Chinese Tencent recently made it possible for Chinese citizens residing in Nanning to electronically link their ID cards to WeChat. Step 5. The Nanning Municipality signed a strategic cooperation with Tencent on the 3rd of November, which means citizens within Nanning city can now link their electronic identity card to WeChat. In some cases this doesn't allow you to transfer money from your bank account to WeChat or pay with you bank card.

share your favorite videos on mobile phones using WeChat, Install Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge, Manually install Chrome browser extensions, Make PDF pages the same size using Adobe Acrobat.

Which international credit card can be linked to WeChat wallet? For mobile numbers in Mainland China, tap here to unblock. Furthermore, identity cards are necessary for services such as opening bank accounts, booking hotel stays or even buying train tickets. Which is unfortunate, as it would make topping up your mobile credit much faster if it could be done right on your phone just by entering your bank account info. Select "Cards" from the top menu. International credit card: you have to supply mobile phone number, account No., period of validity and CVN2, you should verify billing address if you're in USA and Canada.

Easily design digital stamp cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. but you have to do this before the other person read your message or shared name card.

For first time set ups, you’ll need to create a 6 digit password to enable payments. You can choose the method you prefer to add contacts to WeChat on iPhone, Android and more mobile phones. long press on the shared name card in WeChat chat window, you should then see options to Recall the message. Tap on the Add (plus +) icon at the top left corner of WeChat, you will get a drop-down menu with options like Group Chat, Add Contacts, Scan QR Code and Receive Money. Select the "Me" icon from the bottom menu in WeChat and then select the "Wallet" option. Tencent is planning to roll out the feature to other cities, and eventually throughout the entire country. Today, we will introduce you how to share name card in WeChat with any other WeChat contacts so they can quickly add this person to WeChat. Just feel free to contact us at any time. Fill in the rest of your details and tap on ‘Next’. And that’s it! For example, currently you can't transfer money to others via WeChat with an international credit card, also you can't send "red packet".

You will then be asked to enter all you personal details in the following menu. Choose Add Contacts, then you can find various options to add contacts in WeChat on iPhone, including search WeChat ID, search phone number, search QQ ID, scan QR code, Friend Radar, Join Private Group, Add mobile contacts, add QQ contacts, and so on. Connect with Nicholas on LinkedIn. 5. After that, the recipient you sent the contact name card to will be able to view the name card in the chat or group chat window, he, she or they can tap on this name card in WeChat and add this person to his, her or their WeChat. Currenly, WeChat asks for your ID number but it won't accept passports, only Chinese 身份证.

Check out details below. Thank you!

You must download WeChat in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. Electronic identity cards will eliminate the need to carry a physical card around NOTE: you might also be interested in How to make a payment through WeChat. With this being China, you can either snap a quick picture of your card or manually enter your card number.

However, in the last few years, there have been a number of security concerns related to China’s tech sector. To activate a WeChat account, you need to link a mobile phone to your WeChat ID. After entering these details your card should be connected to your WeChat! Including free stamper app. So be sure to recall a message in WeChat if you want as soon as possible. This concludes the article, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below if you have any questions or feedback. If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, you can find there are different ways you can do that. However it does allow you to receive money from others, so I'm sure you can ask your Chinese friends to help out if you give them some cash! It is available for all kinds of platforms, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Nokia Symbian, etc. You can recall the message you send within two minutes, older WeChat version may not support it.

Choose Share His Name Card, then you will have options to share selected name cards in WeChat with any friends, latest chats, new chats, WeChat chat groups, etc.After that, the recipient you sent the contact name card to will be able to view the name card in the chat or group chat window, he, she or they can tap on this name card in WeChat and add this person to his, her or their WeChat. Extend your mobile reach by integrating Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes into your customers experience. Step 3. The personal WeChat account will be the admin of the to-be-registered WeChat Official Account.

If your region is not shown, enter your closest city, and for your phone number it's up to you whether you use your international or Chinese number! On WeChat i have been using everything including WeChat pay with my added bank (that was added using my old passport a long time ago) without problems still with my old passports real name verification. There are various ways to add and invite mobile contact and friends to WeChat. 6. Then they can transfer you the equivalent value so it's available for you to use on WeChat! WeChat beacon experience for Chinese New Year, Nicholas is a passionate marketer with 4+ years of international working experience between Europe and Asia (including UK, Italy and Hong Kong). WeChat made it clear that there are a few conditions that must be met in order for you to add a foreign card to your WeChat Pay account. Choose Share His Name Card, then you will have options to share selected name cards in WeChat with any friends, latest chats, new chats, WeChat chat groups, etc. You can share your favorite videos on mobile phones using WeChat, upload and share videos in WeChat. It offers a lot of useful features and tools, such as group chat, voice messages, free calls, video messages, text messages and many more. If your bank doesn't appear go ahead and select Visa or MasterCard (whichever one is applicable) and then credit card (even if it's a debit). This screen may be different for some of you but essentially you want to select "Add a new card". 3. WeChat has over 700 million users, and was valued at almost US$84 billion last year by HSBC, making it one of the most used and valuable apps worldwide. Only one WeChat account can be recovered per phone number. Requirements for a business - a business license, an associated bank account, a mobile phone number, and a personal WeChat account.

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