What’s important is you stay safe and do not expect things to operate the way they were before.

Of course, it is a famous website, and In the world has a lot of fans. Your email address will not be published. I know thousands of orders have been delayed as well. August 3rd, 1:09AM, This is so extremely helpful and informative. If you want the full scoop on this website and tips on how to shop it /find the best things, check out my full Shein review post here. Expect to wait 15-17 business days MAX for a standard order.

I bet you will do much better. If u have to send a couple of things back – where so they need to go? I ask because I live in Costa Rica and all individual bags are charged a $15 customs duty per bag so that could add up quickly. SHEIN has international warehouses based in Asia,America,Europe and the Middle East. International Warehouse address? If you are a fashionista, you have stumbled upon or heard about Shein.com (formerly known as Sheinside). It is also helpful to look at the images uploaded and compare those to the product pictures. Shein scam?

It was supposed to be a total of $250, but I had to pay $38 more in order for me to receive my package. How long does it take for an order to be processed? In fact, shipping is Amazon’s, You won’t learn the harsh realities of taxes and duties until you get caught. Thank you again and I hope that you have an extraordinary day. The reviews state ‘true to size’ but I am still a little worried. The only way to avoid duties 100% is to have a friend pack your shipment in their suitcase while they happen to fly to you. A lot of the clothing pieces has waist, bust, and length measurements and I recommend taking your own measurements before ordering.

Thanks! It never mentioned anything about me needing to pay that before I placed my order, what do I do? SHEIN has international warehouses based in Asia,America,Europe and\n\t\t\tthe Middle East.Our team ensures your order is being processed as quickly\n\t\t\tas possible.Your order will dispatch from the nearest warehouse when possible,although\n\t\t\tthe majority of stock is located in China so you may receive different\n\t\t\tpackages for the same order.Customers will receive orders via our UK courier\n\t\t\tpartners and NOT need to deal with any custom affairs.Please also be aware\n\t\t\tthat next day delivery is NOT currently available for UK customers.\n\t\t\t, \n\t\t\t3. Duties are taxes and taxes are part of life :). With 100s of new styles every day from dresses, onesies, heels, & … New Items Added Daily. $33.1 for something I didn’t know if it was legit so I deleted the text. Not only that, with malls closed, shoppers are stress-buying SHEIN like crazy! Shein is ranked 226 out of 2151 in Footwear and Clothing category. Her information was still overall helpful! When you put a package thru…it shows on their site the tracking. I know thousands of orders have been delayed as well.

Do not worry, USA will always have the fastest and cheapest cross-ocean shipping rates in the world. Virtually everything I review from SHEIN has been sold out. , did you ever get your products? Want some news? After two weeks, i tried to find why they haven’t come yet so i had a notification from shein that said that the packages have arrived and waiting for review. All i know is that now they don’t and i want either my clothes or my money

There are a few things big brands need to verify before hitting “ok”: So you see, it’s reckless if a big brand is approving your order on day 1. It says its international and coming from China. My returns link code doesn’t work and there is no customer service except a robot who has no answer for the link not working or anyone to actually talk to. I am tempted to pay thru my credit card to be able to get the 10% discount but am so scared my orders won’t arrive. Note that overdue requests may not be accepted.\n\t\t\t. I am worried that I paid over $200 for items that I might not ever get from this company. I’ve bought some clothes from SHEIN before, but because of theincrease in shipping fee, due to COVID19 pandemic, I can’t afford to get more.

Shein has so many wonderful items to pick from and now I can’t wait to see what else I can find on their website. Shein is an online retailer that sells a broad range of clothing and accessories. Also can’t get hold of anybody and it says it’s been shipped out but that was on the 29th and it was meant to be for my summer holidays in 3 days! According to Shien, though, I should get a XL.

This China-based website has been taking the fashion world by storm and continues to grow in popularity. Shein now has seven sites, English,Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italiano,Argentina.

Hi… I ordered my dresses on 30th May 2020. Or would you stick to more well known shops for that? Poor customer service, Cannot contact customer service, No customer service, Poor contact details, Horrible customer service response, Shein UK, Shein India, Shein Canada, Shein Saudi Arabia, Shein Australia. Get the latest womens fashion online at Shein.com. I have a fraudulent charge to my credit card and the online help/chat is absolutely worthless. Now, they have a distribution plant here in the United States so many things ship MUCH faster. search for blogger reviews and see the pic of the item before ordering, read the size chart in inches/cm and purchased based on that, never rely on general sizes as X/S/XL etc as they are Asian types (see point above), do not expet luxury fabrics at this price, most are with polyester or quite thin, if you order with normal shipping, expect from 1 to even 2 months if the post is slow, depending on your area, the customer service is based in China so sometimes it will be hard to understand their English, expect a lot of email exchanges when asking for a refund, I personally never asked for one but heard that they are not fast in that, if you are honestly and reasonably unhappy with the items, file a refund dispute with Paypal or your bank in the time limit. I’m going to decline the credit card payment!!!!!

P.S this article was not sponsored by Shein, it was my idea to say my honest opinion about them.

Shein takes popular, trendy higher-end items and makes a lower quality version of them for a much lower price point. Are u shipping back to Canada? Try to create using a ticket. {{ lang_footer_customer }} {{ SHEIN_PC_KEY_4097 }} Home; About Us {{item.titleGroup}} {{subItem.title}} Here is an excerpt from the Canadian blogger: In the end, she only paid $15 on $160, but had to jump through hoops. In the future, we will talk about how to return. What is the quality of Shein’s clothing? If they don’t know about processing periods, they’re going to leave a review like this: Keep reading and you’ll be well versed in online shopping. Before a month i ordered clothes from Shein (i live in Greece). Hi my item of clothes only come three item where is my rest of my clothes I order a lot 400 plus.I order 45 item including Hp case and belt and a shoes and stand for Hp!how I going to contact u to ask u why my some item took so long? This is common for online stores.

Try to contact them by leaving a review.

please give me advise thank you.

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