It features an aluminum casing which is high impact and its ergonomic design is good to have. The blade glides along with the shape of your head, allowing you to get an even, close shave against every part of your head. However, we do an honest comparison of these with our picks to help you make a better decision. My girlfriend loves it! Most of the Wahl clippers have a clip that attaches to the blade. They have already paid for themselves (no trips to the barber) and I know they will last for years. . The attachments guards fit securely and stay true for a good period of time. I’ve got straight blond hair – crew cut style with no tight fades (just a blend on the sides) – I’m using a special 2″ plastic comb guard for top of my head and #4 comb for back and sides. For those who are not, here are a few tips: – Stand at the sink and looking into a hand held mirror, give your neck a fresh shave with a razor (I do this dry) You can also easily replace the blade by unscrewing it and placing the new blade where the old one used to be. If you have hair longer than half an inch, make sure to trim that down first before using your balding clippers. The 5 Star Magic Clip has an all-plastic body, while the Seniors’ bottom part is made of metal. Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip Cordless Clipper Review – Product Overview. In Wahl Color Pro, we see that guide combs are colored for easy identification and this is an added advantage. Just take your time and be patient. 3. It’s not THAT dangerous, of course, but I reckon most DIYers at home would prefer the Magic Clip. Thanks! I also needed cordless because I would be using them in my walk-in shower (easier cleaning). The sleek design makes it perfect for all-around grooming and very popular among men for home and travel use. Again, I was impressed with how the Magic Clip’s powerful motor and sharp blade worked through the thick growth like a weed wacker cutting through kudzu. Its powerful pivot motor takes care of the thickest of hair and stays cool and quiet. I should have done it a long time ago! Some people use comb-over hairstyles to hide bald spots and others use toupees or wigs. It also has its own brow trim and ear trim guide combs so it can be used for those areas. Only a Double B, maybe a Triple B. LOL But it makes sense to align and sync up all the guy maintenance work. My post will be a bit longer because I plan to cover both: The corded versions of Wahl Magic Clip vs 5 Star Senior (check prices here), The Cordless Senior vs the Cordless Magic Clip. This ensures a shave that’s surgically close, the closest of any balding clipper! Hopefully, you’ll get them delivered safely and they’ll be great from the get-go. Overall, this personal grooming system from Wahl with its steel body is in a league of its own when it comes to durability and reliability. The decisiveness of the Wahl #8110 also means that it’s perfect for shaping and creating fine lines. You can also use it at an angle to create a simple fade. Let that be the beginning of a lot of masterful and fun-filled haircuts for both of you! Be sure to read the full list of features before buying to ensure you can use most, if not all of the features. I used the #1 guide which took off a lot — the tub looked like I skinned a cat. Although we believe the price could have been a bit low than it is now, it still is justifiable with the value this clipper has to bring. Given all of the additional blade attachments and blade guards, its efficiency and full utilization may be called into question, especially if all you need is a balding clipper. The Cordless Magic Clips are A+ in quality. It may still require a socket, but this is easily available in most restrooms. And while I like the polished look of the Senior (especially the original limited edition), ultimately I care more about ease of use and performance for the task at hand. The first thing you need to do when using balding clippers is to make sure to prepare all of your tools. The first is that the quality is really nice. Hmmm, I’m not sure if I’ve encountered any Asian-hair dedicated (at least in terms of marketing) clipper. Newly cut hair tends to grow back faster and balding clippers will allow you to maintain the upkeep by yourself at home. Contrary to standard Wahl blades, this one goes all the way to #0000. I definitely recommend the Cordless Magic Clips. Whether you’re shaving your head to get ahead of hair loss, or just shaving your head for the hairstyle, this guide will ensure you’re able to confidently buy and use balding clippers. On the top end, you can see the blade. It has a proportionally sized blade that allows you to reach difficult-to-reach areas. The bottom of the handle features a red on-off dial and a hanger loop on the other side. Wahl’s 5-Star Series has some decent clippers for professional use including 5-Star Senior and 5-Star Legend. The Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is a balding clipper specifically designed to help you give yourself a quick haircut. Moreover, it has a couple of handy trimmers that cover your touching and tidying ups. If you’re using balding clippers, this will likely be a dry shave and may involve some trimming and detailing. Nonetheless, to my pleasant surprise, it comes with a zero-gapping tool which is a great convenience to have. I popped on the #6 guide and moved to my densely haired pits. The motor of the cheaper tools would have strained cutting through that amount of hair and I would have had to work through it a lot slower. The blade itself is German-milled Titanium that sharpens itself. It is sharp, smooth and easy to use. Additionally, you may want to consider that this is not just for shaving your head bald and may cover functions you may not need in a balding clipper. The upgrade from the Color Pro should be quite tangible. They are good for tapering and general cutting. I can’t believe the manufacturing cost is that different and am curious why Wahl puts a cheaper set in the box, especially since it seems inconsistent with the brand promise. – Be sure to look in the mirror and check that you’ve properly cut the hair around your ears I have had the Magic Clips for a few months now (they were difficult to find at first). And, importantly, the Crunch Technology helps you hear the hair being cut more so than standard blades. In addition, you get lubricating oil and a cleaning brush. It can be caused by genetics or illnesses. Next is that the “Crunch Technology” is for real. No fades for me; same length all over. I currently don’t have a beard. The Wahl Magic Clip is truly great in how it brings together professional grade shaving and a cordless balding clipper into one machine. Among these four are stubble combs or facial hair guide combs and these include sizes of 1/8 inches (3 mm), 1/16 inches (2mm), 3/16 inches (4 mm) and 5/16 inches (8 mm). Since my clippers purchase, I purchased the Wahl Premium Guides (#1/2 and #1). Both of their handles curve gently to ensure a firm grip. Thanks for the kind words too, as you can guess I myself am doing some DIY to distract myself from standing in one place too much….

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