In the northwest island, head west to find two ladders. If you opened the destructible wall there, you shouldn’t have problems returning to the maze again. Upon reaching that island, circle around the wall to get the (A) Forsaken Trance (Performa). Once done, leave the Leaders' Hall and the portal to the next area will be opened. These attacks deal a lot of damage but you shouldn't be enough to one-shot your characters. You can circumvent around this troublesome abilities by using special performances and AoE attacks. 2. Once done, leave the hall and the portal to the next trial will become available. For Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Any chance Nintendo will release a DLC that undoes the censorship?" From the rectangular island, cross the blue platform to the north then ride the green cube up to an isolated island in 134m. On Excellus' turn, it will use its "All part of the act!" Medeus will be accompanied by two minions. Save your game then enter the hall to trigger the last trial. From where you get transported, follow the path on the map to catch up with the hierophant. Gharnef's HP isn't that high either so just keep focusing your Sessions and attacks until he gets defeated. Cheats. 11. Tiki will then open a new gate in the Bloom Palace leading to a new idolasphere called Area of Memories where the trials required to get the power of the ancient heroes are found. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. You can interact with it or not; if you did, it will just tell you that you must be recognized by the two statues on both of its sides. From there, take the blue path on the northeast side of the island to reach the northern island. I'll mark it on your map. Pick it up then continue up either ladder. In any case, as long as you take out Aversa's minions, you wouldn't have problems finishing her off with multiple Session chains. From the starting point, ride the cube to reach the island to the north. For Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Japanese version of TMS for Wii U became #1 seller in past 24 hours. Start off by destroying the wall (W2) to the southeast to create a convenient shortcut. This is a very straightforward fight so it just boils down to your party's overall level and resilience. it's in the corner of that room. Fight or flee, either way you'll die.. Illusory Dolhr Altitude 232 map help? Otherwise, you'll have to pick them off individually using Sessions. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore lands on January 17! From the western island, there are four starting points where you can step on the vanishing blue platforms which will take you to a fixed path to the eastern island. Open the locked chest ahead to get Detritus x8. From the middle island, step on the green cube to reach the western statue (S3). Take note of his location for now since you’ll have to talk to him later to scout him for the Arena Staff on Hire request. You also need to only enter this new idolasphere once then exit to unlock new requests and Yashiro’s Side Story 3. If possible, try to perform at least one session (preferably during your attacker's turn) every round to keep the damage going. For Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Missing treasure in Illusory Dolhr 232". After the battle, talk to Yashiro and Navarre, then take the lift upstairs. Ride the green cube to the south instead to take you back to the starting point. This massive idolasphere has several floating islands and can be divided into different sections. Get the Tome (F) from the chest. You can leave the idolasphere for now to heal up and perform some Unities or use the lift ahead to reach the upper floor. His Dice Slice Ultra is a very damaging skill as well so be prepared to replenish your party's HP. Questions. For his additional action, he'll use Mind Surge. First, start by walking on the vanishing blue platforms to the northwest of the starting point. 2. ... but take note that you can’t complete it immediately since one of the enemy mirages needed is found only on the upper altitude. Enter the teleportation point nearby to return to 8 (see map). Make sure to heal up your party after this attack. After the scene, talk to Chrom then make the necessary preparations. Activate the portal, go around the wall to find a chest and a glowing item on the ground. 5A. These debuffs can be easily removed with Dekunda. ". 2. After clearing Altitude 48M, 2 new requests will become available: For this battle only, Itsuki will have access to, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Walkthrough and Guide, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Guide Home, Opening Locked Treasure Chests without Keys. Reviews. If you have Tsubasa with Mediarahan or Prayer, then your life will be easier. After the battle, don’t forget to talk to Mamori and Touma then use the lift to reach the next altitude. Climb up the ladder next. Chain your sessions and don't hesitate to use special performances. Medeus is also capable of using Flame Nebula, an AoE fire attack that can deal considerable damage. Pick it up to complete the task. 10. There are three statues to the north that you have to reach and interact so you can move forward. Side Quest: 2 Answers: Ask A … Go upstairs to trigger a cutscene; after the scene, activate the portal and save your game. Go down the southwest ladder in the western island, ride the transport cube there. After the battle, Ellie, Mamori, and Kiria will receive their blessings from the heroes. Now you should be able to ride the green cube that will take you directly to the northern-middle island where the second statue (S2) is located. Thankfully, Medeus still can only act twice per turn. At the end of each section, you’ll be facing a powered-up version of the main bosses you’ve defeated before. We’re already done with the eastern statue (S1) so we just need to get acknowledgement from the western statue. From the starting point, ride the cube to reach the western island. Where do i find the last item in Illusory Dolhr for Yashiro's Gladiator ability? This area is fairly straightforward and small so there’s no need for detailed instructions when exploring it. Make sure to target Linde first since she has the least HP pool of the group. Your objective is to solve the puzzles and paths to reach the lift that will take you to the higher altitudes. After looting the items, return to the previous island using the blue platforms to the northwest side of this island. Before leaving the Warrior's Hall, don't forget to pick up the Clap Track x2 from the container near the chest. ". From that island, ride the green cube back down to the western, rectangular island of 122m. These weaknesses will be added over time during the course of battle.

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