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The normal operating temperature for a 2008 Ford 6.4L diesel is 190ÊF to 205 F for the engine coolant.

CARS.COM — Wondering whether or not you should be worried about your engine overheating? You can pull off the road for a while or turn off the A/C and turn on the heater to try to cool things off. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. A forum community dedicated to all Ford Diesel owners and enthusiasts.

Yeah ours with the Edge Platinum juice idles around 185 but once we get moving on the warm days we're having it hits 212 sometimes.

I feel that 180 is best to provide complete combustion while not overheating the oil. My oil temp stays about 15 to 20 degrees hotter. If the temperature gauge consistently shows the engine is warmer than normal, have your cooling system checked ASAP. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? How Many Miles Is Too Many for a Used Car?, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If possible, let the engine cool for an hour and check the coolant levels. Normal temperature is also dependent on ambient air temperature and humidity.

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In most cars, the temperature needle will be at or near the center when the engine is at normal operating temperature, which usually takes at least a minute or two to reach after starting a cold engine.In some vehicles, the needle may never reach the middle of the gauge, so don’t be alarmed if it stops short of the midpoint. You should be very concerned, because an overheated engine can be far more than an inconvenience.

If the oil stays around 15 degrees hotter than the coolant you could have an oil cooler issue, which can cause other issues (damaged EGR coolers, and puking coolant), 2007 F-350 Crew Cab DRW 4X4 4.10LS, MBRP 4" Cool Duals turbo back, SCT/ custom tunes from Elite Diesel, Autometer gauges EGT, Trans, Fuel Pressure, MSD Dash hawk OBD II reader for ECT,EOT,Voltage and Boost, Dieselsite coolant filter,EGR delete, I usually run between 180 and 205 on my PowerPDA. The engine should not be operated at temperatures above 200 degrees. The optimum running temperature for water cooled internal combustion engines is 95-100C. I couldn't get an answer out of tech who did oil cooler as Ford doesn't give them that. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. JavaScript is disabled. Access them anywhere. Without a gauge, though, it’s anybody’s guess as to how high above normal the temperature is or how long it’s been above normal. In most cars, the temperature needle will be at or near the center when the engine is at normal operating temperature, which usually takes at least a minute or two to reach after starting a cold engine. Various parts of the engine can reach different temperatures depending on their location and function inside the engine. I use the Edge platinum monitor, which has the ability to monitor several parameters and display up to four at a time. The needle will always start in the cold section of the dial and reach the median as the engine warms up. Oil temperature of 240 degrees is nothing to be concerned about. Others judging by the posts use a Banks PDA, Bully Dog Outlook, or just tap the oil filter cap and run a oil temp gauge. If you like Trailer Life, pay just $18.97 for 11 more issues (12 in all).

What are you guys using to monitor oil temps? Instead, you should monitor where it is when the engine is fully warm so that you know what “normal” is for your engine.

Check on your exact engine but the non wet sleeve engines run a bit lower design temperatures like 185-190 and the wet sleeve models are very close to or just above 200. If a red or yellow temperature warning light comes on, assume the worst: get off the road, shut off the engine and call for help. If that is the case, the engine *should* run at whatever temperature the thermostat opens.

Normal Operating Temperature for Refrigerator, 6.0 Powerstroke Normal Operating Temperature. Towing 24,000 GCVW temps will peak at 228 and oil 230 degrees.

Run oil “hot,” and you’ll need to shorten up the oil-change interval.That said, you should be OK if the synthetic-oil temperatures hover between 240 and 250 degrees F when towing in hot weather.

Leave it alone and enjoy.

(Warranty items so far - Rear tailgate emblem, drivers exterior mirror, steering box, front tow hook),, 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain, 99 & up Upgrades and Aftermarket - 7.3L Engine, 7.3L IDI Diesels (Not Powerstrokes) 1988-1993, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Jump to Latest Follow ... Sun Visor Star Board running boards from previous owner.

Wonderful guy. Unless you want to buy new thermostat and fit it yourself you can be stuck for at least 150. When engine-oil temperature is just above the boiling point of water (212 degrees), moisture buildup in the crankcase is minimized.It should be noted that modern diesel computers will activate a Check Engine Light (CEL) warning that oil temperature is too high, and even put the engine into a protective mode.You can use the truck’s message center as your oil-change interval guideline or the schedule noted in your vehicle owner’s manual as listed under “Severe Use.”An even better indicator is having your Duramax’s synthetic oil analyzed by an oil lab. The coolant should be cooler than the engine oil, the reason being engine-oil temperature varies a lot in any motor depending on workload.My oil temp is running 210 -230 my coolant is running 208-219 what could make the oil temp run higher? Sounds about right to me, checked mine on the way to Sheffield the other week and it was pretty much the same as yours. A 5C difference will have a discernable effect given a reasonable running period.

Just curious as hubby is really concerned that it's running too hot?

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