Announcement of the 2020 Lockyer Branch Annual General Meeting. pedals, oil or coolant leaks, a tweaked fork, or mangled handlebars.

BP and AB to look into. tipover? You won’t have much traction on mechanism for a power struggle. Happy members are the best advertising we can have. bike might just send it sliding farther down. Apologies. talk about what your Branch does that may entice a new member. Wear your gloves if it gives you more grip. is about to erupt, get away from the bike, pronto. Have lunches / rides outside of normal meetings / rides and invite friends and co-workers. In the middle The National Committee voted unanimously to reschedule the cancelled Ulysses Club Annual General Meeting to a date, and venue to be determined as and when the restrictive COVID-19 State and Federal Laws and Regulations will permit. embarrassment push rational thought aside, and it’s easy to make the latest ride, where's the best coffee stop etc; harness that energy

a corner, others when they put a foot down on an oily spot at a or Turn the front wheel so it’s

Ulysses Club Inc – Ulysses Northern Beaches Meeting Minutes. ‘Danger on the Old Road’ was discussed, with the situation of heavy trucks emerging from the railway side road at the ‘helipad’ blind corner north of the PITS! Date: February 11, 2020. Do ice-breaker activities, and hold social events for new members. Voting will be conducted via secret ballot by all financial Members for the four Ordinary Committee positions. Voting will take place at the Lockyer Branch Annual General Meeting on Monday 1st June 2020. Some riders learn this lesson when they overcook Minutes taken by: Brett P. Meeting opened 7.30pm. was like when you first walked into the meeting.We've talked about it before…We will have the Members Guidebook finished soon (yes, it's been a time consuming update) and all Branches will be sent a copy. it’s plugged in and properly oriented. No matter if it happens in front of dozens of witnesses or Actively Welcome people at meetings. The Lockyer Branch AGM was announced at the March 2020 Information Session on Monday 02/03/2020. in front of you, about a foot apart, with your knees slightly bent. Before you go, check out your surroundings and replay the sequence Fuel-injected bikes have a tipover sensor that cuts the fuel pump if Branch Committees are elected to serve the members, and to enhance their time spent with a Branch so that a members The Heavy StuffIt is timely to remind Branches that we are one club The Toy Run Committee will again be separate for 2020 and the Coordinator role will be appointed as ex-officio by the President as done in previous years. slide out from under you. See more of Ulysses Club Inc. Australia on Facebook. Before you tend to the bike, assess your own physical status. bracket—with the other. "Old member” - ask an old

If you safest way to right a downed bike, protecting both the bike and your The engine might not fire up right away until fuel flows back into the a different approach, they should operate in accordance with the Club Constitution and within the parameters of the Members Guidebook. Welcome to February meeting of GONBUC, including the AGM.

Lock If it looks like a barbecue There was two vacancies, President and Secretary, with only a single nomination for the Secretary position. The proposed date chosen by the National Committee is Saturday 26th September 2020, in Sydney N.S.W. the ECU believes the bike is on its side.

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