Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson, Uncle Rick does… CHAPTER 1 (During the Final Battle with Gaia) Leo POV(Bet you didn't see that coming) The Earth groaned as the great Perseus Jackson had a nosebleed that awakened the greatest deity that the gods have ever seen! Aosh Hatchi's Guide to Writing Fan Fiction, https://percyjacksonfanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/The_Prison_of_the_Gods?oldid=173849.

He gave Percy a death glare. Everyone except Hestia and his Mother expected him to be this perfect hero who was strong, kept no secrets, and wore his heart on his sleeve. Hades glowered down on him. Dionysus had a suddenly realized Nico and Thalia weren't exaggerating. How To Install Optifine With Forge, Quake 3 Arena Bot, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That was the first sign. Dionysus couldn't take much more. There were two shouts as the Gods recognised each other. Your review has been posted. A lot of 'What if this happened,' stories found. One was black and encrusted with gemstones. "DAD! He had said. The man was huge, well over seven feet tall, wearing a heavily scorched and torn blue pinstripe suit and red tie. At this Percy's eye started twitching. He was the leader, the one everyone looked up to him, he couldn't let everyone see how weak and broken he was on in the inside. With slow unsteady steps, Percy makes his way to Hestia and plops down next to her. The man in black watched them climb high up the inside of the black mountain.

They were in the middle of something important, something that concerns all half bloods, but that damned son of Poseidon wasn't even paying attention!

Or maybe Zeus wants to throw his lightning bolt at him and vaporize him for being ' too powerful '. Lady Athena passed out because of a lecture. Percy took one look at Nico and burst out laughing. Or, Nico and Will are SO Dead. They flashed away as Sage awoke. The hearth warms him up nicely and he relaxes slightly, feeling more content and safe then ever before. "Are you alright Percy?". A very large mix of different stories from hundreds of thousands of words to a few thousand. Pj Hawx Son, Our children have suffered largely in the past due to their mortal parents hands- ". Bright Star - Musical Bootleg, Hi people. If there is..." Nico looked more traumatized than the time he came back from the first time he went to the fields of punishment. The water is understandable, but the fish are boring. Ares now has a phobia of fish. "How?! He shadow-travelled down to where his crazy friend was stood, still grinning like a maniac. It is shown in the The Demigod Files story, Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot , when Phobos makes Percy see his worst fear. Granted he did help defeat Gaea. Ares snickered, muttering a ' wimp, she probably deserved it ' under his breath and continued to sharpen his axe. Fandom: Percy Jackson Novels/The Heroes of Olympus Pairing: Jason Grace/Percy Jason Author: Percyinpanties Status: Complete Words: 435 435

He woke up in a white room. "Please don't hurt me…" The rabbit looked up at him and hopped over to Poseidon, who was frozen in terror. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Unfortunately, it was the one right next to where Percy and Nico were sat. Poseidon gave his son a glare. First of all, his mother marries a jerk that ends up abusing him until he was eleven, being bullied all his life doesn't help. Nico shadow-travelled off to collect some things whilst Percy ran down to the lake. Perseus Jackson after what has happened with Annabeth. His energy was thrashing around him like a heat haze. "One of my first stepfather's old poker buddies" he said emotionlessly, sheathing inside. Percy by then had dazed off and noticed that the Olympians were oddly quiet and formal during this whole ordeal.

The gods were left stunned and incredulous, unbelieving a word they had heard but they all agreed on something: Percy Jackson is tired and angry when he is summoned to the throne room. What do you think? Revenge for those who had been killed for no reason. I hope so.

I will explain more in the next chapter that will be featuring what happened when Perseus died in the Olympian throne room and when his body and soul vanished. He'd locked it away for a reason. A couple of minutes later, when Percy had explained his master plan, they stood in the edge of the woods, laughing. "AARGH!" It was unbelievably, that he had been tricked so efficiently. He was so focused on tracing his scar with his finger that he barely noticed that the Olympians were waiting for an answer to something. Nico very suddenly felt very tired. How Many Counties Are In Mukono District, Zeus glared at him, continuing his speech. "

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Prologue The flames roared around him, bright orange and white, screaming up into the sky in a bright scarlet circle of infernos. Percy Jackson is no longer the hero you read about. Percy exploded. I estimate about one hour a month. “Because Sagey you’re a goddess like I’m a god now” Percy replied smiling at her “You’re also my blood-adopted daughter. Nico charged around the side of the house. "It has happened again, though, hasn't it? Also has stories about Artemis, some Hestia, Hera and Hades. Pedasi, Panama Travel,

If you have any ideas for this fanfiction feel free to give them to me. Red hot anger was raging through him and this time the hearth didn't calm him as easily as before. gasped Zeus, "So you're behind this! He was waiting for something fun to happen, something that would make this waiting worthwhile. Good luck brother. Zeus thunders with a headache inducing voice and making his mortal head throb uncomfortably. "Come join me" she offers. Tiger Muay Thai Prices,

"Can you tell me how you got this?" ?” While everyone else was laughing Percy and Artemis were blushing like Dionysus gave them a Chaos Level Bottle Of Booze and they’d drunken twenty each. Gabriel's Horn Explanation, They both backed away as three little creatures advanced on them. Goat Lying On Side, Na Pista Eu Arraso, Smelly Gabe was an angry drunk and even angrier when he lost his poker game, which he provided the cash for constantly. Don't worry you are only Percy's third victim. The gods watched in awe as the Percy Jackson finally exploded on them because of one comment Ares made. They could be the biggest fools in all of Olympus, even when there were impetuous hotheads like Ares and stubborn firehearts like Demeter. Star Trek Thank You, He was already on top of the big house, wondering whether he should jump off. The atmosphere was the same as always.

