Despite his contempt for Tyrion, Tywin views his kidnapping as a slight against his family and sends Gregor Clegane to raid Catelyn's homeland, the Riverlands. The words "I've raised you as my son... because you're a Lannister" suggests that - with Joanna being born a Lannister, and a cousin of Tywin - Tyrion is after all a Lannister even if Tywin's biological paternity was questioned. Tywin chastises Jaime for openly attacking Eddard Stark when Jaime states he did so on hearing of Tyrion's arrest. Edward I served as an inspiration for Tywin. With Kevan, he had a staunchly loyal and dependable confidante and spokesman who worked tirelessly to help realise his decrees. Lord Tywin was by all accounts an able Hand, credited by many with giving the Seven Kingdoms twenty years of peace and prosperity, though it caused tension between Tywin and an increasingly-paranoid King Aerys II. Tywin is not affectionate, and almost never has been, and will never shy from giving his opinion, even if it means facing off against the king he is serving. Tysha is a crofter's daughter, and the first wife of Tyrion Lannister. However, Lord Tytos overruled Tywin and released Tarbeck with an apology. The relationship between the two slowly and violently collapsed when it became clear that Tywin was the man who truly ruled the realm, Aerys lusted after Tywin's cousin Joanna, and apparently took liberties during the wedding night, and Aerys refused a marriage proposal between his son Rhaegar and Tywin's daughter Cersei. After openly speaking out against the marriage between his sister Genna and House Frey, his father sent him to court, where he met Prince Aerys Targaryen and Steffon Baratheon. Tywin is efficient, ruthless, controlling, proud, fiercely intelligent and stoic to a fault. Tywin quickly leads the army on King's Landing, joining forces with Renly's former bannermen House Tyrell along the way, and arrives at King's Landing in time to force Stannis to retreat. Tywin's cruelty towards his youngest son Tyrion, whom he has despised since the latter's childhood for being a dwarf, as well as killing his wife in childbirth, is a primary influence on Tyrion's character arc in both the novels and television show. Tywin leads his forces along with their new allies of House Tyrell on the city and arrives just in time to defeat Stannis' forces.

Biographical Information

Successor In return, Tyrion shot him with a crossbow, killing him.[1]. In A Dance with Dragons, Tyrion wanders through Essos, wondering often where Tysha has gone. One day, when Tywin discovered that Tyrion had married a common girl he and Jaime had met on the road named Tysha. Tywin's half of the force battle a Northern host led by Roose Bolton at the Battle of the Green Fork, but in the meantime Robb Stark's men rout Jaime's army and take him prisoner. Tywin eventually married his first cousin Joanna. A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. However, Joffrey is poisoned soon after during his own wedding. Over the years, as Aerys became increasingly paranoid, he stopped trusting in Tywin, believing him to have become too powerful and appointed Tywin's eldest son Jaime to the kingsguard, thereby robbing Tywin of his preferred heir.

Born heir apparent to Lord Tytos Lannister, who was perceived as a weak and ineffectual leader and often ridiculed by his bannermen, Tywin developed an early distrust of mockery and laughter. Alias

He believes that she was lying about loving him, but this was the only time in his life that he was truly happy.

Tywin retreats to Harrenhal, using it as a base for the war in the Riverlands. Repulsed by forces led by Ser Edmure Tully when he attempted to move his forces west to confront Robb Stark, Lord Tywin instead proceeded to King's Landing, joining forces with a great host under the command of Lord Mace Tyrell of Highgarden. Tywin then returned to Casterly Rock to rule the Westerlands. He became Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock upon his father's death. I think the reason Tywin never remarried was because Joanna’s death hurt him too much.

He says that Tywin had told Jaime that Tyrion would thank him someday. As Tywin's bowels loosens upon death, Tyrion remarks to himself that the claim that his father shits gold is, after all, a myth.
Tywin and the Westermen regroup at Harrenhal and start establishing order. When Aerys II Targaryen became King of Westeros, he appointed Tywin Hand of the King, a position regarded as deputy and second-in-command to the King, thereby effectively making Tywin the second-most powerful man in the realm. While still in his teens, Tywin declared the debts to House Lannister to be repaid; he imprisoned Lord Tarbeck when the latter went to treat with his father. When he learns of Olenna Tyrell's plot to have Loras Tyrell wed Sansa Stark, he arranges to have Tyrion and Cersei marry Sansa and Loras respectively — though only succeeds with establishing Tyrion's marriage to Sansa. After the investiture of his eldest son and heir, Ser Jaime, into the Kingsguard, Tywin resigned the Handship and returned to Casterly Rock.

In 300 ACIn the Red Keep Tywin Lannister Tyrion falls completely in love with her and finds a drunken, wandering septon to marry them.


Soon after Tyrion and Sansa's wedding, Tywin forms an alliance with Robb Starks' dissatisfied bannermen — Walder Frey and Roose Bolton — to successfully finish the Stark forces and claim at "The Red Wedding" at the Twins; in the ensuing massacre, Roose executes Robb while taunting "the Lannisters send their regards", Robb's mother Catelyn and wife Talisa are brutally killed as well. Furthermore, Tyrion being a dwarf was a truly humiliating fact and running joke throughout Westeros for Tywin, and even Aerys tormented Tywin with the idea that Tywin had been cursed with a dead wife and a deformed son to teach him some humility. [8] Dance has received positive reviews for his role as Tywin in the TV series. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

When Joffrey's uncle and rival claimant Renly Baratheon is killed and Joffrey's other uncle Stannis Baratheon besieges Storm's End, Tywin decides to use the distraction to march west in pursuit of Robb's army. The marriage was later annulled by Lord Tywin's order. Tyrion would grow to hate his father, even though some people realise that the two of them are intensely similar.

