He tells her that he can't trust her anymore. When Dan refuses to help, Nathan turns to a loan shark, Daunte Jones. Abby, for the first time, admitted to Dan what she saw and told him that he couldn't escape it. ("Nobody Taught Us To Quit").

("All That You Can't Leave Behind"), One night, upset about the dissolution her family, Deb sleeps with Keith who is about to move to Charleston after Karen declined his marriage proposal.

As dinner is taking place, massive lies are being told, but eventually the truth comes out. Most importantly, all learn the accident that ended Dan's basketball career was a hoax. Does she know? Haley eventually falls pregnant with Nathan and her's first child, a son to be named James "Jamie" Scott. The marriage also is one of the causes of Deb's pill addiction and causes the character to completely unravel multiple times, making us wonder how she stayed in the marriage for so long. On top of this Deb also finds out that Nathan and Haley are married. Season 1 starts with the tension and rivalry between two estranged half-brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott. As Lucas calls 911, Nathan sees Daunte's car which had crashed into a roadblock after striking Haley. Nathan and Lucas eventually find their love for each other and decide that they are now officially brothers.

When Nathan realizes that he failed Jamie by not being there for his soap box derby, he decides to get his life back to what it used to be and teaches Jamie how to not be afraid. Nathan takes the gun the officer gives him and Officer Stevens tells Nathan to go out the exit in a room and find his squad car and quickly leave saying that he'll catch up. Birthplace:

After Nathans hospitalization, Coach Whitey Durham suspends basketball 'until further notice', and Nathan sees the opportunity to spend even more time with Haley. Status: Nathan goes to find it and finds the garage instead. On the morning of his wedding, Nathan is traumatized following a nightmare where Haley was drowning and he couldn't save her. 5’ 6”

This is revealed during their senior year, when the tape is played during a party held by Nathan to the shock of Peyton and Haley. He then whispers something to Haley which Haley squeals in excitement about.

After Haley fills her in, Deb heads to the hospital and learns from Dan that Nathan is okay, but he has disappeared.

He began rehabilitation in his training for basketball with the help of Quentin Fields, who is later murdered at a gas station by an unknown suspect.

Nathan and Haley record their answering machine message. He also has three unnamed brothers-in-law. Nathan gratefully accepts the opportunity to play for Coach Whitey again.

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