Tags: Question 15 . He felt like he had to or he would hurt Marie's feelings. Sign up. Instead, Martin is downright embarrassed when he sees his grandpa coming down the street. Their grandpa, however, was Native American and lived on a reservation. As you’re nearing the end Martin becomes more accepting of his friend’s views. This is fine when his grandpa lives on the reservation, but his grandpa decided to come to Martin’s house. The exclamations of “Martin, he’s great!” and “Can we come back?” made Martin realize that he should be pround of his grandparent, not ashamed. Which contributes to the theme, don’t let what others think or even might think change your views on something you love. As a result, Cheryl helps make people more aware of the Sioux and their culture from hearing her grandpa’s stories. He knew he was about to die and he knew he had to pass the medicine bag on to Martin. Martin takes it, but is reluctant and doesn't want to be seen with it. Grandpa stood for a good purpose, he was a kind character with love at every thought “grandpa smiled his gentle way”. However, they come over anyway. The Medicine Bag Answers question"My kid sister Cheryl" "Man, that really made an impression" answerSets up happy-go-lucky tone questionWhy did Martin and Cheryl continue their He travels from his reservation, alone, to give Martin the medicine bag. While his grandpa is saying all this and explaining the medicine bag Martin feels “The same hot and cold feeling that I had when I first saw grandpa in the street.”, and “ I knew I would have to take it” In this part of the story Martin shows that he is so disconnected from his culture that he isn't even willing to take an important family item from his grandpa. As the story continues on the most dynamic character in this short story would still have to be Martin, "The Medicine Bag", by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve and "Apache Girl's Rite of Passage", by National Geographic have many similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages. Martin and his sister, Cheryl, lived in the city and had their whole lives. For instance, when Cheryl sees her grandpa, she greets him with a big hug, despite the fact that there were nearby onlookers. This theme refers to when a child, or a person younger than the adult/elder, learns from their adult/elder. Like ‘Don’t be ashamed.’ but I still believe that the theme is still don’t let what others or might think change your views on something you love. Furthermore, Martin’s younger sister Cheryl has a very different reaction to their grandpa coming to see them. As the story is ending and Martin forgets about his friend’s views on his grandpa, he takes full responsibility of the medicine bag. But even as I made excuses, I knew it wasn’t Grandpa I was afraid they’d laugh at.”The author also used figurative language. A few examples of figurative language are hyperboles, imagery, and repetition. By doing what he is doing he is hurting himself and hurting others, Martin took his life for granted. This indeed shows us that you shouldn’t be embarrassed of you ancestry. This is different from the Lakota girls’ rite of passage because from what was stated, she didn’t experience loss in her ritual. One of which is the simile ‘His rumpled black suit hung like a sack over his stooped frame,’ which gives you a picture of a ragged and tired old man. In addition to these stories I researched a tribe from Ethiopia called the Hamar tribe. Make sure you never take anything for granted that you hold dear. Though all of these characteristics are true, there’s much more to him tham Martin realises.Aside from the outward appearance of Joe Iron Shell, he seems to be a very interesting man. Later, his peers finally meet Grandpa, and they are amazed by him. For example, When Martin first sees his grandpa coming home he thought,”I felt like crying.” This shows us that he doesn’t want to have his grandpa at his home because he is embarrassed of him. a member of the large western branch of Sioux people which was made up of several groups that lived on the plains. Therefore, he doesn't try to connect with his grandpa. This proves that the theme of Medicine Bag is to respect your heritage. Its on a reservation. One of the hyperboles can be found when Martin’s friends are talking about going to visit Martin’s grandpa and exclaim, “We’re going to see the great indian of Bell View Drive.” This can be considered a hyperbole because his friends have never met him before and they don't really know anything about him, other than what Martin has told them. He felt extremely excited. This is the point in the story where Martin is apprehensive about letting his friends come to visit him. All in all that night once Grandpa gave Martin the Medicine bag he died but his legacy went on. Martin also describes Grandpa with vivid imagery and similes. “So when Grandpa came to visit, I was so ashamed and embarrassed, I could have died.”Martin’s initial reaction when he saw his grandpa was fear of what his friends would think. His friends were amazed by the stories that Martin told and were often jealous of Grandpa. Martin sees his grandpa as someone to be embarrassed of. The Medicine Bag Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve My kid sister Cheryl and I always bragged about our Sioux grandpa, Joe Iron Shell. The author shows that although a family member may have a different cultural background, they are still family and deserve to be loved. ” I said. The last element we can find is imagery, which is mainly used to portrait how Martin’s friends think his grandpa looks, and how his grandpa actually does look and act. His grandpa shares with him the history of the medicine bag and its importance. Spellers of the world, untie! In her stores, Welty combines this with humor and psychological acuity to allow the audience a glimpse into the lives of her characters and to learn something of themselves in the process. Martin surrounds himself with fear of what others will say about his grandpa. He As you red this tory you may think that the theme is something different. All in all, shown byFinally, the author also shows the theme by using forms of figurative language to depict what Martin sees about Grandpa that makes him worried and how he feels about the situation. However, “nothing bothered Cheryl about bringing her friends to see Grandpa.” This is significant because it shows that Cheryl is perfectly comfortable about allowing people to see her grandpa while also illustrating the fact that she is not embarrassed of him. The, In the two short stories “The Medicine Bag”  written by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve and “Who are you Today Maria” written by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the two characters have plenty of similarities and differences. The medicine bag has an important rite of passage in the story because it’s saying that families have their traditions. “The Medicine Bag” by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve follows the story of a kid name Martin. Further on in the story, Martin again demonstrates his extreme embarrassment about his Grandpa's culture and looks.

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