Round Bottom Flask Triple Neck. This 250mL flask is also a replacement part for organic Material:     Borosilicate Glass…. Don't have a web profile? . High-quality chemicals and services, customized to your product or manufacturing needs... VWR enables the advancement of science by providing high-quality chemicals and services, customized to your product or manufacturing needs. Flasks with 29/26 center necks have a groove tooled just below the grind to aid in clamping of the flask. Contact VWR Custom Manufacturing Services at 1.800.932.5000 or

These PYREX® three vertical neck flasks have two side necks with 24/40 outer Standard Taper joints and a center neck with a 24/40 Standard Taper joint. All necks have Standard Taper outer joints. You may experience lags in "Search" results, webpage transition or other problems. Quanta Biosciences and VWR are proud to fund a grant award for publication of research involving qPCR methodologies utilizing any Quanta Bioscience qPCR reagent in JoVE. 3 Vertical Neck RB Flask 72L 55/50C 45/50S: $1,664.28: LG-7330-392: 3 Vertical Neck RB Flask 72L 71/60C 45/50S: $1,732.23: LG-7331, & ML-1130 Flask, Round Bottom, Three Neck, Outer Joint: Product No.

Flat Bottom Flask With Standard Ground Joint 29/32. We set science in motion to create a better world. Micro round bottom 3-neck flask with all 14/10 threaded outer joints. For use with large capacity cylindrical reaction vessels, 2000mL, 3000mL and 4000mL (LG-8082, LG-8084, LG-8085, and LG-8089).

These 1L PYREX® three vertical neck flasks have two side necks with 24/40 outer Standard Taper joints and a center neck with a 24/40 Standard Taper joint. Round bottom, HEAVY WALL three neck flask with standard taper outer joints on the center neck and 20º angled side necks. Baffle indents on the lower outside edge of the flask to help oxygen transfer to the culture medium when used on an orbital shaker. To provide a better shopping experience, our website uses cookies. Ideal for growing, storing and mixing of aerobic and anaerobic cultures. All of the necks are at the same height. European style flask with tapered walls and a shallow hemispherical bottom for more efficient mechanical or magnetic stirring. For…, These PYREX(r) 250mL volumetric flasks provide improved lab convenience, broad selection and precise volume measurement. Terms & Conditions. European style flask with tapered walls and a shallow hemispherical bottom for more efficient mechanical or magnetic stirring. Add to Compare. Glass material: high borosilicate glass 3.3. © 2020 FORTUNE Media IP Limited All rights reserved. Add to Wishlist. Add to Compare. This TripleFlask offers maximum surface area within the foot print of a standard flask. All products listed are hand blown from tubing to ensure uniform wall thickness. This borosilicate glass round bottom flasks has three necks - the center neck is vertical and the side necks are 180° apart and are inclined at an angle of 20° to the vertical. It provide a total culture area of 500cm² by way of the three parallel layers and a straight neck design that works effectively within automation systems. You need to be comfortable and find the proper fit, VWR wants to help find the best pipette for you. For more information, call 1.888.793.2300 or email us at 150 cm 2 cell growth areas Canted neck style U-Shaped Flask Style Non-pyrogenic Sterilized by gamma irradiation Optically clear virgin polystyrene material Corning cell culture flasks are manufactured under strict process controls for consistent product performance. To compare product details, select up to 3 alternatives below and click Compare Selected. All sizes are hand blown from tubing to ensure uniform wall thickness. SYNTHWARE round bottom, heavy wall, three neck flasks with standard taper outer joints on both the center neck and the angled side necks. As your trusted, collaborative partner, Avantor Services helps you increase efficiency, maximize productivity, and accelerate innovation. So much has changed during this unprecedented time, except your ability to count on Avantor. Round bottom flask with four necks arranged 3 in-line and one at 90 degrees. Try the improved Chemical Structure search through the new. Use with our 6504, 6511 & 6516 reaction vessels that feature either a 137 x 100mm ID or 168 x 130mm ID flat flange. Our global footprint enables us to serve more than 225,000 customer locations and gives us extensive access to research laboratories and scientists in more than 180 countries. It has the external dimensions of a 175cm² standard flask.

