Through various programs supported by the Company, franchise organizations, suppliers, and customers, Wendy’s has raised more than $200 million for the Foundation and its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. And, no, I … Wendy’s nutrition policy was expanding, and so was the menu. Later named the Brolick Innovation Center after former Wendy’s President & CEO Emil Brolick, the innovation center was built to provide a creative space for culinary ideas to come to life and for customers to participate in research-based taste test panels to support prospective menu items. Baked potatoes joined the menu in 1983. Components of the campaign were carefully crafted to show that the everyday childhood moments most people take for granted – like hugging Mom before bedtime or playing outside with Dad – might not be a reality for children waiting in foster care. So popular, in fact, the cheeseburger made a temporary return to the menu in 2014. This innovation was so revolutionary that customers needed instructions on how to talk through the speaker to place an order. In 2010, Wendy’s redesigned its classic French fries. This snap is from a Wendy's spot in the Philippines, which has kept the concept alive. Originally called the “drive-in window,” Dave wanted to change the name from something that could attract cruisers and joyriders. Fast-forward to the Eighties and another new Wendy's staple was born. In no time, the quick-service chain became known for its square beef patties, made from fresh beef, and iconic Frosty® desserts. The menu offerings rotated based on what customers were craving. These coupon books are now called Boo! Yahoo! Wendy’s created a digital ‘Wendy’ to hit the multiplayer battle royale videogame “Fortnite.” This character ignored all the other players, usually the main targets, and went for freezers instead. 1 Biography 2 Career 2.1 S.M. The DTFA awards grants to adoption agencies to hire adoption professionals, who work every day to make “unadoptable” unacceptable. Now it’s hard to imagine the iconic logo looking any other way. Check out this list of other well-known logos with hidden messages. From one landmark year to another, it was in 1979 that Wendy's introduced its once uber-popular salad bar. In 2001, Wendy’s established an auditing program to monitor, verify and evaluate proper animal handling among our U.S. and Canadian suppliers. Social media buzz confirmed that the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and Wendy’s fans had a bit of a love affair going on, so Wendy’s turned those online comments into love songs. 1980 marked the milestone of 2,000 Wendy’s restaurants…and counting. Created to honor those who value education, and in partnership with the Heisman Trophy Trust®, Wendy’s established the Wendy’s High School Heisman program to celebrate high-school senior athletes who went above and beyond in learning, performing, and leading on and off the field. In February 2017, Wendy’s made a $30 million investment to enhance the quality of the chicken it serves. Wendy’s had its initial public stock offering on the NASDAQ exchange, issuing one million shares of common stock at $28 per share. Wendy’s salad bar was a hit in the 70’s and 80’s, but as Wendy’s restaurants became more operationally efficient and customers desired more portable salad offerings, salad bars were phased out in 2006. Wendy’s raised the bar on greens once again when its salad lineup was refreshed in 2010 with Apple Pecan Chicken, BLT Cobb, Spicy Chicken Caesar, and Baja. After the first national campaign, Dave went on to appear in more than 800 commercials through the years. Among all the fresh beef, Wendy’s added the salad bar to its menu to diversify the options for those who wanted to go green with their meals. The Thomas Building and Conference Center (TCC) was constructed in 2012 on the campus of the Wendy’s Restaurant Support Center in Dublin, Ohio. In September 1975, the very first restaurant outside of the USA opened up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Though the chain has made the most ground in North America, in the late 1980s, Wendy’s opened various global outlets (from Mexico to Greece to the Philippines) with varying degrees of success. Others wondered if the word "Mom" referred to the girl herself, who appears much older in the new logo. In 1990, President George H.W. If that’s not really your thing, feel free to stick to dipping your fries in your Frosty flavor of choice. See it now? Wendy’s celebrated its milestone 25th birthday with the best present ever – all-time record systemwide sales of $4.2 billion in 1994. Bush asked Dave Thomas to serve as spokesperson for the national adoption initiative, “Adoption Works…For Everyone.” Wendy’s embraced adoption as its national charitable cause, and in the years since has committed millions of dollars to raise awareness for children in foster care and foster care adoption. Toggle through Wendy’s® history to learn more about the FOOD that’s been crafted, employees and franchisees who’ve built Wendy’s FAMILY, and all the children in the foster care COMMUNITY we’ve supported. In 2008, Wendy’s consolidated with Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. to form Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. and