The family of four would need to filter out 4,800 grains for city water and 12,800 grains for well water. With all of those benefits, the Morton M30 looks like a good deal to us.

Some users, however, state that the salt erodes this tank quickly and there’s ‘no water usage data available.’. The second component is the brine tank. The Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino water softener has an average user rating of 3.8 out of five stars on Amazon.

It’s just as easy to install with all the fittings you’ll need included in the package. There are some drawbacks to water softeners that use salt, however. In addition, some people dislike the slippery feeling of water that has been softened this way. We also logged in the number of hours that we spent in testing the models. Great for a family of 4; for small businesses. The best water softeners can tackle hard water with ease, and will make light work of removing the calcium buildup that comes with it. It’s also crucial to choose a water softener with the right flow rate so that it can handle softening water adequately. The best water softener will treat hard water in your home, and is a fantastic device for not only water quality, but also for saving money. There is a slight price difference between the models, so you’ll have to decide if you want to pay a higher price upfront in exchange for more salt and water savings in the long run or if you want to pay the minimum price to meet your present needs. Experts also suggest checking your salt level in the brine tank at least once a month to ensure it is at the proper levels. If you don’t have a high enough flow rate for all of the fixtures you want to run, you’ll notice a drop in water pressure. Positive reviews mentioned how easy to install this water softener is and that it’s ‘great value’. The benefit of having a salt-free water softener is that you won’t need an electrical hookup and there isn’t waste water because there’s no salty brine to remove. Adding a filtering system to your water treatment plan can eliminate them. Running through the softener slows the flow of water. Many top-quality water softeners do this automatically at hours of low water use, typically during the night.

As with the GE model, you'll need to power this water softener with electricity and it does require draining due to it being salt-based. If you have a large family or need a lot of water for watering the lawn or filling a Jacuzzi, you might need a higher flow rate. This softening process adds salt to the water, which could be troublesome if someone in your household needs to adhere to a low-sodium diet. The smaller option of this water softener has a flow rate of 10 GPM and has been designed to tackle hard water in homes with up to three bathrooms. Flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). This model is offered today with a 6-month money back guarantee. This requires a UV filter, which will need an electrical hookup. You won’t need to lift the lid every couple of weeks to check the salt level. Fresh water is then pumped into the resin tank and drained to remove any lingering salt particles. If you have more members or lots of bathrooms in your home, you will be better off with a more powerful water softener. Besides saving space, the primary advantage of this product is their Look-Ahead technology. Oddly enough, a water softener that is too big can suffer from a different set of problems. So, one person would use 80 gallons of water per day for all of their needs, and a family of four would use 320 gallons per day. If you have city water, you might want to buy a water softening system that removes chlorine. You will have to maintain this water softener in order to get the most out of it. The WaterBoss water softener is one of the smallest capacity units in our round up, however, it has one of the highest flow rates at 16 GPM, making it a powerful choice considering its size. The average water use is 80 gallons per person One user explains that this unit is a great alternative to an electric model, they added ‘it’s completely self attending - no electricity, no chemicals, and no maintenance other than changing the sediment filter.’ Some users explained that they were ‘disappointed’ that this unit didn’t solve their water hardness problems. You can purchase a water softener or filter specifically designed to remove them. This salt-based machine has easy-to-use electronic controls but it also features SmartSoft technology which aims to take the guesswork out of making sure you have enough soft water for your home.

You can also trigger a regeneration cycle manually if you’re planning to use a lot of water. Likewise, your well might have herbicides, pesticides, or nitrates leeching into it from the groundwater. Programming the softener is simple. Because this water softener doesn’t require any salt, it also won’t need to regenerate in order to empty out all of the salty brine. Like most other water softeners the WaterBoss 700 22,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener can remove both calcium and magnesium from your hard water. Conventional .73 cu ft. 20 x 51 x 20, Conventional 1.04 cu ft 20 x 51 x 20. One user claims they’ve had ‘5 years of flawless operation’. The flow rate of this water softener isn’t the most powerful at 7GPM, however, and you will pay a premium compared to salt-based water softeners but you should expect this unit to last a little longer.

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