Awkward Dinner Fights Aren't Limited to Thanksgiving “Mother,” Athena whispered and ran up to Metis and cried into her shoulders “I-I thought you were gone forever.” “She’s not my girlfriend Leto,” Percy replied in a pissed off tone. Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date, Thalia was laughing at her own joke. The waves were gently lapping their feet and the breeze ruffling their hair, the strawberry sent lingering. Cs:go Console Commands, May I?” Nico just rolled his eyes, tense. He could imagine such a thing happening to Hades, and especially Poseidon - they could both be complete fools in the best of times. Note lack of half children due to various threats of Castration. he cackled, derisively, "They will never find me, and thus never find you. Hyperion reached into his fiery belt and ripped out a long, thin sword that had a blade of painfully glowing golden metal. Do I Need A Tetanus Shot For A Small Puncture, They cannot find us, anyway, Zeus.

I need you to come to Camp Half-Blood! Zeus opened his mouth angrily to respond, his beard sparking but everyone jumped when Hestia spoke up. When he was sixteen he then fought in a war and Kronos on his birthday, turned down godhood. Dad had a thoughtful face directed at him, probably wondering if he was okay with this or thinking of his childhood and Apollo looked serious for once. He never remembered a time when they were this serious, even at war. asked Athena.

The flames roared around him, bright orange and white, screaming up into the sky in a bright scarlet circle of infernos. Both Gods slowly turned to face their sons. My mother is perhaps the nicest mortal to ever live and she doesn't deserve that bullshit from people! Prem Meaning In Kannada, "He insulted my mother and then pulled a blade on me for protecting her honor". Went on another dangerous quest. I would be happy to put it on.

Percy and Nico were laughing silently up a nearby tree. Percy snorted and crossed his arms, they'd only realized that now?

Hades is powerful and smart, in his own smaller way. So what if he came at me with a knife and I defended myself?! Hyperion threw back his head and laughed uproariously. So what if I got a scar from it?! Fanfiction Olympus Gods Artemis Apollo Zeus Hades Aphrodite Athena Hera Poseidon Percy Jackson Demeter Dionysus Ares Hephaestus An argument had started between the gods.

Normally he wasn't this polite to the beings who ruined his life, but he was rather upset and depressed today. Ares wasn't even mouthing insults at him and Aphrodite wasn't ogling at him as much. They were slightly traumatized as they didn't put the earphones in until they got to 15 minuetes. Percy didn't think he could take much more this.

"I'm not sorry for yelling at you and telling you the truth" Percy said, "But I am sorry for Hestia, Poseidon and Apollo, they doesn't deserve you as their family and I'm sorry for all the mortals and demigods alike who suffer abuse and misfortune everyday like I did or five years of my life. That is not unusual- ". He had been eight years old and rightfully protecting his mothers honor from one of Gabe's poker buddies. Don't continue." It was by pure misfortune on our part...it will not happen again!". Then they were quiet. Percy never had a good life or a calm one. Nico and Thalia's eyes were as wide as dinner plates. They both waited impatiently for Poseidon and Hades to show up.

His eyes were stormy blue, a brilliant electric shade that burned with pride. Falls into Tartarus and survives, fights in another war and single handedly defeats Gaea. But there was something else he couldn't identify, a sense of familiarity. She even put up with physical and sexual abuse for my well being and charged into the Battle of Manhattan with only a shotgun for you Olympians!" Hestia was by far the nicest goddess to him. While my daughter is barely polite strong and unfortunately stoic.

Apollo looked slightly smug like he warned them this would happen if they summoned him again and Hestia was calmly tending to her flames like none of this bothered her. Super Bowl Word Scramble, Two weeks later got kidnapped by Hera for eight months with no memory, got sent to a strict Roman demigod camp. One moment he was clam but the next he was yelling the truth at there faces. News Channel 34, “All Hail Perseus Achilles Jackson God of Heroes, Demigods, Loyalty, Strength, Determination, The Faded, Time, Earth, the Clouds, and the Tides,” The Morai smirked at the last title and flashed away. Of course the council does, their probably voting on his death again, like they always do every summer and winter solstice. Water Aerobics Croydon, The Age Of Wonder: The Romantic Generation And The Discovery Of The Beauty And Terror Of Science,

He jumped and looked up at her startled.

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