The technology behind this aircraft is considered beyond everyday technology. Once it reaches (at a high speed) at that altitude, it needs only very little propulsion to maintain its altitude. Only the whistle of the nuclear reactor cooling yes the replica exchange crew members broke the heavenly silence and majesty of flight. What If The Moon is Not What You Think It Is ? It took a while before people start to notice. This is not antigravity. About four years the ship remained in dry dock enterprises Huntington Ingalls Industries and have been subjected to va... St. Andrew's flag raised on the frigate "Admiral Kasatonov". The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF have been playing a shell game with aircraft nomenclature - creating the TR-3, modified to the TR-3A, the TR-3B, and the Teir 2, 3, and 4, with suffixes like Plus or Minus added on to confuse further the fact that each of these designators is a different aircraft and not the same aerospace vehicle. By the mid-1990s, reports surfaced of sightings of … The whole kitchen is really only for people with a strong mind. to push some thing to which our accelerator in dubna — "Zaporozhets" before "Belaz", there to spin the plasma, which is a gash of mercury under a pressure of 250,000 atmospheres!russian inspired?

See more. Last week was marked, in general, ordinary event for us: one of the former commentators already with foam at a mouth proved that all our attempts to create a t-50 just nothing because the americans already have the weapon, before which pales everything. At one point, the aircraft flew over the Groom Lake track in complete silence, and as if by surprise, it suddenly stopped above the S-4. Silent and destroying everything in its path. The Tier III Minus program that resulted in the unsuccessful Lockheed Martin RQ-3 DarkStar was a scaled-down derivative of the original Tier III. Years of pursuit have led me to believe that, yes, Aurora is most likely in active development, spurred on by recent advances that have allowed technology to catch up with the ambition that launched the program a generation ago.". Here are some additional images which were slides taken from former Area 51 Employee Edgar Fouche's 1998 presentation: ...and the much larger space platform version (never been confirmed or sighted...). It was reported that the UFO suddenly sped up and dropped its altitude in a way that would have been possible for an aircraft manned by a human. Please, don’t confuse this with the standard anti-gravity technology. TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created within the Aurora Program. To understand the truth about TR-3B Astra is to catch a glimpse into the world of Aurora, one of the best kept secrets by the government today. How the TR-3 designation came up in publications is unclear. not just the nuclear engine and upgraded! Presumably, the aircraft, developed for the aurora project in 1980 — 1990-ies, since then tested and involved in the operations as a replacement for the sr-71 blackbird, decommissioned in 1998, but no evidence of the existence of the plane from reliable sources was received. This literally means that it can go to any country it likes without being detected by air traffic control & air defence systems.

The functionality of TR-3B is not a fiction, it was built with technology already available in the mid-1980s.

"Devices program "Aurora" there are nine types and have sizes from 36 up to 600 meters. Related articles. Having the weight reduced by 89%, the vehicle can travel at a speed of 9 Mach [9 times the sound speed: approx.

Nothing else is so well concocted fake, name the movie that brought together mulenov hits on youtube, it is impossible to call. Even our great leader has said that on provocation do not give in. Tunguska 1908 Explosion – A Nikola Tesla Experiment?

Still, despite the fact that aviation publications published not one photo of the tr-3a, on an official level, their very existence is not confirmed. With such a big project taking a centre stage in the Black projects ordered by the U.S. government, one but wonders what they are all being prepared for. How often do you look up into the night sky and wonder just how many stars, planets, galaxies, and more are out there? Therefore, when triangular UFOs are recorded, it does not necessarily mean they are of extraterrestrial origin, and may also be ultra-sensitive flight apparatus, such as the TR-3B. Engines are built by Rockwell. That passage of charged particles through the magnetic field of the earth and creates luminous phenomena at the poles of the planet. The most appropriate source, where is mentioned about this thing.

Engines are built by Rockwell. The Mach 1 speed is equal to the sound velocity in that fluid; Under standard conditions, Mach 1 is equal to 1224 km / h (or 340 m / s) until it rises to 120,000 meters (120 Km), then God knows how fast it can move.

The triangular aerospace nuclear platform was under the Top Secret and was developed in the AURORA Program money from the “Black Budget”. However, starting from the 29th of November 1989, a good number of sightings were reported in the Belgian territories, with the first event documented by at least 30 groups of witnesses and 3 separate groups of policemen. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Even at the Groom Lake facility, not everyone knows about the operations. Sometimes a bright blue-silver crown surrounds the massive circumference of the TR-3B. 10,000 km / h, ) either vertically or horizontally.

The project provided that the flow of hydrogen is first passed through the reflector and retarder, maintaining their temperature at the level of the room, and then enters the active zone, where the cooled fuel assemblies heated with up to 3100 k. At the stand of the reflector and the moderator was cooled by a separate stream of hydrogen. TR-3B is a hoax (we’re not talking about the conceptual design of a formerly alleged, aerodynamically sound TR-3A – Black Manta, “Aurora” here, we are only talking about Fouche’s TR-3B) Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is a hoax, based on his credibility. Moreover, standing up for the fact that "We are all behind", left his name.