Alias After the Battle of the Trident, he led a force of roughly 12,000 men to King's Landing, declaring his loyalty to Aerys II. He is seldom seen without the Lannister colours of red or gold, or wearing some kind of ornamentation of his house; in battle, he wears red armour with gold highlights and a cloth-of-gold cape so heavy that golden lions are fused to the armour to carry it.
Culture Tywin would prove to have a complicated, but altogether destructive relationship with his son Tyrion, whom he never ceased to blame for Joanna's death.

... What Tywin did to his son's wife was monstrous. Gerion, not wanting to play and lose at Tywin's game, made japes about it. Enraged, incredulous and utterly fuming, Tywin waited a year before reigniting his campaign.

On Petyr Baelish's suggestion, Tywin establishes an alliance with House Tyrell as they have the required army and the largest supply of grain and livestock. He is said to have pale-green eyes flecked with gold. Together, the Lannister and Tyrell armies defeated King Stannis Baratheon at the Battle of the Blackwater. Tywin's body lies in state in the Great Sept of Baelor before his burial, with Jaime and Cersei the first to pay their respects. Tysha was being attacked on the road when Tyrion and Jaime Lannister arrive and run them off. For a brief time, Lord Tywin held the castle of Harrenhal. A Game of Thrones mentioned.

Tywin does not believe in half-measures, does not forget a slight, and does not ever forgive. The book series further hints that Tywin may fear the Mad King being Tyrion's father due to "lusting" for Joanna and "taking liberties" upon their wedding night; this rumour is never elaborated in the series, although Tywin's words seem to imply he has convinced himself that Tyrion is not his son. He has a reputation for being extremely financially powerful and it was even remarked that he defecated gold as he had so much of it. Tywin holds Tyrion responsible for Joanna's death. Tyrion's first wife was a peasant girl named Tysha.

Tywin Lannister was one of the most powerful players in the game of thrones. Tywin is extremely tall and imposing, with cold and piercing green eyes flecked with gold.

During Robert's Rebellion, Lord Tywin ignored calls for support from both rebels and royalists. When Tyrion asks his father whether he has ever put the family's interests ahead of his own, Tywin retorts by stating his desire to euthanise Tyrion at birth out of rage and grief, but instead let Tyrion live and ended up raising him "as my son", showing that he has disowned his parentage of Tyrion as well.[10].

Tyrion discovers this during his escape from King's Landing and strangles Shae before confronting Tywin on the privy. When the drunken septon sobers up, he tells Lord Tywin Lannister about the marriage.

He forces Tyrion to marry Sansa Stark, though his efforts to have Cersei wed to Willas Tyrell are rebuffed. Children Eddard's execution by Joffery on the other hand has prevented Tywin from what would have been the best option of sueing for peace with Northern Lord and Riverrun.

Unaware of Arya Stark's true identity, he takes her as his cupbearer and is impressed by her quick wit. Tywin was the eldest son of Lord Tytos Lannister and Lady Jeyne Marbrand. Believing that the match would make House Lannister a laughingstock as Lord Tytos had done, Tywin made Jaime lie to Tyrion that the girl was a whore and that the whole arrangement had been Jaime's idea. When news of Robb's death reaches the Lannisters, Tyrion quickly deduces that his father masterminded the event. He never remarried. {Kevan Lannister}{Tygett Lannister}{Gerion Lannister}Genna Lannister Arya Stark, on the other hand, is seen to be contemplating to kill Tywin, but does not proceed due to lack of opportunity. Tyrion's dislike for his father would forever turn to hatred, but Tywin could not care less. He has always been close and admiring of Jaime, and he loved him for going to the lengths he had to give Tyrion his first experience with a woman, even though it ended so horribly wrong. Siblings Tywin overrules his council members, stating that Joffery needs to hold his ground as no one will respect a king who runs away.

Tywin is remarked to be so proud of his family name that he will do absolutely anything politically to improve his legacy, which he is practically obsessed with. {Tytos Lannister} (as Lord of Casterly Rock){Edgar Sloane} (as Hand of the King)Tyrion Lannister (as Hand of the King) A respected military leader, the Lannister patriarch was considered the true power in Westeros even whilst his grandsons Joffrey and Tommen sat the Iron Throne, winning their wars for them in the battlefield and the Small Council chamber. Lord Tywin Lannister was Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West, and one of the most influential nobles of the Seven Kingdoms around the time of the War of the Five Kings. Tywin assumes his role as Hand of the King, demoting Tyrion to Master of Coin. Tywin's death upsets the balance of power in King's Landing, namely by allowing the rise to power of the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant. House LannisterHouse Baratheon of King's LandingHouse Targaryen (formerly)

Tywin confirms this and shrewdly observes that this means the Freys will get all the credit, but also all the blame — since the Northerners will never forget nor forgive such a terrible crime. Tyrion never stops thinking about Tysha. Spouse Born [1] Introduced in A Game of Thrones (1996) and subsequently appearing in A Clash of Kings (1998) and A Storm of Swords (2000), Tywin Lannister is the ruthless patriarch of House Lannister of Casterly Rock, and father to Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister.

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