[50] During their fight, Genos melted the robot, only to reveal a smaller pilot inside.

As he doesn't want to impose on Dr. Kuseno, who spent the whole night rebuilding Genos, Genos will wait for him to rest before properly fixing himself.

Genos recognizes the name and asks what they want of his teacher. Tolu Oladele (Tolulanguy) is a writer, digital artist and influencer based in Nigeria. [27], While Saitama was cooking kombu, plucked from Kombu Infinity, Genos wonders why there is a pile of kombu outside, which Saitama tells him it was cheaper.

When the other heroes wanted Saitama to kill Garou, Genos remains neutral and tells them that it is Saitama's decision.

He asks about the House's involvement with cyborgs and Armored Gorilla replies that he's the only cyborg of the organization, which disappoints Genos. So, just where did the powerful cyborg go wrong in this formative battle? [77], Despite all the visible monsters being defeated, Genos still detected signals of monster activity but could not discern their numbers or location. Genos then rushes at Carnage Kabuto and hits him with a barrage of punches, but it doesn't affect the monster and he smashes Genos in the face, throwing him into the ground and causing his face to crack and his left eye to fall out. Fortunately, Genos' arm is still operational, and the right arm grabs Garou's neck.

[64], Genos getting pummeled by Awakened Cockroach, After Genos eliminates the monsters near the stadium, he calls the local branch of the Hero Association about the remaining monsters in C-City and has them guide him to them one at a time. Genos thinks of Saitama and comes back to his senses.

Genos gave up his humanity to embody what his hatred is aimerd towards - his development , as many others in One Punch , isnt quite discussed in depth and left for varying interpretation.

Genos is later dispatched to P-City to fight the Extended Family of Darkness.

[11] Four hours later, Genos and Saitama have arrived at the House of Evolution's base. I think there is a much larger back-story to Genos than appears. Sweet Mask then meets with Genos, who assumes that he had come to rookie beat him and tells him to stop wasting his time, but Sweet Mask denies this and simply states that he met with him to welcome him to the Association.

As he decides to destroy the meteor in order to protect his teacher, a large, humanoid, unmanned drone flies above him towards the point of arrival of the meteor.
While Saitama rests easy, his loyal cyborg roommate continues his upward climb to one day reach his mentor's level.

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