Were you using some of those like ’80s thrash classics as touchstones as far as the sound you were going for? SO! That was not formalized into having lyrics, but those riffs, I remember them and I learned most of them and was looking forward to doing that song eventually. But all of that is just the later part of the gravitational compression of all this civilizational pressure. Attention should be elsewhere, it shouldn’t be so confined to all of these duties. And if you can imagine this, it’s solved 20 days before that fire. The person that's never heard it before, the person who will listen to it three times or the person who will listen to it 100 times. One of the most influential groups to emerge from the fertile Bay Area scene in the late ’80s, Mr. Bungle had its roots deep in the weird firmament of Humboldt County earlier in the decade. That's not portable. Mostly, it has not been good; it’s been a whole nightmare. A journal that they’re fucking publishing now. This is how you're handing it to them. then it was almost like, you know, “Can this fantasy continue? That's not high fidelity. That’s what’s going on with the Kinnor, which is pretty much like the Greek Lyre. This forced Trey to develop creative solutions to realize his musical visions in his home studio.

But you’re right, “Tozago as Deismno” deserves much wider appreciation as a truly anomalous achievement, and really it has a need to be discovered finally someday as an excellent “experimental / avante garde” record. So with Lombardo standing there — the guy we would have been dreaming of to be play the drums with us for a show like this — the idea just exploded into all of our psyches. What’s the most inspiring thing to happen to you in your life, musically? With the santur I just use logic. Do you ever worry about that kind of thing? I understand it. So they live in those panning locations forever. You do effectively manage the volume problems. All the tempo changes, everything. I’ve heard of books 3, W and E as sequels for Book M. Is there truth or a future to that? At the same time, Scorched Earth Saturnalia lacks the organ — a major FORMS element. So I just sat with the instrument and, basically, when you see me playing it, it’s because I’ve been applying what I call the Tessellation process. In fact, considering the session window we can see in the Geek Pack, I have to ask: are all those edits just fades? He is the true definition of artist: a person who creates something new and beautiful just for the beauty of it. The other thing that was new to me was the idea that we were going to be playing the whole set of this and all of these songs are going to be back to back with all this speed picking.

There’s a deadline on that, so I have to dedicate myself pretty thoroughly to that. The group also unleashed a slew of mostly hardcore covers by bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Cro-Mags, Stormtroopers of Death, 7 Seconds, the Exploited and, in typically perverse Bungle fashion, soft-rock legends Seals & Croft.

A lot of the stuff on Folio A was really more complex than that, on Book of Horizons too.

It’s the same with the music. It's never satisfying to me to use a tape saturation plug-in, or even going back out into analog. MC50 featuring BILL GOULD 2019 UK tour with Alice ... MR. BUNGLE 'Disco Volante' was released 24 years ago! And Brazil is filled with incredible performers and musicianship, but you don’t hear much about the arrangers very often. What kind of albums are you listening to now? We wouldn’t have other band members, you know? In the case of Rogério Duprat, there’s just so much there. If you take something like the Sleepytime [Gorilla Museum] we put out by them, it’s all done in studios like SC3 records, put together by them, every aspect is handled by them.

Sort of a final lecture. That’s essentially what I have to offer them, a community of people that at least keep an eye open for this little corner of the musical world.
We just need time to put it together. It’s at Virginia Tech, a guy there approached me to do it.

Trey Spruance is having a weird day when Revolver calls him at his new pad in Arizona. This one different note. You have to focus on the thing that’s moving, the breath, the air, the wind blowing things around. For some reason, in terms of the early Thrash Metal that was really dark and fucked up, Brazil fucking leads the pack on the sickest stuff, by far. What do you think of the other projects that surround Mr. Bungle? It was serene, somewhat. Strings and certain kinds of keyboards will go together, like pad stuff.

When you're working in digital, it doesn't, and you have to put all that meticulous work in. I use bricks — I stack all these bricks and put espetos on there. I hate it when musicians have a clear and good idea and then accuse themselves of doing something garden variety, "so now I need to go fuck with it. His main criticism was for the theosophical society, the way of looking at it as a spiritual race, then reflected by a biological race. It’s worth it to press a thousand of them, you’ll sell out of them. Do you know exactly how you want the tracks before you go into the studio?

I want to be as faithful as possible to the original way of hearing something. This could really fucking be something.

And they help me very well and after Halloween I got a high score for essay in college. Thankfully, Faith No More always delivers the unexpected and I can assume more pleasant surprises await us in the future. The other thing that really pissed me off is now when they posthumously release a book of his writing. So there is plenty to talk about. If that had burned, it would have been a catastrophe for us. August 1969) ist ein US-amerikanischer Multiinstrumentalist, Komponist und Produzent. But if you're working with 140 tracks, I'm not convinced that it matters. We were way outside, living in the middle of nowhere, so I really feel a kinship to that.

Trey Spruance: Thanks. We get to the Pacific Ocean, then what?

You're not really working with fidelity. It is a matter of funding, sure. Well, we could do different covers that would be more interesting or something sometimes…” But then, in the end, it’s always about the flow of the set and how things fit together and all of that. Saptarshi has a little tessellation going on to it. It’ll be good. Trey: Well, our records are no reflection of the kind of business we do. The band delivered brutal versions of the demo’s songs along with three previously unrecorded tunes from the era that sounded like a long lost ’80s thrash masterpiece. Let’s shoot for the stars here.
I mentally started associating Hillel with that kind of thing. Feel free to comment on that single itself too. We might augment that in some way if we were to do it.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Cleric will be putting out their record very soon, actually. I guess at least you were at a kind of in-between point since you’d recorded the album a while before and that was all in the can and ready to go. I can only hope for video of show, since there’s no motivation to repeat such a performance anywhere near Chicago.

It’s easy to get into it from that place first. It can mean a lot of different things. Trey: Well, they’re all different - I like that. Trey: This answer would change depending on what day you ask me. But all of the musical ideas are known ahead of time. They’re very lively-sounding, obviously. And as usual, I have kind of an embarrassment of riches in the drum department. Let me get one thing straight from the past: how much did you guys prepare for the “Bister Mungle” Eureka Talent Show? Can you imagine the pressure? Right, all of these people are at the top of the world…. Trey: Probably Stravinsky. In a way, this this thing that we’re doing is very Eureka. I embrace diversity in a true sense, in that I want the world to be diverse, not one big happy world government family kind of thing. It's changing your psychological profile every time you're doing it. Everybody in the band is fun to hang around with.

Since I’m not doing a tour, it really didn’t make any sense to press vinyl of these things. I’m actually often puzzled by the obsession of “is this the new record? While the group could have played up Patton’s matinee idol looks, Mr. Bungle instead matched the dark carnival soundtrack of their music with an equally disturbing visual sense that featured the members in Halloween costumes and clown or bondage masks while playing live onstage. We know that sound really well. Sometimes you end up having to use more strings than you thought, or sometimes you get there with five when you thought you'd have to do 11. The final product didn’t sound as good. Music has always been this translucent medium that penetrates us, there’s nothing in between us, it goes through us — and the object actually gets in the fucking way. “Methematics,” he also had those riffs around for a while.

There are those few generous friends out there who make such nice offers from time to time, but whose friendship is too important to hazard the back hole of music industry finance with. Recently, your composition Seraphita was played at Esterhazy. Since I know what it's going to be, I can decide that ahead of time. So when …

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