This was done to confuse in order to hide the fact that these names denote totally different aircraft, not just modification. Only with the tremendous courage of some people who worked in different military bases, the truth about these aircraft’s was able to come to light, which is likely to hurry their future use in civil society for the benefit of all mankind. As, for example, "" the flying triangle in 2014 in Afghanistan. Nikola Tesla: 3, 6, 9 the KEY to the UNIVERSE?

Former Skunk Works director Ben Rich confirmed that "Aurora" was simply a myth in "Skunk Works", a book detailing his days as the director. Most often this device is perceived as a ufo triangular shape due to the fact that the power plant of this aircraft in fact is the generator of a powerful magnetic vortex field, and the light beam is periodically emitted by this generator may perceive as unearthly, inhuman. The TR-3B Astra, also known as the black triangle, is a nuclear-powered anti-gravity aircraft secretly built and maintained by the U.S. government.

Video: TR 3B Secret Plane | Top Secret US Air Force Black Triangle, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, maintaining health or even recovering. The U.S. government has consistently denied such an aircraft was ever built. ! The TR-3B aircraft evolve at high altitudes in an undetectable way (using STEALTH technology), thus providing an undetermined flight time recognition platform. Nieuwsbrief Blijf op de hoogte . If you have any idea about the sightings of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), you probably just stare at the sky and wonder what aliens control these things. It's a pity that i'll never get to know these guys from the U.S. Air force, who flew on the plane (sorry, aerospace platform) with a nuclear engine surrounded by a cyclotron with a mercury plasma. The first design is unmanned, the second one manned. – are reduced by 89%. Plus the outbreak of "Shots" for some reason not accompanied by any sounds. Planet 9 Nibiru Searching -139 New minor planets beyond Neptune. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high speed maneuvers along all three axes. The full United Kingdom (UK) Carrier Strike Group (CSG) assembled at sea on 04 October, 2020. ARE WE ALONE? No, not in the shelter, and the nearest psychiatric hospital.

ANUNNAKI: DNA Code | Reptilian or Serpent Race? The Aurora Project was an earlier myth about a rumoured mid-1980s American reconnaissance aircraft. Parallax – How do astronomers measure distances to stars and galaxies? Arcturians Aliens – Watchers and Earth Protectors?

This essentially helps it stay invisible. "Divine was again to silently soar above the atlantic, surrounded by sea raging plasma, knowing that you are invisible and inaccessible to anyone. me too. The TR-3B propulsion is provided by three multi-mode propellers mounted at each lower corner of the triangular platform. For example, the tr-3b is also similar to the tr-3a as a banana to a grape. By the 30th of March the following year, a frantic call from a Captain of the Belgian National Police spurred their military into action.

Nikola Tesla: 3, 6, 9 the KEY to the UNIVERSE? The government and the ministry of defense deny the existence of they are armed with such aircraft. "A brilliant engineer" (as was written in the profile) was removed but we were interested in is a miracle. "Aurora — the alleged strategic reconnaissance of the us is probably capable of suborbital flight at hypersonic speeds and uses stealth technology. What is it about deep space that so ignites our collective imagination? “Aurora” is now the most secretive US aerospace program and TR-3B is the most “exotic” vehicle that was created under the Aurora Program, funded and coordinated by the NSA (National Security Agency), the NRO National Recognition) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Nazi Secret Space Program | ✠ Die Glocke ✠ Nazi Bell, Solar Warden | The Secret Space Program – Black Budget. You never know what they'll say. Don't quite understand the fact that this concoction somehow seriously perceived by our readers. American superweapon TR-3B Astra — not for the faint of heart. Thus, the TR3-B model is just as different from TR3-A as banana grapes.

however, for the confident "Experts" runet wiki never was an authority (rightly so), so that there, in the depths of fevered desire to collect likes, you can find just a masterpiece of the description of the unit from the future. The nsa, nro, cia and U.S. Air force played a game with the modifications of the machine, creating the tr-3a, tr-3b, and the teir 2, 3, and 4, with the prefix "+" or "-". penetrate until this thing changing color and invisible to radar, you have over the city showed up. It doesn't exist officially. The reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen through supersonic nozzles so that hydrogen combusts at the same time with liquid oxygen. This is possible through a technology known as MFD technology. From the far east to peter. The Power of Your Thought | When Man Can Become Like A God. ”. Part I. Not every UFO spotted is one of their own ( aliens ) TR-3B’s external coverage is reactive to radar electric stimulation, it can change its reflectivity, radar absorption and colour. Well, for those who want to earn on fakes on the internet. In a rocket system that uses hydrogen and liquid oxygen, 85% of the propulsion provides oxygen. Tunguska 1908 Explosion – A Nikola Tesla Experiment?

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