I’d have gone pro… in a heartbeat. On top of all the pushy Chinese crowds comes the environmental challenge. If you’re focussed only on what could have/should have/would have been you’re taking valuable time and attention away from focussing on how to make things better, both now and in the future. I’m not sure it would be possible or a good idea.

I’m going to pretend I do have one and perhaps then I’ll make the gutsy decision.

I wouldn’t go back.

I’d like to explore something new. I like things how they are.

Love your work! I would go see me and talk me out of one decision that went horridly wrong that effected and changed other people’s future as well… That’s definitely what I would do. What I would love to do is go back in time as an observer and see how conversations I’ve had and decisions I’ve made affected others in the moment they happened.

I think we all do the best we can at the time based on on our life experience up to that point and the current influences in our life at the time. Guess I’d go back in time to when my woman was younger just so that I could meet her earlier and spare her from her crappy earlier relationship. I’m skeptical of the responses of, “change nothing, look to the future”. Back in The Age of Exploration – the period in which sailors from Portugal set off to in search of India – travellers like Vasco de Gama and Bartholomeu Diaz had absolutely no idea of what they would encounter along the way. I would, however, go back and talk to some of the great influencers of our world and learn from them directly. Speed bumps and obstacles happen to ALL of us. I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated by this great empire that once existed. That I’m certain.

Killing one really evil guy isn’t going to stop a world war. Easter Island and see how the moai sculptures were carried away. And now I ask you – where would you travel to, if you could go back to any point in history? That girl that broke my heart… Dont get on the plane to go see her… What would they do about Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Mexico? It would be a whole different America today, but still a great one and I think much better. Pain, loss and shame are all parts of what makes life…life. I would also want to tell my high school self to not go into psychology but something more fun and creative. Would love to stand next to her on that boat…. If I could go back in time, I would love to go back to a period when people knew very little about the world. Maybe I wouldn’t have my son if I made one little change, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I would go back in time and tell my younger self not to dwell on the past. Besides, staying present keeps me busy:).

I would love to go back and spend a day with each of my parents. That said, I am awfully thankful to have found the courage to go for it, because it’s actually working out! If I could travel back in time, I would go to back to Eastern African Swahili coast in the early 1400’s before the European colonisation began. I would have started an entrepreneurial career earlier in life. I saw how beautiful, innocent, lovable and alert she was. This is an extremely I would go to myself at 20 or so, which would be in 2001, and tell myself the following thing: “In the summer of 2007, DO NOT MAKE PLANS. Oh and I’m crazy about birds. The markets were still full of fresh produce, hand made goods and trinkets from the past and people weren’t too busy on their cell phones to look up and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bustling city!

Paradoxically, we can influence the future “now” with our knowledge of past “now”, in the present “now”. My father had a lot of regrets and he didn’t really do his art. Back then, Shanghai was known as the ‘Paris of the Orient’. I’d go back a couple weeks to set my alarm earlier so I wouldn’t be on the waiting list for some awesome workshops coming up at the World Domination Summit! I went to breakfast at a local restaurant this morning. Thanks for inspiring me. You can contact me at hello@birdgehls.com, “We shall not cease from exploration

Especially in big cities, the pollution is horrible.

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I’ll just have to move forward from here. it is no life to stand like a deer in the headlights; claim your space and bring joy and love forth! Got something to say? I would got back and pay attention to what was going on around me. There is a present where we actually can do something. Otherwise, happy being who I am today doing photography full time . I have no expectation that I will make perfect choices, but I just don’t think a redo button is the answer! I would use it to learn Ancient Greek and then go to the Library of Alexandria to see what is was really like and find the collected knowledge of the world before it was lost to the ages. If I could get back, I’d go back and see experience the first few weeks of the first performances of Much Ado About Nothing. It is hard to pick a moment and I loved reading about everyone’s choices… although my heart is still firmly set on dinosaurs, haha.

