Even more than that, I believe that the purpose of this is to “destroy” the false prophetic by a cleansing and purging so that the true prophets of God will then communicate God's purposes for such a time as this. The sunset, with the sun very low in the sky and the moon immediately rising, indicates the end of the last days. At the same time, some boats going with the current in the opposite direction were also being paddled with wooden oars. This would speak of their human efforts to attain to their goal. The opening up of the floodgate from the bottom first indicates to me that it will start with great force and power. The destroyer represents His heavenly hosts. When they got underneath where the water was falling, they were destroyed by the force of the water and evidently sunk out of sight. This may express itself in an overly overbearing or confrontational manner in your interactions with co-workers, friends, family, and associates. If, however, you find yourself falling over a waterfall in a non-floating object or an unconventional vehicle, then this indicates that you are being swept along by circumstances and emotions which may be out of your control. Later, when I looked at a map of North America, I saw that the diagonal move went from the northwest area around Washington and Oregon, and cut across somewhere around Kansas City, St. Louis and continued on to an area somewhere around North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia. waterfall meaning spiritual by | Sep 25, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments In dreams, therefore, a waterfall signifies a dramatic point of shift and change in your life where the materials aspects of your life remain the same, but your approach to life and your … Interpretation Disdain. I also believe that there will be more than just what I saw. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. They were singing, and eating and communing one with another. The ships continued to head towards the war clouds. Baptism, significance of Waves Calling Waters Of Affliction Severe Afflictions. The east (rising of the sun) signifies the beginning, while the west (setting of the sun) signifies the end. Exuberance. Even if we might think that we are going counter to the old flow of God in the natural, we must let the Holy Spirit take us to His new place of power. The week after that I received literature in which a minister spoke of an “open floodgate in '98.” I have since seen other such statements on the Internet. Dreaming of trying to climb up a waterfall against the current signifies that you are in conflict with yourself and the world around you. Serene. Their wooden structure speaks of humanity, their sails speak of going with the wind of the Holy Spirit, the white sails and white boats indicate purity. WATERFALL. Buoyant. Stagnation. However, it will take heartfelt prayer and praise from pure and holy vessels to help bring this about. To dream you are being rescued from going over a waterfall means that you are allowing distractions to prevent you from getting on with your life. . Traveled over a waterfall in a bed, at your desk or by means or some other non-floating object. Orr, James, M.A., D.D. In dreams, therefore, a waterfall signifies a dramatic point of shift and change in your life where the materials aspects of your life remain the same, but your approach to life and your understanding of self undergoes radical transformation. of You travel safely over a waterfall in a boat. And began to thin out. Watching strangers fall over a waterfall implies that there is some level of dissonance between where you are in your life and where you would like to be. All rights reserved. Compare (tsanteroth), "spouts" (Zechariah 4:12). The spiritual meaning of the bumblebee highlights teamwork, community, productivity, and personal power. Then I saw the boats. Then a battleship appeared, then a destroyer. Dreaming of rescuing someone before s/he goes over a waterfall implies that you feel as though the world around you is moving too fast and you want to seize control. Dreaming of being inundated by a waterfall implies that you have more problems crashing down on you than you than you can handle. Standing beneath a waterfall, when it is a positive experience, signifies renewal and cleansing. Cowardice. Rivers in your dreams are representative of your emotional and spiritual pathway and your ability to go with the flow. (3)-foss is the suffix in Icelandic meaning “waterfall.” (4) This is a bit of a nuanced idea, but keep in mind that it does not matter how much spiritual power there is in an environment. Introspective. Your stubbornness and fear are causing you to react in self-destructive ways. These fleshly activities and demonic doctrines have subsided since the first great outpouring, but run rampant with each new outpouring and then gradually subside. The red boats symbolize the blood (life) of Jesus and our forgiveness. Bibliography Information Quite a few of them were red. New pure, spiritual life must be birthed in the fresh, pure and uncontaminated water. I believe the Spirit was “accenting” the prophetic aspect of this great new outpouring. As I watched I could hear singing, and the smell of food and the sound of many voices, like a big party was going on. This, I believe, represents a new outpouring of the Spirit of God with great power. As boats going in opposite directions passed each other, the people would look at the other boat and wonder out loud, “Don't they know they are going in the wrong direction?” This indicates that each person going in a specific direction has strong convictions about the direction they are headed towards. Stood beneath a waterfall Traveled over a waterfall in a barrel, boat, canoe or another floating object. The rising of the bright silver moon, whose rays bathed the scene, indicates a new spiritual atmosphere of purity for mankind. The tropical island, peaceful waters and anchored warships, symbolize a relaxed style of living, and a supernatural calm after a fierce battle in the heavenlies, reflected on the earth. The disappearance of the sea (contaminated spiritual environment) indicates the new earth and a continuing time of Godly fellowship among the people. Optimistic. Then I saw, incredibly, a whole bunch of small wooden boats, all with white sails moving against the force of the current in the river and towards the waterfall. Application Proud member Then I saw a beautiful sunset, with the sun very low in the sky, spreading its rays upon a beautiful tropical island and now peaceful waters. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. A waterfall occurs at a point where the flow of a river has eroded its way through underlying rock to make a vertical flow. NOTE: In asking God for a word for 1998, one evening, He immediately said “God's open floodgate in '98” and I saw a floodgate. In the case of the vine, you may be experiencing an upwelling of creative energy, but you are not yet ready to let go and take the plunge in a new direction.

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