Assuming you've stayed calm throughout this ordeal, you're going to be the best judge of the risks of escape versus the risks of staying put, and certainly a better judge than some ivory tower kidnapping expert. But of course, it's better if you don't get kidnapped at all. Depending on how precious your family is to you -- they are technically replaceable, in a way that, say, the Eastern seaboard isn't -- you're going to have to decide for yourself what to do here. In an elevator, stand near the controls and locate the emergency button. On-Air with WorldAware: Kidnap Threat to Aid Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa, On-Air: Key Dynamics of Kidnapping in Venezuela, On-Air: The Growing Threat of Cyber Extortion, On-Air: Understanding Kidnapping Risks in Nigeria, Mass Notification with WorldAware Communicator, Life Safety Verification Service - Critical Outreach. Also, if you happen to, say, breath fire or have a tail that shoots lightning bolts, there's a good chance you will eventually be kidnapped by a small child to fight on its behalf in various proxy wars with similarly armed children. Expect to be held for a long time accompanied by long periods of isolation.

triocean/iStock/Getty ImagesMany of which have never even tried to deliberately get themselves kidnapped. If anyone's getting killed to prove the kidnappers are serious, it's going to be that one hostage no one can stand. If walking to your destination, use these tips to avoid kidnapping. Take a look at How To Win A Fight Against 20 Children and its spiritual successor 5 Ways To Attack Children With A Stick. My captor was apparently running some kind of underground, multi-species kumite, where men fought dogs for his twisted amusement. According to WorldAware, make sure your surroundings are safe at all times. Wear comfortable clothing; women should avoid wearing high heels, which are difficult to run in if attempting to escape. Conduct due diligence review of counterparts before conducting travel. NOAA writes it's important to notice details about the room, listen for sounds of activity and figure out if the place is near certain landmarks like the ocean or a street, and memorize the names, faces, rank, and patterns of behavior of your captors. Do stretches or small isometric exercises. Before getting into your car, check if there's someone inside and that no one is hiding nearby waiting to grab you as you open your door. Comply with their requests and, within reason, try to make their lives easier. Bratila Andrei/iStock/Getty Images"Who wants to untie me and get a back rub?". Check your surroundings before getting out of your car. Collect tips off the Internet, that's what. Do they make eye contact? Be aware of your surroundings, try not to listen to music while walking and keep to highly trafficked areas.
Request items that increase your comfort, but don't complain — you're a kidnap victim, not a guest at a hotel. It will be harder for someone in a vehicle to abduct you. Not only will this make them sympathize with you as a human being (everyone gets cold), it will make bedtime a lot more fun. Stick your arm out to show that you've been kidnapped. Try not to park next to vans or trucks, as you can be easily pulled inside. Complete the form to have a WorldAware team member follow up with you to find the custom solution that fits your needs. Once you get to what could be your final holding place, start observing your surroundings (providing you're not blindfolded). Escape is generally not an option. Verify the identity of contacts and … Just crank 'em open. Obey all the instructions they yell at you and don't be mad if they think you're one of the captors. The first thing you have to remember, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (yep, the people in charge of weather forecasts) is that you're of more value to your kidnappers alive. Also follow us on Facebook and join 3.6 million users who are ready to mingle. Trapped in their trunk, I was also unable to make any direct observations of my kidnapper's habits, tics, or political views. Everything was going according to plan and it was a good plan and I had nothing to regret from embarking upon it. Attempt to establish rapport with your captors or guards. WorldAware, Worldcue, Travel Intelligence, Critical Trac, Critical Monitor, ExploreSafe and Companion are registered trademarks owned by WorldAware. Note vulnerable spots, like blind turns, on your most commonly traveled routes. Before getting into your car, check if there's someone inside and that no one is hiding nearby waiting to grab you as you open your door. Maybe even fart. Use the following to aid you in case of a situation. To defend yourselves from this certainty, you could hire some security expert with a South African accent and forearms thicker than your neck to train you in kidnapping-survival techniques. I eventually settled on "Alien Nazi ISIS agent," because it seemed pretty plausible and also because I'd probably inhaled just a smidge of carbon monoxide by that point. Ask for a single, small favor first. Sergiy Tryapitsyn/iStock/Getty"Damn you capitalist dogs and your beefy, capitalist farts.". Remain cooperative. The more you know, the more aware and protected you’ll be. This is kind of a special case as far as kidnapping scenarios go, but it happens often enough that it deserves to be mentioned. Keep track of dates and times too. Do not be Patty Hearst. I fled back to my cell in my captor's garage, terrified of what hell would confront me next. Barbara Penoyar/Photodisc/Getty ImagesYour pretty, pretty mouth.