I think it could have made a huge impact on my career and potentially even become my first business – had I known then what I know now, things would be different. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. It would be about solving past mysteries and talking to powerful historic figures. I would go alone, to people watch and exult in their discoveries; and I would try to pay careful attention to how I might be changing as my history changes and catches up to my present self. Unless of course you count greed and corruption as a reason. Especially now that I’ve done all the research for it! I’d throw in several career choices and decisions to relocate. If I could switch back time repeatedly I’d make a bunch of money gambling/trading/investing.

This is a great question. and travel back in time to any place and any point, where would you journey to?

As a theatre geek I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling. My best experiences have always come when I let myself act without fear. I suggest everyone should take the same virtual trip and apply those things that they would alter to their today self. You’ll probably have seen photos of it online or read all about it on Wikitravel.

Until recently, I realised there is a lot more to Saudi Arabia than sand dunes and seaports – two of the usual sights this Middle Eastern country is known for. I’d also like to see how technology and humanity evlove. I would love to travel back to the late 80’s and see Queen and Guns n Roses in concert honestly, I’m still a little peeved I didn’t exist yet back then.

Secondly, I would inform my 17 year old self not to major in pre-pharmacy (flunked my first semester), and I’d school myself in what I know about the Paleo diet and nutrition. I have realized that the mistakes and lessons of my past are what have given me the knowledge and understanding I have today. But if I changed anything in my past, I might not be married to the man I’m married to now, might not have the same career, might not have the same child. the first thing that came to my mind was “change the kennedy and martin luther king assassinations”. I would go to 80’s era of Gede Mountain .. The time and place that fascinates me the most is England during the reign of King Henry VIII.

Big thanks to everyone who took part in this post. So in order to experience that as much as possible, I wrote a novel where my character is transported back to 1937. One year a go a could have lied with no external consequences, but I instead chose to tell the truth. ), The truth is that I didn’t want to walk up to her with an open heart, thank her for giving me the best chance in life, and then have her look me in the eyes and say, “What are you doing? I have an amazing life, every human and mistake-laden moment of it, and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I would go back to 1898 to the freighter that brought my Great Grandma Abby to this country from Austria. For years before I always had the feeling that I wouldn’t be around when my grandmother passed away. The first moments holding him, feeding him… long walks around Hanoi, the wonderful greetings and kindnesses from local shopkeepers, restaurant staff and neighbors we met along the streets near our hotel. I think it is one of the most important things I never did enough of after I hit my teenage years. There’s that. Living in the sexual revolution, marching with the hippies, knowing that this movement ain’t going to mean shit in the future. Science still has many questions about the beginning of life and I would be delighted to help answer those. However the person I am today is content with his past, through the heartbreak, the hardship, and the failure.

Each change made could modify more than what an human can imagine. I would go back in time to 20 years ago, tell myself to get over my pity party, and not cheat on my husband. And the end of all our exploring

What Would You Do If You Could Travel Into The Past Essay, how to start the ptcas essay, essay in nature writing, formatting dialogue format dialogue essay I’d ask them about their marriages- how do you do what you do and still give what is needed to your partner…or do you? I rather like this person and I know changing anything would change who I am. Thanks.

It’s just one present moment unfolding into the next. My thought is that if she did, I would not have gotten that time with James. 2) Would turn the great work done through agencies in the late 80s & early 90s into my own busiess. While the times that were to come were still hard on Europe and Germany, people now had hope. Too late now, my current life is the result. My past (mistakes and all) is how I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff and to appreciate every moment (easier said than done!). If you have a website, include it in the website field (not in the text of the comment). Raised in my family to be a “climb the ladder” corporate businessperson, I realize now that the term “career” is a relative word. This safari would be unlike anything seen in Africa today. As we look back over time, we see how the pieces fall into place. ” what if I…” does enter my head. She was lovely, she could have been me. in penning this website. I would face it in a totally different way.

I didn’t know my answer to it 2 minutes ago but I do now. My path would be so much easier now, and the person who has meant the most to me might still be alive. I didn’t do it. Tear down all walls!

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