Transmission System Right of Way Easements. Get more information. "12-MS-453F-507." conflicting interests and guides decisions on land-use requests. Grading, infrastructure, and developments affecting a TVA transmission line right of way, 3 spans or less. Easement Template for a Marina and Campground on TVA land, Easement Template for a Campground on TVA Land, Easement Template for a Marina on TVA Land, Editable Copy of the Form Letter of Credit, To pay rent in the event licensee fails to make payment, To defray expenses associated with site cleanup if licensee leaves materials and structures on property after termination, To defray expenses associated with restoring TVA property if damages occur when licensee removes structures, equipment, and any other items from the site. Grading plans should be submitted in both .pdf and .dxf formats. for campgrounds on TVA property are required to be submitted by March 16 of each year. Annual Operating Plans and Evacuation Plans

AACR2: 110 Contributor: Tennessee Valley Authority. "Compiled 1971 from TVA navigation maps, 1969, TVA-USGS 1:24,000 quadrangles, 1939-1961, and by reference to Cherokee Reservoir area map, dated 1943, partially revised from 1969 aerial photographs." TVA originally acquired approximately 1.3 million acres of land in the Tennessee Valley. 226 acres on Watts Bar Reservoir. to designate parcels of land by categories, or “zones.” These include: The reservoir land planning process does not change the existing access rights of adjacent property owners for the use of TVA land. TVA manages 293,000 acres of public land to protect the integrated operation of the TVA reservoir and power systems, to provide for the appropriate public use and enjoyment of the reservoir system and to promote the continuing economic development of method. Reviews may take 45 days or longer. are not allowed within the limits of the TVA easement. True Up Payment Questions and AnswersTVA Annual Gross Revenue SheetTVA Annual Gross Revenue Sheet (Excel DOC). When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. that affect multiple spans of a TVA Transmission Line right of way (>3 spans of right of way). Whereas the Land Policy sets forth an overall strategy, the percentage of land available for each zone is established by the overarching Comprehensive Valleywide Land Plan (CVLP), and TVA’s Reservoir Land Management Plans (RLMPs) detail the tactics on a reservoir-by reservoir basis. The following is a general list of right of way (ROW) guidelines and restrictions for TVA’s rights of way. The required amount is the sum of six month’s rent plus an amount that reflects the Click on the documents below to see what an easement for use of TVA land typically includes. be different in some respects and will likely contain conditions not included in the examples. No grading is permitted within 25’ of any pole, tower, guy or guy anchor. TVA’s easement rights do not authorize it to take action against trespassers unless the trespassers’ actions interfere with those easement rights. DOC, 37kb)TVA’s Credit Evaluation Materials.

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