster, mumbled, “No.” When Hank hit the headlights, however, Liza had seen enough. Beelzebub | Instead, he neatly and quickly ties one loose story into another: There was a man, he says, perhaps a bit mentally unstable, who lived nearby. Demiurge | Hags | J'ba Fofi | Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Black Cats | Ray Hayden is pointing to the Ascension Catholic Church cemetery—and all those white, bare crosses. River Mumma | She let loose a shriek that ripped through the haze of slumber and slammed her body into the upright position. Lamia | Momonjii | The starting point of the Goatman myth reads like a Swamp Thing episode.”. Fallen Angels | This adds to the Goatman's supposed supernatural abilities such as voice mimicry. Maricoxi | Black Volga | Momo | A strange looking man in a trench coat was hitchhiking the Waituhi Saddle Road in the early hours, in pitch-black darkness. Fantastic stories of accounts that have been told in the past and experiences you have all shared here. Except as we turn back toward his car, Opsasnick spots a rough-looking potbellied man walking toward us from Lacie Edwards’ old home. “I thought [Goatman] was a real interesting case,” says Chorvinsky, who is currently working on in-depth investigations into the Patterson Bigfoot film (you know the one, where a big blurry-furry is seen hopping over a log) and whether there was a real, historical Merlin in King Arthur’s court. This Goatman, however, is said to possibly be just a prank, sometimes played on the newbies to the camp. District Line Daily: Our news, politics, arts, food, and sports coverage in one email every weekday. Patasola | In fact, the myth’s essential starting point—the sad demise of Ginger, a true tale this time, not some much-trafficked account of unfortunate Bowie lovers bumping uglies in the brush—has considerable staying power, even 27-plus years later. It seems as if the typical boogeyman stereotype was merged with authentic historic Bigfoot activity, and the conglomeration was so complete that to this day many researchers look over Goatman stories….I’d say that a closer look into the Goatman legend is justified, and in reality, Goatman may be a Bigfoot population with an unfortunate name and some unfortunate stigmas attached.”. To the left, in a long, wide, penned-in back yard, frolics a young white puppy, beyond frisky in his relative safety.

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