Though, she somehow knew Sokka was gazing up at her. At her side, Toph could hear Sokka unscrew the lid of his flask and take a swig of the cactus juice. "Mai had it made for me," she explained, feeling Sokka yank roughly at the cloth of her dress. He questioned. He thought nothing of his hand sliding from her back, and the gap Toph attempted to form amid them was quickly closed. And he was sure he could love her more, if she would just let him. This was Toph's truth, what she would allow herself to believe. The moon spirit. Toph could feel Sokka's hot breath across her cheek as well as his calloused hand sliding up and down her thigh. fanfiction, tokka, atla. "Both under influenceWe had divine senseTo know what to sayMind is a razor blade...". Go check out there tumblr pages and browse their fan art. Shocked by his stunt, and partially irritated she had not foreseen his retaliation, she punched him. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Toph snatched the canteen from Sokka and took a quick gulp before thrusting the drink back into his hand, saying, "You're supposed to be getting sober.". By MerulaGFM Watch. A clasp of her shoulder was reassurance, but it also told her to calm herself and not be impulsive. As he babbled on, his curious hand lingered on the small of her back, leaving Toph unable to relax. IMAGE DETAILS. Without an exchange of words, they agreed to rest, and took a seat upon the stairs that overlooked the shoreline. Hesitantly, Toph turned her face up to his, and their noses skimmed. It was illustrated by nocturnal-eyes and colored by lovelyrugbee. Display avatar image Upload an image to the "Header Avatar" option, square images work best. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Maybe it was a school of glowing fish or a giant glowing spirit monster? He skid his thumb across her bottom lip, slowly, and licked his lips with want. Those legs sang to him, seduced him. If he yanked any harder, she'd be exposing parts no lady would want exposed. How much of it was in her own system for her to actually believe him? No matter how fast she ran, she was never going to catch up to him. For some reason, even after she launched her fist into his arm, Sokka snickered. 29. Though, she couldn't feel his pulse, or calculate his next move. Those inert frosted eyes seemed fixated on Sokka. "One night to be confused One night to speed up truth We had a promise made Four hands and then away..." The moon was peculiarly large that cloudless night, casting a bright light over the Fire Nation, almost joining in the celebration of Fire Lord Zuko and Lady Mai's nuptials. In the interest of Sokka's feelings, she had offered a few kind words concerning Yue. However, this did not deter him from wanting to kiss her. In a low timbre, she replied, "I'm thirsty.". She had been pondering this as Sokka sucked her bottom lip one final time, before prying his lips from hers. I recommend reading both to get some insight on what’s happening in this fancomic.Damn, nocturnal-eyes and lovelyrugbee did such a wonderful job. so will Bryke ever confirm this or must we live of our head canons. With the memory of what a head trip the stuff gave him, it occurred to her that every desire that flooded within her could be forgotten. Following the initial shock, Toph choose to brave the outcome and firmly kissed him back. He was curious as to why he felt no guilt, knowing his hand was on her upper thigh. They settled, mutely took in the scenery. This should have been enough for her, but there was the annoying thought of Sokka acting on this because he was bored. Touchable. Which is why Toph wanted to keep her distance. He swore Toph asked him to sober up, get the cactus juice out of his system, yet, she drank? Though, it had been to good to be true. Add instagram feed Enter your username in the "Instagram Username" box. Her head involuntarily tilted up. To love her. Your review has been posted. At first, she leaned back with a slight reluctance, but he would not allow his gentle lips to part from hers. [Bonus chapter to the Tokka fanfic CHOICES] [PART III UP] [lazily edited-sorry] Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Friendship - [Sokka, Toph] - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,582 - Reviews: ... She had no idea how large the moon was, nor how it illuminated the night. Yanking her hand from his, Toph contemplated how much of the cactus juice was influencing him? As the couple conversed cheerfully, there had been a new playfulness in they way Sokka interacted with Toph. Reaching over, Sokka took Toph's face in his hands and angled her face towards his. The lily white skin of her legs had caught his eye's attention. It was apparent to Toph that wherever life would take her, Sokka would be that one person who held infinite value. They're both completely wonderful for bringing my silly fanfic to life, so do me a favor a go visit their tumblr pages, send them love and tons of praises. And he hadn't the faintest idea how he tormented her. This had been the reason he disregarded prudence and attempted to ravish her. Her head did not fabricate some delusion, but she found that she merely