Betty and Veronica worked hard to try and make Polly and her baby feel wanted. So yeah, we've still got time… even though it seems like the storyline was forgotten about a bit. Valerie was a member of Josie and The Pussycats and helped Archie with his song-writing back when he was interested in music in season one. The first five episodes, she was nowhere to be seen, but Betty Cooper's sister was always mentioned. Best go now, before Black Hood finds her next. Bethany Aroutunian is a writer based in Scottsdale, AZ. At that point we learned Polly and Jason never broke up. This loyalty led to Cheryl and Veronica having their very first sleepover the night before Jason's memorial service. While these two haven't been extremely tight since then, it's obvious that they have a special bond. Forced to choose sides, Polly decided to hole up with the Blossoms, and disappear from social life, though that turned out to be because she was looking for evidence into Jason's murder. J-14 is part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. Take Notes Here's Everything You Need to Know About Season 2 of 'Riverdale', Queens Cheryl and Josie Are the Duo 'Riverdale' Stans Didn't Know They Needed. (Think Felicity, and the haircut that go an entire series canceled.) Of course, it may have taken them a bit of time to process and devise a plan – but it's probably safe to say this happened in late June or early July. ohmygod i legit thought they were gonna drop them for a hot second The Season 3 premiere of Riverdale was full of jaw-droppers, including: a strange entity, cults, and much more. Betty tried to move her to the Blossoms, but that only made things worse: like the Coopers, the Blossoms wanted Jason and Polly's child (and Polly) to go away. ', NEXT: Riverdale: 10 Storylines That Continually Get Forgotten In Season 4. Which Arrowverse Superheroes Do Their Own Stunts (& Which Never Risk It)? This is pretty surprising considering how much they clashed in season one. This season, the antics of Black Hood have mostly kept the Blossoms and the Coopers rivalries in check, especially now that Cheryl went and burned the house down. There she was, rating a "Nine" in Jason's conquest column in the football playbook. Much has changed for Jughead since season one. Before we get into the logistics of her predicted due date, let's refresh ourselves with her whole twins situation. They also didn't get along due to family issues regarding Betty's sister dating Cheryl's brother. Polly, Betty's older sister, was in a relationship with the late Jason Blossom – Cheryl Blossom's twin brother. Archie has been playing vigilante for so many seasons now that fans have forgotten all about his love for music. This is the first time fans got a look at "Dark Betty", where Betty wears a black bobbed wig and black lingerie and takes no prisoners. Nana Rose seemingly has magical abilities throughout the series. She and Jason were head over heels in love, found out they were pregnant… but knew their parents would disapprove. Cheryl body-shamed Betty on multiple occasions and worked relentlessly to keep her off the cheerleading squad. Speaking of Jughead's home life during the first season, Jughead's dad definitely caused Jughead some heartache. In the early episodes of Riverdale, Polly celebrates her pregnancy with a baby shower where Nana Rose reveals that Polly will be having twins. They planned to run away together, so Polly packed up her stuff and plotted to head off to Sweetwater River – the location they planned to meet. RELATED: 10 Major Changes Riverdale Has Made From The Original Archie Comics. This definitely contributed to Jughead's decision to live at Riverdale High. The first season of the series was definitely a wild ride. ... (or twin … Love J-14? They even threw her a baby shower, which the Blossoms and the Coopers turned into a competition. While Polly was sleeping, Betty was finding out the truth: The Blossoms and Coopers were so tightly related, that Polly and Jason's relationship was incestuous. This is pretty surprising considering the two did make a pretty adorable couple and they made great music together. Cheryl and Veronica definitely got off to a rocky start at the beginning of the series but they became fast friends as Veronica was there for Cheryl during her grieving period. The first season of Riverdale really focused on Archie's love for playing the guitar but this storyline took a backseat as the series progressed. Modern Family: 10 Of Manny’s Love Interests, Ranked, 10 Things That Happened In Season 1 Of Riverdale That You Forgot All About, 10 Riverdale Moments That Topped Our Cringe-Meter, Riverdale: Every Main Character, Ranked By Level Of Teen Angst, Riverdale: 5 Characters We Want To See Come Back (& 5 Who Have Overstayed Their Welcome), 10 Major Changes Riverdale Has Made From The Original Archie Comics, Riverdale: 10 Storylines That Continually Get Forgotten In Season 4. A lot has changed in Riverdale since 2017, such as Archie losing his passion for music and Cheryl and Betty finding common ground. It wasn't until her little sister sneakily came to see her at Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home when she found out her boyfriend was dead, and that she was on her own with this pregnancy. Fans have been hooked on Riverdale ever since it premiered in 2017. He antagonized women, specifically Veronica and Betty. Due to family issues, Jughead was briefly forced to live in a closet at Riverdale High. RELATED: Riverdale: Every Main Character, Ranked By Level Of Teen Angst. Others are defined by their deeds, good or bad, like Eleven or Billy on Stranger Things. Be sure to join our Riverdale Facebook group to continue the conversation. While Polly's pregnancy wasn't really a main topic of conversation in the first half of Season 2, she would have been 6-months pregnant during the Christmas episode. When the Coopers found out, they sent Polly away instead. Much to Polly's dismay, her parents found out about the plan. Cheryl shamelessly bullied Betty episode after episode when the series began in 2017. Below, we're breaking down those crazy … She somehow knows things that no one else could possibly know. He's taken up hobbies such as boxing and has even become the owner of a gym. And off to the group home she went. Chuck is another character that didn't make it too far into the series. (Worse, Polly had no idea Jason was dead.). If the series goes by the current timeline of a 9-month pregnancy (it's a show, who knows? The bizarre moment happened at the close of the episode, with Betty watching as her mum and sister performed some sort of ritual around a fire with a group of mysterious women. This one is for the best though, considering Chuck wasn't a nice guy. There's a lot going on in Riverdale, which is why certain storylines kind of get left in the dust every now and then – only to be resurrected later on. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Black Hood is targeting sinners, and what greater sin is there than carrying the incestuous spawn of your late cousin? 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So yeah, the whole ordeal is v complex, to say the least. All Rights Reserved, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). So what did they do? RIVERDALE newcomer Chic Cooper may be set to murder his half-sister Polly Cooper in the next episode of the Netflix series, but after Betty gets wind of … The first five episodes, she was nowhere to be seen, but Betty Cooper's sister was always mentioned. Yet, we never seemed to have all the details. After a breakdown when her mother Alice came to see her, Polly once again disappeared, this time running away from the group home. While Cheryl and Veronica are on good terms these days in Riverdale - they even own a rum company together - it's hard to picture them having a sleepover together in season one. Fans that are all caught up on what's going on in Riverdale know that Cheryl and Betty have become relatively close over the course of the series. Oh – and the babies are twins, might we add. Ever since Archie's father was shot by the Black Hood at the end of the first season, Archie has shifted his focus to protecting his loved ones. This proves that Nana Rose does have special powers of some sort. Alice feared that the same thing would happen to Betty so she wanted to keep Archie and Betty apart in order to protect her daughter. She was the late Jason Blossom's ex-girlfriend, the one he didn't care enough about. But Polly is very afraid of staying in town. According to Jason’s sister, CHERYL BLOSSOM, Jason drowned in Sweetwater River on July 4 during a casual matching boat ride with his twin. Let's hope Polly stays safe on the farm, once she gets there. Not to mention, most fans were Team Archie and Veronica anyway. The babies were lifted above a raging fire then dropped – but rather than it being a sacrifice, they stopped in midair and floated up and down.

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