Sending/receiving gifts should be a regular activity for you every time you log in. Clay is a special resource that is unlocked in the Mine when you reach level 58, and it has to be mined with care. You can use cash to instantly complete your in-progress buildings, but cash is hard to come by if you’re planning on playing Township without spending any real money. You’ll see your helicopter docked and ready for another flight. Whenever you have some coins on deck, be sure to spread all sorts of goods across your fields. 1. It’s always best if you have all sorts of harvested goods on hand so you can get to work on the jobs that require the use of those goods. A good strategy to adopt is building a bunch of houses so you can quickly gather more citizens and build up a few of those super beneficial Special buildings. Send out trains loaded with goods. With this combo you can earn back the T-Cash you spent on Rajah and possibly make even more if you play regularly. Better safe than sorry. The game presents you with a list of people you can add. Township Official TrailerTownship is a unique blend of city-building and farming experience for your Android tablet or phone! Don’t hesitate and think of the many benefits of playing with them instead of going all lone-wolf on your town. Help you fulfill requests of Airport and Train goods. Only keep those orders with cheap payouts if they are very easy to fulfill. You can get mining tools as rewards for strong finishes. In the mine you will see dirt, stone and rocks together with pickaxes, dynamite and the TNTs which you have got from your trains, zoo decks, or cash purchases. Make sure you double check that yours is activated by opening the “additional settings” on the gear icon to the left. At the start you will be given a few fields and as you level up you’ll have more land to till. Open golden hot-air balloons in your town and your friends’ towns. Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Township: Farm & City Building: Download the Township: Farm & City Building APK here. Level 22 unlocks the Academy of Industry. Please do not waste your T-Cash in instantly completing anything on your town unless you are running out of time in completing goods at the Airport. Keep this things in mind and mix in some hacks of your own and your little town will unfold into a gigantic metropolis in no time. 7. As usual you should refrain from using apps or websites that claim to give unlimited Coins and T-Cash. Extract ore from the Mine (unlocks at level 21), build Foundries, and smelt ore into ingots. Thanks for the helpful hints. The perks that come with completed Special building types are essential towards speeding up your progress. Township is a mobile game that effectively combines city building and farming. Even if you’re not planning on playing the game for an extended session, just log in so you can claim your free coins. 2. In-game cash comes your way by completing achievements, increasing your player level, and sending goods. One of the best investments you can make with your T-Cash is to purchase additional boxes on the factories. 2. 4. Extract ore from the Mine (unlocks at level 21), build Foundries, and smelt ore into ingots. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding them: The Helicopter contains order requests from the inhabitants of your town. They may be hidden in earth tiles or bottles with messages. This latest Township cheat allows you to get unlimited cash. 8. By the way, keep an eye out for random blimps. I write about anything and everything that catches my fancy, but mostly I try to provide the answers to the questions our readers ask every day. In the past few months many players complained about the lack of a confirmation window whenever the option to speed things up with T-Cash is tapped. The cheapest (well, since it’s always free) planting/harvesting item happens to be wheat – whenever you’re low on coins, just spend some time spreading some easy to produce wheat across your fields. If there are no jewelry items available you can hire Rajah to get the things you need. 6. This special building allows you to purchase permanent upgrades for your town at the cost of ingots. The first four days fill your coins purse, then the fifth and final day throws an awesome gift your way. 6. Plus you’ll always want to have friends on hand that can help fulfill your Train Station orders. Dynamite and TNT explosions destroy the deposits, so make sure there isn’t any clay within the explosion radius before detonating them. When you have a rather large town some of these orders might take a little while to fly around and return to the pad. • You can easily rack up a ton of coins just by planting/harvesting a bunch of wheat, then proceeding to sell it out of your barn. 4. This way you can have more goods produced in one batch. Ask your co-op members for mining tools using the co-op chat. Open golden hot-air balloons in your town and your friends’ towns. It’s also pretty easy to farm XP points by planting/harvesting a ton of wheat. Alternatively if you help them out you will receive a Clover as a reward. Each factory can support up to a maximum of seven boxes. 5. Township GameTownship is a unique blend of city-building and farming experience for your Android tablet or phone! Every artifact excavated in the mine brings you closer to completing a collection at the museum. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1d46a18bfb62129bfd3662d61e93104" );document.getElementById("e2e6557975").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The goods here are produced using ingots, and we all know how tedious it is to dig for ores in the mine. 5. You will need picks, dynamite, and TNT to work in the mine. And Decorations help liven up your town. Play at the House of Luck to win them as prizes. The Gazette Review is your daily news source covering everything from world news to personal finance.We provide the most recent, unbiased accounts of the news that matters to you.Contact us:, Maytronic Dolphin Edge – Robotic Pool Cleaner, Sunday Night Football: Eagles Remain At the Top After Ugly Win, Venezuela: Maduro Says Country Has Gasoline for 20 Days. Achievements in Township can be viewed by tapping on the Town Hall, and accomplishing those nets you T-Cash and experience points. Befriend a Ton of Players So You Can Send/Receive Gifts and Acquire Help at the Train Station. 5. It has special deals on mining tools every once in a while. Special buildings develop new tasks for you to complete that provide you with even more beneficial items. Just remember to practice maximum efficiency with your crops and factories, carefully choose your Helicopter orders, and be very active especially in helping out your friends. If you don’t want to spend a cent then you can watch advertisement videos in the Helicopter in exchange for the premium currency. At first it is wise to fulfill all of them as it is still easy, but as the game goes on the requests will involve more items. This essential tips and tricks guide will help you build your town into the thriving metropolis you’ve always envisioned it could be! 5 Township: Farm & City Building Tips & Tricks You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. A trick players do with his request is to purchase jewelry in the City Market and sell it to him (he pays with T-Cash). • Constructing all sorts of new buildings has different requirements tied to them. You’ll need to farm a ton of goods, manage a huge variety of food production plants, fill your town with all sorts of houses and industries, and fulfill incoming orders. All ore extracted in the mine is stored in the warehouse. • While placing a new building in your developing town is fun, the actual act of waiting for those buildings to finish constructing isn’t. Take note that some players claim that the person who presents those videos disappears whenever you buy T-Cash with real money. It’s … The warehouse’s capacity is unlimited. Before you harvest milk from the Cowshed you should have some Cow Feed ready and waiting. 3. A good rule of thumb when you are around level 20 onwards is to reject orders that do not pay 300 Coins and above. Open chests in the Mine and in your friends’ towns. Use ingots at the Academy of Industry to upgrade your town’s factories and trains as well as island attributes, making all of them more efficient.

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