was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. But by the late 1980s, Wendy's unveiled a brand new TV star: founder Dave Thomas himself. In 2004, Wendy’s rolled out kid-friendly offerings for its youngest customers called Wendy’s Kids’ Meal. A combo meal deal that allows hungry customers to have a hamburger, four-piece chicken nuggets, small fries and a small drink…all for only $4. Wendy's has been around since Dave Thomas founded the restaurant in Ohio in 1969, and in that time we've seen some amazing options when it comes to fast food fare. In August 2006, the chain's menu gained a delectable addition in the form of the new Vanilla Frosty®. Still available today, it's a fiery golden-fried chicken breast cased in a bun with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Wendy’s upped its game in the dessert department when the company expanded its iconic chocolate Frosty flavor to vanilla. And the chain hasn't looked back since. Wendy’s logo (1976 – 1978) Now see how America's fast food has changed over the decades. The year 2013 also saw the opening of a brand new flagship Wendy's restaurant in Dublin, Ohio – around 13 miles (21km) from the original Columbus location, which closed in 2007. This nostalgic black and white ad hails the opening of yet another joint in Bryan, Ohio, a year later in 1979. —Wendy Wendy Son (born February 21, 1994 in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul. See the fast food favorites the year you were born, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Virtual walk-run event to support rent assistance for Northern Virginia low-income tenants, Chipotle struggles with staffing as coronavirus cases rise. From the beloved Frosty and the fresh-never-frozen square burgers that have been on the menu since day one, to chili and baked potatoes that'll warm you up on a cold day, there's tons to love about the Wendy's menu. All participants receive a Frosty at the finish line – it’s a win-win. The fast-food world went into mourning in January 2002, when beloved Wendy's founder Dave Thomas died of liver cancer aged 69. In 2017, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption announced that their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® program will be scaled up in key states, promising to dramatically change the lives of tens of thousands of children in foster care over the next 12 years. The Wendy’s Family continued to grow around the world as the company opened its 500th international restaurant in Guatemala City, Guatemala. For years, Wendy’s had this quirky and out-of-the-box way to drive interactions on social media. Wendy's "hot and juicy" hamburgers made their TV debut in a commercial shown from April 1977 – and the chain's stint on the silver screen seemed to work wonders. The girl, according to Wendy's, is founder Dave Thomas' daughter Wendy at age 8. In 2018, Wendy’s dropped the hottest mixtape of the year. She's been the face of the chain ever since. Soon Wendy was dressed in the iconic blue and white dress, with her hair cinched into pigtails, and was being photographed at the opening of her dad's new hamburger joint. The 3Tour Challenge was the only professional golf tournament that professionals from the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour went head-to-head for the 3Tour title. Finance named Wendy’s as its chain restaurant Stock of the Year due to menu creativity, Image Activation initiatives, and rewards by shareholders. Rumor has it, it might be making a comeback though... A modern Wendy's outlet in the Philippines is pictured here. Take a look at these tasty fast food joints you probably haven't tried. In December 1995, Wendy’s completed its acquisition of Tim Hortons, a Canadian restaurant chain that features coffee and fresh baked goods. Hot Topics, celebrity interviews, Ask Wendy, fashion, beauty, exclusive behind the scenes videos and more. Lights, camera, action! Wendy’s launched the WeCare Fund in 2017 to provide financial assistance to employees who qualify for short-term assistance due to federally and state-declared natural disasters. She is the main vocalist of the South-Korean girl group Red Velvet. Wendy’s leaped into the hands of consumers with the launch of its mobile app. "We are aware of this and find it interesting that it appears our Wendy cameo has 'mom' on her ruffled collar. So far, this event has raised more than $360,000. The chain also won dessert-loving hearts with the Frosty®: a frozen chocolate ice-cream treat that served as the perfect finish to any Wendy's meal. Dave's vision for a quick-serve, family-friendly hamburger joint (partly inspired by his love of the Kewpee Hamburgers chain) was soon a reality. Wendy’s isn’t chicken when it comes to improving chicken quality. Design blog Stock Logos pointed out the "hidden message" in the logo on Saturday. Ordering your favorite Wendy’s staples just became easier. Since its launch, the blog shares company views on food, quality, culture, sustainability and support for foster care adoption. To be a better and more sustainable, environmentally conscious brand, Wendy’s launched Squarely Sustainable, a four-pronged approach to sustainability.

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