You turn the corner and then suddenly there's a white van. Copyright ©2005-2020. I resolved to behave as well as I could during our transit, a decision aided by an unexpected loss of consciousness (that carbon monoxide again). This can help you gauge their mood and ultimate motivation, in particular whether they need you dead or alive. A failed attempt can result in retaliation. So ascertain the risk. Most importantly, stay away from unfamiliar surroundings at night. Copyright © 2005-2020. For more information, visit People grab you and throw you into the car. We can help with that AND save you money while you're doing it! But like many other dangerous situations, it pays to know some tips to keep yourself safe if you do find yourself kidnapped for whatever reason. Fortunately for me, this wasn't the first time I'd been kidnapped that day, and using my expertise, I was able to win my freedom in exchange for little more than a $5,000 ransom and a promise to come back later, like I'd ever do that. The kidnapper doesn’t want to kill you; that would be stupid. If possible, remember every sensory detail you can. Listen for nearby sounds and distinguishable smells. Look for things in the trunk that you can toss out to help get traced or draw attention. What brand of cigarettes are they extinguishing on your flesh? Whether to escape or not is a personal decision, greatly influenced by your particular circumstances. Visualize the route taken; take note of turns and street noises. Avoid wearing clothing with long straps that a kidnapper can grab or shoes that are hard to run in. Many experts insist you should never attempt it, citing statistics that your chances of survival are far greater by simply waiting for rescue or release. Stay mentally active by memorizing and recalling details. You can also kick out the back seat if absolutely necessary, but there's a chance you'll get caught right away. The initial phase of a kidnapping provides the best opportunities to escape. Make them remember you're human. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Try to not overload yourself with packages. The aftermath was also as confusing as the experts have stated, and my kidnapper, along with his accomplices -- his wife and family -- managed to trick the police somehow. Comply with their requests and, within reason, try to make their lives easier. If you're with other hostages, devise a way to communicate with them. If the attempted abduction takes place while you are in your car, do not leave your car even under duress, use time to your advantage and passively resist. Modify your fashion style, toning-down colors and accessories. If forced into a trunk/boot of a vehicle or specially built transport container, understand the captors are trying to move you from the “point of attack” to the confinement phase and that you can be moved from one vehicle to several over the course of hours. Conduct due diligence review of counterparts before conducting travel. Don't run and drop to the floor.

Two-humped camels are found only in Central Asia. Your greatest priority during the early stages of a kidnapping is to simply survive.
By giving yourself something to do, you'll resist falling into a spell of hopelessness, which can do more damage than the kidnappers themselves. Ditto if you're a social worker in a country full of people that hate you. Good. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Then if you ever find yourself in a sack, it's probably because of money. Count the number of turns, length of time between the turns, and the sound the engine is making. As time passes, you'll want to establish a rapport with your captors. No one will judge you. No, I crawled safely back into the trunk, dreading the abuse that would result, but knowing it was my only chance of survival. I made my simple, earnest request, crossed my fingers, and let the chips fall where they may. Most of us will get kidnapped at least once in our lives, often while distracted reading a Cracked article about kidnapping tips. But this ignores the possibility that you're being held by someone intent only on killing you. After walking around the parking lot of a mall trying car doors until I found one unlocked, I climbed into the trunk and began excitedly weeping. But this training is expensive, often meant for executives, foreign aid workers, or wealthy blonde teens. Are you being held for ransom? Keep car doors locked and windows up at all times. If you are in a public area at the time of an abduction attempt, make as much commotion as possible to draw attention to your situation. cyano66/iStock/Getty Images"If I had a gun I could cover the door if the cops come.". Vladimir Arndt/iStock/Getty ImagesAll your orifices in fact. ... that he was holding me for sport, wanting me to escape only for the thrill of hunting me down. Your life ain't worth much, then.

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