Mit Rufnamen Silas. The meaning of Alexandra is "defender of mankind". These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Ally, ASSOCIATED WITH greek, defender, 20th century (modern), britain (england), royal (queen), VARIANTS Alandra, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alejanda, Alejandra▼, Alejandrina, Aleka, Alekanederina, Aleki, Aleksandra, Alesandare, Alesandere, Alessanda, Alessandra▲, Alessandre, Alessandrina, Alessandrine, Alessia▲, Alex, Alexa, Alexanda, Alexander▼, Alexanderia, Alexanderine, Alexandre, Alexandrea▼, Alexandreana, Alexandrena, Alexandrene, Alexandretta, Alexandria▼, Alexandrina, Alexandrine, Alexea, Alexena, Alexene, Alexi▼, Alexia▼, Alexie, Alexina, Alexine, Alexis▼, Alexsandra, Ali▼, Alie, Aliki, Alissandre, Alissandrine, Alista, Alix, Alixandra, Alixandria, Alla, Allejandra, Allejandrina, Allessa, Allessandra, Alle, Allexa, Allexandra, Allexandrina, Allexina, Allexine, Alli▼, Allie, Allix, Ally▼, Alyxandra, Anda, Cesya, Dzana, Elena▲, Ellena, Lesy, Lesya, Lexa, Lexi▲, Lexie, Lexine, Lexy, Lisandra, Lisandrina, Lisandrine, Lissandra, Lissandre, Lissandrine, Sanda, Sande, Sandee, Sandi▼, Sandie, Sandra▼, Sandrina, Sandrine, Sandy▼, Sandye, Sanndra, Sannie, Sasha, Sashenka, Shura, Shurochka, Sinisa, Sohndra, Sondra▼, Xandra, Zahndra, Zanda, Zandra, Zanndra, Zohndra, Zondra, SEE ALSO Alesta, Andrea, Cendrine, Elixyvett, Lysandra, Roxanne, Saskia, Alexandra is a very prominent first name for women (#396 out of 4276, Top 9%) and also a very prominent last name for both adults and children (#33425 out of 150436, Top 22%). Aasoo Bane Angaarey Cast, It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! Elena, Alessia, Alessandra and Lexi are four of the more chic birth names in this list. John Kitzmiller, I have always loved the name Alexandra. Dr James Barry Book Review, Elena (#66 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Alexa (#90), Andrea (#134), Alexis (#179), Alexandria (#282), Alessandra (#324), Lexi (#342), Allie (#350), Alondra (#456), Alejandra (#512), Alexia (#517), Sasha (#571), Alessia (#580), Lexie (#776), Sandra (#975), Roxanne (#1272), Ally (#1274), Alex (#1332), Lexa (#1805), Ali (#1841), Lexy, Sandee, Sandi, Sandy, Sondra, Sandie, Alli, Ellena, Aleksandra, Alla, Alix, Alexsandra, Alexina, Alexie, Alexi, Alexandrea, Alexander and Zandra are the popular varying forms of Alexandra (#125). Example Of Composite Key, I know you made this comment a long time ago, but I think you should use Ally! The name Alexandra is of Greek origin. Ist Yana dann auch falsch? A lexandra as a girls' name is pronounced al-eks-AHN-dra. Heidelberg Tour, ich würd gern etwas außergewöhnliches haben :) und seit dem ich den namen das erste mal gehört habe, wusste ich das mein sohn so heißen soll *-*. In contrast, the year before it ranked 120 in baby name popularity for girls with 2,600 occurrences. Children named Alexandra are often vigilant and considerate but most of all they are read more >>. ;) Ich bin werdender vater und wir haben vor unseren Sohn, der dämnächst auf die Welt kommt Silas zu nennen. The numbers that make up your child's name. Zen Symbols Images, Colorado Emergency Notifications, City Of Salem Emergency Alerts,

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Syles? Every Alexandra is different, after all.). The Given Name Alexandra. Aussprache gängig ist, finde ich sie in einem Land, in dem die Kindergärten schon Englisch "lehren" und wir überall von dieser Sprache umgeben sind, nicht schlimm. Alexandra is also great as a middle name. In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Alejandra is: Defender of mankind. IMO, this name is way prettier than Alessandra. In some Muslim circles, Fatima Zahra is in some ways considered a Muslim counterpart to Mary, Mother of Jesus, as the ideal model for all women.

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