Estelle was sitting on the carpet in the living room. Chapter 14

7. Paul firmly stated, glancing towards her room. "What you need to realize is that we treat you both equally. Before she could make any sort of statement, however, her father butted in. The thought of her sister, the sweet and small bundle of joy made him want to smile, but his jaw hurt. Browse through and read solangelo short stories fanfiction stories and books. 6. After all, you live here, too.".

She groaned and pulled the sheets up to cover her face. (See the end of the work for more notes.). Her brown eyes shined with the same sparkle they always had.
5 weeks ago Eliza . Just Artemis is fine. After Estelle and Lee's Digimon adventure, Cherry and Atticus are invited to the orphanage they grew up in before they were adopted by Cinderella and her late father. She got scared whenever Gabe hit him, and Percy hated to scare her. It's been 6 months since the Giant War, and life couldn't get any better. 9. 6/17/2018 c4 Guest Bruising and cuts littered it. amm_amethyst, MoeInTime, Stina, Calamity00Unknown, Banona, Miraculousfalcon, WeirdoWithWifi, queenlinhcinder, swilson2003, Blue_Moon_1, AquilaTreadway, gay_jeans, Otter517, AlexHosler, Unicorn32442, TheFloof, akintu, Afbc34, AbbyCrashing, Cupcakesaremylife, Booklover234999, crossing_the_bifrost, PollyYates24, muted_roses, Random_Nerd3, Sup_Peeps45, MythicalCypressWater, Strident, TheBloodyRoseCrusnik, Seaweed_brain916, i_love_avengers, Tarisa15, Shmolive, myhogwartsletterisjustlate, silima, WorkInProgressionA113, Tomboywolf201, hanakj, Moon_Watcher, sillyhuman, Otakualltheway, god_girl, Ksmith024, oceansdaughter92, overcookedpasta, Saallyi, KoalaKat, agatac, aProcrastinatingOrange, ncerise, whereismyselfcontrol, BlockDanMan, Gratsushipper3345, VioletAnimatron, comicx, black_cassiopeia, creeper_jeeper, fesihe03, Moonpuddle, adhd_dolphin, hpjlover, IamTerrowin, Dancingmeoth, Scorpion3, Black_K1tt3n, mermaidcafe, MISSDAZAI, Kathysbiblio, TheNightmareKing, Jess06Wsunii, idontpassthevibecheck, Black_Unicorn, Golden_Lion755, Eurydicee, Book_worm_148148148, TheGhostKing44, Raven9221, clandestine_meetings, For_Midgard, Icecream5650, HereSheLies, Natsuki_Akio, between, Kals_Cox, Dawn_Allen, Night2, ThatFeirceDreamer, 3than, FangirlOfAllFandoms, hey_there, Marineii, ReanTheBean, caffine_fueled, Loarza, Grace1Risa, pagliaccio, Sincest67, Purplemoon153, BluJay_9, rkma521, Acai0u0, SortaOtaku16, pasiphaeist, saintsfan165, deathberryhime, CalypsoMoonLace, implayinggod, RedTears, EggrollsOrWhatever, bluestarsly, broyals, AquaEclipse, CidSquid, TheFifthPevensieChild, K1ngtok1, amatuerwriternova, Lysslovsfanfiction, Okay_Always, Editors_Are_Underrated, Muddytheclown and knoXville "Can't we stay for 5 for minutes?" "Lets go get Breakfast.". Rarely do we see Percy."

I finally got to the familiar red door and took a deep breath and knocked.

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