Read more. In places where the climate is generally hot, West facing houses tend to get the maximum amount of heat after noon because of the sun’s path from South to West.

Well facing your office in these directions also has some pros and cons. We currently have an east facing backyard and we get sun until mid to late afternoon. Post your comments and questions here. It is worth pointing out that north-facing rooms and backyards will get some sunlight - particularly during the late afternoon and early evening - but nowhere near as much as south-facing rooms/backyard. To be honest, the map probably already contains this line! Once you have an idea of your colour scheme and how much spacing  , you can also incorporate other perennials and even annuals depending on how much colour and maintenance you wish to have. *Others prefer the opposite, having the house face west so the backyard is facing east and benefits from the shade on a hot summer afternoon. link to Can You Use Pressure Treated Wood in Your Garden? Rainmaker 1,599,788 Sandy Padula and Norm Padula, JD, GRI. A tiny bit of South America (only around 10%). Is a West facing house good or bad as per Vastu? Our block faces West.. All our houses have faced north or east so that hot Western sun has never been an issue. Going on from the Facing Direction of your House thread it got me thinking. But it will go a long way for solving your holistic needs.

I’ve listened to suggestions and compiled the best ways to deal with a west facing patio. What is the problem with West facing plots? And to be honest, there’s some truth to that. There are options you can pursue to block the sun's harmful rays and keep your area cool. What exactly is a West facing house as per Vastu? Here they are: Pros: beautiful sunrises, lots of morning and early afternoon sunshine, rooms facing east in the winter mornings will be warmer, and windows facing west in the evening will have beautiful sunsets. This document may not be used elsewhere without the expressed written
I prefer a west/south-west facing backyard.

However, with a western/southern exposure you have to invest in some good window coverings because the back of the house really heats up and the sun can be damaging to hardwood, furniture and cabinetry. This not only keeps your house cool, but ensures that your furniture, rugs, and knick-knacks aren’t subject to fading from the harsh rays.

The Tangkula sun shade is both an elegant and practical way to block the sun’s unwelcome rays. This might be better suited to an early bird since you will not have to worry about sunlight in your eyes throughout the morning… although you might find the office a bit chilly first thing!

If there any problem if I buy West facing Factory? You can follow Tristan on Twitter. Need to know west facing house pros and cons? What this all means is that the sun is pretty constantly shining on south-facing objects throughout the day, whilst north-facing objects do not get as much sunlight. Equally, you might find the sound of heavy rain hitting your front windows all day quite off-putting (although you obviously cannot do much about the rain hitting your roof!). So I would like to recommend that you first amend your soil by incorporating either composted manure or a good triple mix into your soil. To take advantage of these dual areas of expertise, you can engage the services of The Home Guru to market your home for sale. Support for community journalism is more important than ever. However, you might have other windows too, and you will need to think about whether sunlight will stream through these and into your eyes (or onto your monitor) at peak times throughout the day too. This will be great if you plan on putting your desk facing east or west, because the sunlight should not get in your eyes too much - nor should it cause glare on your monitor. The cost definitely increases if you don’t have anything to hang the curtains on. -Kasey . A lot of it depends on the area you live in, to be honest. All rights reserved. Development of Land East of Thompson, South of steeles, Coming Soon - What's will be on Featherstone Rd south Side. The only way to reduce the time the wall is exposed is to construct an awning or another roof overhang. I just did as requested, but never considered the reasons why until recently. *Some people prefer front doors that face east or west so the north wind doesn’t directly hit the front or back door. That involved some extra consideration on my part when researching listings. You dont have to invest in a canopy as well. Our current featured article is '12 Amazing Amateur Houses: Inspirational Tiny Home Round-up', an inspirational look at 12 amazing amateurs who have created their own dream tiny house. I'm Chuck (the Captain). While preparing the West facing house Vastu plan, it is radvisable to place the main building structure to the South West side and leave open spaces in the North and East sides. [ANSWERED], Don’t Ruin Your Firewood By Storing It Improperly, How to Safely Keep Gnats Away From Your Outside Dog. Toilets should only be placed in the South of South West or West of North West in a West facing house. roof shingles, wood trim, paint, caulking etc) deteriorate faster while most building materials used here in Ottawa stand ice, snow and extreme cold without a problem. You might face the front of the office northward to prevent sun being in your eyes whilst you work, only to find that you have lots of sun glare on your screen throughout the day (if you have a back window)! Pros: beautiful sunrises, lots of morning and early afternoon sunshine, rooms facing east in the winter mornings will be warmer, and windows facing west in the evening will have beautiful sunsets. 90% of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere, and it includes: So if you are reading this article then there is a 90% chance that you live in the northern hemisphere and the advice given definitely applies to you! In terms of positioning your backyard office to maximize or minimize the sun, this depends on three main things: Assuming your largest windows are at the front of your office shed, a south-facing backyard office will be bathed in sunlight for pretty much all the working day (assuming it is a sunny day, of course!).

What are the advantages of west facing house? If you are a sun lover or want to put in a pool this is not ideal and was one of the reasons we decided to move. The reverse is naturally true for a north-facing office shed: it will not get much sunlight and so it will feel a bit colder and gloomier in general.

But back to the northern hemisphere - if you get a map of the world and draw a vertical line across the middle, anything above the line would be in the northern hemisphere. Wall heat is a different matter entirely. One may not always get a good main entrance placement in a West facing houses. HomeSmart Realty West … Facing it to the east (or south-east, for example) will mean that you should get a lot of sunlight during the morning but very little in the afternoon. It’s both easy to assemble and compact enough to store away. It usually suffices to provide some sort of shade just for these problem areas. This might be better suited to an early bird since you will not have to worry about sunlight in your eyes throughout the morning… although you might find the office a bit chilly first thing! East facing houses.. If your front driveway faces south and your backyard faces north, the sun helps melt the snow on the driveway.
In my last purchase, I did consider its orientation, and being in a large building, I had only two choices, east or west. Vastu for Bedroom: 9 Ideas Nobody Told You About !

The staircase in a West facing house should be located in the South or West directions. Just call (914)522-2076. *You might prefer a house that faces an ordinal direction (NE, SE, NW, or SW) to avoid direct sunshine onto the front or back of the home.

Looking to buy a resale? There should not be any toilets in the West, North, North East or East of the house. However, you will also need to factor in where you live and whether it is generally warm or cold. However, it’s still one of the cheapest options you have for blocking out the sometimes-pesky sun. Cons: waking up early to sunlight if your bedroom faces that way, a lot of heat in summertime, rooms facing east will be darker in the late afternoon and evening so there would be a greater use of electricity. So what about east and west? We do have a large front porch so it was nice to sit out on in the afternoon and into the evening but ideally I would prefer sun in the backyard later in the day.

I remember when we were looking for a lot to build our new home, lots where the backyard faced south had an extra premium. Another thing to consider is that most materials when exposed to excessive sun (e.g. It might seem like a west facing patio dooms you to sweltering, squinting evenings outdoors. Jan 30, 2019. It might seem like a west facing patio dooms you to sweltering, squinting evenings outdoors.

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