With standard taper outer joints on center and side necks. Pear shape, HEAVY WALL 3-neck flask with standard taper outer joints on the center and 20º angled side necks. Get it as soon as Sat, Oct 31. VWR provides the cell culture community with access to the most reliable supply of exceptional quality Fetal Bovine Serum: VWR Life Science Seradigm.

3 Neck Flask found in: Flask 500 ml, SYNTHWARE Round Bottom Angled Three Neck Flasks, PYREX® Three Neck Distilling Flask with Vertical Neck 24/40 Standard.. Sterile. Erlenmeyer flasks are available in capacities from 125mL to 5000mL, and are available with wide or narrow plain mouths, screw necks or standard ground sockets depending on your application.

Entire body of the flask is jacketed and has two hose connections for circulation of heating or cooling liquid. Comes with two vertical 34/45 side necks and one 24/40 center neck. © Capitol Scientific, Inc. All rights reserved.

Nunc #: 132913. Manufactured from resistant glass, the spherical containers will spread encountered stress evenly across surfaces to prevent fracturing. The lower outlet is a 4mm straight bore PTFE stopcock. Ai 10L heavy wall, 3-neck round bottom flask with 24/40 and 34/45 standard taper joint. Both the center neck and the vertical side necks are standard taper outer joints. Each case includes Nunclon™ Delta Certification including testing on 4 different cell lines. Use with our 6508 or 6510 clamps. Improved ergonomics and accuracy. . 500mL $18.49 $ 18.

Culture Area: 500cm². We use operational excellence to deliver solutions that enable research, testing, production, and commercialization across the globe. Round bottom, HEAVY WALL, three-neck flask with standard taper outer joints on the center and side necks. Ideal for large cell mass applications such as drug screening and scale up. Has a recommended working volume is 200mL. Description: Price Each: Quantity: Add to Cart: Favorite: LG-7331-176: 3 Neck Round Bottom Flask 100mL 24/40C 24/40S: $128.68 : LG-7331-178: 3 Neck Round Bottom Flask 125mL 24/40C 24/40S: … Available from 2.5 to 18L, two styles & three temperatures with a broad range of accessories. Suggested Working Volume: 200mL. ©Thomas Scientific 2020 All Rights Reserved. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. …Receiver has one 24/40 outer joint and three 24/40 inner joints that can be used to attach up to three 50ml Single Neck round bottom flasks. Flat Bottom Flask With Standard Ground Joint 24/29. TripleFlask utilizes the Nunclon™ Delta treatment, a proprietary cell culture surface treatment that offers maximum adhesion for a broad range of cell types. . These 250mL PYREX® three neck flasks have two angled side necks at the same height with 19/22 Standard Taper outer joints and a center neck with a vertical 19/22 Standard Taper joint. Manufactured from type 1 class A borosilicate glass with 3 bottom baffles and DeLong® neck. Round Bottom Flask, Micro Scale, Synthware, Capacity: 25, or 50mL available, Joints: 14/10 threaded. We are here to help you improve efficiencies and outcomes in your laboratory. Contents: Short Path Distillation Head, Vacuum Jacketed, 24/40, 34/45 . Heavy wall design. As our customers’ needs have evolved, so have our capabilities. FreeZone Freeze Dryers are flexible for any application. We have become experts in scientific operations, improving performance with sophisticated solutions and providing guidance on best practices.

How is savings calculated?We The products you use, the products you need, the suppliers you trust for chromatography.

Designs include upholstered chairs and stools as well as urethane chairs and stools and polypropylene chairs for real-world applications.

Round Bottom Flask, Angled, Triple Neck, Glassco, VWR Returnable Container Advantage Program (ReCAP), Specialized Solutions for Cutting Applications, Building a Safe Work Environment with VWR, Learn More About Flexible Financing Programs.

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