That was a good hiding spot my parents gave you," he said. Lucy was about to pick up the Einstein egg hidden in the furnace, but Lana came out with it. "You talkin' to me?" The two of them were looking close by for eggs. The girls then stopped fighting and Lori got an idea. I have an idea. said Lynn. "So, you kids all set to hunt down your little oval shaped friends?" Chocolate bunny, here I come!" With that, all the eggs were found. Main Puzzle In order to solve the puzzle, … But I do wonder that myself," said Rita. Leni found one egg inside the attic, Lucy found one inside the oven, Luna found one under the kitchen table, Luan found one behind the TV, and Lisa found one in one of Lily's bottles. It's Still a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House, The Loud House Re-Write - The Whole Picture, LINCOLN TERRORIZED WHILE AT PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE, ChuckyGaming12/Drive-Thru 2007 (Loud House Edition), ChuckyGaming12/Drive-Thru 2007 (Loud House Edition) The Sequel, My Little Loud House; An My Little Pony/The Loud House Crossover, Soon enough, there were only 10 eggs left. Vanzilla was parked in the garage.

Just as the girls were about to fight again with their usual fight cloud, Lincoln said. said Lori. I want an Easter egg!" I'm gonna get it get it get it," she said. It was the Easter Bunny. But while she wasn't looking, Lily grabbed it, giggled, and crawled away. "One way or another, I'm gonna find it. That's how we were acting. We should go and start sorting out the jellybeans," said Lola. "Yeah! said Lynn holding one she found on the roof next to the chimney. "And can you blame us?

3.21 17,274 6,124 (35%) 1-2h.

Lori brought her eggs and they were all counted for.

"Hey, Lor, don't you think you might be a little too old for this egg hunting shtick?"

She was drooling, unlikely princess behavior, and about to take a bite out of it when Lori grabbed her. Luna was looking around in the backyard and checked the shed.

I wouldn't wanna be left out on the fun!

I want an Easter egg! "Kids!

"Only one of the locations had one.". Just then, Lucy was right in front of her. I gotta have something to satisfy my sweet tooth!"

"And that's one down, who knows how many to go," said Luna. But Lola snagged it before she could pick it up.

It was the one shaped like Bobby.

Where to start?" They all rushed over and dove into the yummy rabbit. Lincoln asked.

Lisa had just found one inside her machine, but she also found Lori in it.

"Think we should tell them we had no idea where that giant chocolate bunny came from?"

Luan asked.

As soon as they were done with their eggs, they dried them off, gave them to their parents, and went up to bed. They all got to their starting positions. he wondered.

"Mother and Father have pulled out all the stops for this," said Lisa. Did I win?" Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions.

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