Contact Us. If you need any sort of help or have any questions/suggestions, feel free to contact an admin . Sorry for the late reply, and thanks a lot for the heads up! Green IGOT7 Honestly RV glowing stick should have a Crimson Red color setting for when they go Velvet concept. List of Awards and Nominations | Sales and certifications | List of Records Set and Broken | Studios, Television: ONE DREAM.TXT let’s be honest here bigbang, 2ne1, beast, tvxq and iKON has the best fandom names. Proud iKONIC Kpop Quizzes You can find a list of handy templates here. Block B: BBC (Block B Club), but the fans also go by “honeybees”/ Black and Yellow Stripes Billboard and Dazed both later named “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” one of the best K-pop songs of the year. , HYOMIN (T-ARA) is a solo artist now. GLAM • VIXX: ST☆RLIGHT (Starlight) / Navy and Shining Gold Sechs Kies: YellKies ( YellowKies ) / Yellow Poll: Which Songs Released in September 2020 were your Favorites? Nature: Leaf / – WE IN THE ZONE: WISH (We In Sure Your Hearts) / Pantone #9896a4 & Pantone #de4d44 Fin.K.L: Pinky / Red the fans are called BBs c: i don’t believe they have a color yet, though, Actually A1ST (BP RaNia & RaNia fandom) stands for “Asia NO.1 , Team & RANIA Supporters”, It was confirmed by their former manager on his Instagram. VAV: Vampz / – EXID: LEGGO (or L.E.G.G.O) / “Eclipse”: pantone 7499c , pantone 7432c and pantone 272c You should really add it , heyy I think you should add Rainz with rainzer! HyunA: A-ing / – There’s this whole drama that went on regarding both fanclub colors but I shall skip that explanation. Fans are called Orbits! No, purple was just something that Taehyung used to represent love, trust etc. It's ok, but I would prefer a different name. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thanks a lot for the update, it’s much appreciated! Baek Yerin BLUEs / – - TXT (투모로우바이투게더), T TIME SOOBIN's Tears Selfie Shooting - TXT (투모로우바이투게더), Line EP11. I’m guessing Blackpink’s colors are black and pink or just black or just pink, Please also add H.O.T. Proud Ahgase Their agency always write LEGGO. , Girlkind’s fandom name is onekind! @myanee:disqus 1THE9: Wonderland / Lime Punch Kim Chungha: Byulharang / Chinese Green, Middle Blue Green and Opera Mauve Disclaimer Notice a spelling error, or misinformation? I forgot to mention, you all missed SPEED off of here and their fandom is DEEPS! Hanja Thank you for the suggestion, it has been added! The Boys don’t have an official fandom name or an official fan color yet, or do they? Dreamcatcher: InSomnia / PANTONE Black 6 C, PANTONE 7623 C and PANTONE P 10-6 C Sunmi: Miya-ne / pantone 2347 C, pantone 2587 C and pantone 2172 C CRAXY: Crown (Former fandom name was Cravity) / Black & Gold NCT: NCTzen (meaning all the fans are citizens of NCT) / Pearl Neo Champagne Target: Wonnie / – Heyy, I realized that my favourite Kpop group Boys Republic isn’t here… Their fandom name is Royal Family and they don’t have any official colours. A.Cian: A.URA / – Quiz: Can you guess the idol by their birthday? Following the release of the EP, the music video of their debut single, "Crown" broke the record for the most viewed K-Pop debut music video within 24 hours for a boy group. Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! On several sites it was announced like that. Berry Good: Very Berry / – Thanks a lot! , @canadiandraqula:disqus UP10TION: HONEY10 / Pantone Yellow UP, Pantone Lemon Chrome, & Honey APink: Pink Panda / Strawberry Pink If we forgot someone, feel free to drop us a comment. Ong Seongwoo: WELO / – Samuel: Garnet / ‘Rhodolite‘ and ‘Garnet‘ Jimin Park – Baby J Korean Name TheEastLight. and name it after their fandom name??? Sechskies fandom’s name has changed. We gave you credits in the post! Belift Lab: AIDS and Tinker Bell? MYTEEN: You”th / My Yellow, Blue in Youth and Your Purple MBLAQ: A+ / Pearl Chocolate We gave you credits in the post! 7 o’clock’s fandom name is ROSE meaning romance of 7 o’clock, UNB’s fandom name is UNME sounds like You and Me. I think EXID’s fan are called LEGGO (or L.E.G.G.O). Poll: Who is the most handsome DRUMMER in Korea (TOP10)? Thank you for the heads up! ^_^. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Origin CNBLUE: Boice (Blue and Voice combined) / Blue As for HOTSHOT, can you remember in which vLive they announced their fandom name, since we can’t find it anywhere. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A total of four tracks from the album entered the Billboard World Digital Songs chart with the lead single "9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)" debuting at No. LoL. 4Minute:  4NIA (4 Minute Mania) /  Pearl Purple Really sorry for the very late reply! JBJ official fandom name is Fantasy and official colours are #787FFF and #FFF787 , Light’s fandom colour is still dark grey, same as when we were still b2uty ^^, Nu’est’s colors are ‘Deep Teal’ (HEX: 00313C) and ‘Vivid Pink’ (HEX: E31C79), please add Lim Jeong-hee, Source Music: Cravity: Luvity / – 투모로우바이투게더 AOA: Elvis /  – UNI.T: WOO U / – Sliver Gray ARMY No colour tho I don’t think, Also HOTSHOT’s is HOTPEUL. S♡ne was never Pearl Pink but they are Pastel Rose Pink. –, (Special thanks to Park Arin, LynCx, AriaOfficial, She’ry DeNae McKee, Silver Miley, Marty Asr, Sharelle Aresgado, apple, mia, kakofonia, Vivian Sim, AuliyaEun, Vesta Jašinaitė, Charlotte, Nee Yab, veevien19, kken99, 민。, Dani Hogan, Yea_boi, Sugakookie00, Leo Blue, Domi_pasu, Ha Linh Nguyen, Meeks, Jerica Tay, Stream DIA “Woowoo”, Cristiano, Flower, thigh_central, Swimming Hoshi, okbanhana, Tayah, { MagicallyEnchanted }, Fahril, kim, thomfrances, ParkAL, 8rua8, _xdreamersx_, AivanDe1, user09080101, Raquel Angeles, Kai Min, jungjaehyun, Kim, Llama, Abstract Nonsense, LaraSunmix, Lovely Spazz, 8rua8, Khassie Min, destineez, cassie adams, Shielix, 멜리나, KittyDarlin, ItzHahie, Ransphyxia, Chun Soo, Kpop Trash can, Kpop Trash can, uwu, LaPusca, Erin, Olive But this is Candy too, mega meme, literallyRBWSTAN, stopa, Nanda Rizky, scc, 8rua8, Pauline Bautista, mega meme, Nabi Dream, 周美林, Marian Kim ♡︎, aixkane, 멜리나~, Meli, Araya Chatchukiatkul, Kuraimegam, Dhieta Potter, sunwoo kim for providing additional info.). Please add AlphaBAT, the fandom name is Alpha, and they don’t have any official colors, BTS não tem cor oficial, eles já deixaram isso claro On August 8, 2019, it was announced by Big Hit Entertainment that they had originally planned to release a new album in August. Privacy Policy Pentagon: Universe / UniNavy TVXQ: Cassiopeia / Pearl Red , Monsta X : Monbebe (please stick them together) (meaning > my baby in french), Proud ARMY Cross Gene: CandY (the abbreviation of ‘CROSS GENE and YOU’ – ‘You’ means ‘fans’)/ – FAVORITE: Dear / – SISTAR : Star1 (Style) / Fuchsia So we’ll support them until their disband date . Don’t think most of them put much thought into giving the names. At the Golden Disk Awards ceremony, a member of. HISTORY: STORIA (Meaning history in Italian) / – CLC: Cheshire /  – TRCNG: Champion / – I’m not hung up on it. , @disqus_PNRl6Qc67P:disqus , @martyasr:disqus Jung Sewoon: LUCKY (Haengwoon) / Pantone 531, Pantone 134, and White silver sparkle If you would like to suggest an article, category or other page that you think should be created but you don't feel you can create it yourself, describe what you want at our DISCUSSION. , IN2IT’s Fandom is IN2U To edit articles, you must login or register to wikia. Lee Hyun • TXT's commercial success in their early months earned them several rookie awards at major Korean year-end music award shows, including the Asia Artist Awards, Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards and Seoul Music Awards.

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