sensed Sokka, and only Sokka. By the time they came to a beach access, their conversing died down. Close. He unexpectedly took her hand, kissed the tips of her fingers and with full-hearted honesty, he affirmed, "Yes, I do.". tokka toph sokka kataang avatarthelastairbender katara atla aang avatar zuko zutara azula mai maiko tylee suki sukka lok legendofkorra iroh 176 Stories Sort by: Hot Despite the cactus juice coursing through his veins, Sokka had declared this with such tact that it confused Toph. Damn, nocturnal-eyes and lovelyrugbee did such a wonderful job. Their lips becoming numb. His kiss scorched her lips, and stirred unbridled passions. He could not specify where he was in the world. Much Love! Silently, he could guide her with a light touch on the back, steering her from things that could cause her injury, and in dire situations, he would grab her arm to drag her from harm. Avatar the Last Airbender : Legend of Korra. Risking being touched by him again was not worth it. Why did he have to say such a thing when her head was beginning to spin? [Bonus chapter to the Tokka fanfic CHOICES] [PART III UP] [lazily edited-sorry]. They looked soft. Always. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. He announced, "I love you Toph.". Remove stash credit Remove the stash logo from your website by getting a Full License. Then again, since she first heard Sokka's voice, it made her swoon, even when it had been maturing and cracking. His kisses, well, they could make even the most pious girl become unhinged. He was staring at the water, trying to figure out what was glowing in the ocean, when his peripheral vision caught the gleaming color of green. He loved her. I recommend reading both to get some insight on what’s happening in this fancomic. It caused her to feel special and loved, but she knew this had not been his intention. How could liking someone hurt so much? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. You won’t regret it. With every intention of demanding her space, Toph turned her head in Sokka's direction. Much to her annoyance, he was quite gentlemanly, never letting his hand roam, or his opposite hand stray further up her thigh. atla fancomic thatnight tokka. Image size. A hallucinatory induced bold-faced lie. And the ending maybe shows that Toph still has a hidden crush on Sokka. Toph's full fight against Yaling from Imbalance Part 3, what do you think about it? There was a distance whispering of waves, and the crackle of a lit torches. He dragged his thumb down to her chin, hoping she wanted him just as much. Practically a sister. There was an unearthly magnetism about them, and before he had a chance to process what he was about to do, he laid his hand upon Toph's thigh. Stunned at his sudden confession, Toph withdrew her arms from around his neck. He tugged at it a bit more aggressively than intended, pulling back the sheet of material that his Toph's legs. That damn dress that clung to Toph's midsection like a a second skin, and cloth that cascaded over her breasts like water. Regardless of what she heard, Sokka's arm was heavy across her shoulders. Sokka had a decent amount of cactus juice coursing through his veins, that had his words and actions. What a lie he told. He would not stop kissing her until she said so. The only thing she seemed to sense. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Also, I'm no good at kissing scenes but I tried. 2K Views. Toph deeply inhaled the briny air, noticing how the breeze seemed to still, and how most sounds faded away except the rumblings of waves. To skirt his touch and put space between their bodies, she tactfully veered her steps away from Sokka. Posted by 5 months ago. Her lips had already memorized the feeling of his lips on hers, and her mind had been mulling over the possibilities of what could have happened if she had agreed to go back to Sokka's room like he suggested. As he pulled her nearer and their hips collided, Toph's instant reaction was to elbow him in the ribs. TOKKA That Night Part 3 Page 05 Lineart. Sokka's counterattack was to teasingly nudge her into a stone wall. Resting her hands on the cool ground behind her,Toph leaned back and stretched her legs out. I’m so grateful for these two! Trying her hardest to put that aside, Toph hyper focused on the surrounding sounds. She slapped his hand away, warning, "Don't touch it.". Communicating with her through touch was something Sokka always had done. Unable to resist her any longer, Sokka tilted his head forward and pressed his lips to Toph's. More help & customization If you still need more check out our help section or the theme docs. Her surroundings felt distorted. May 29, 2019 - Finish Page here: TOKKA That Night Part 3 Page 03 Lineart Yet, Sokka was treating her as if she were virginal. The fact that he kissed her, not even twenty minutes ago, slipped his intoxicated mind. Finish Page here: 19 Favourites. He kissed her as too much pressure would dissolve her lips. That husky laughter of his was a sweet melody to her ears. Toph wound her arms around his neck, thrusting her chest against his. 1 Comment.

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