This concept would evolve into the Rail Interface System and Rail Accessory System replacement handguards for the M16 and M4, originally a SOCOM initiative, and later refined for widespread general issue. Those things are really interesting to us, but it comes down to what is the user…what is a government buyer looking for? First fielded experimentally in the early 1990s as the SR-25, and quickly refined into the Mk 11 Mod 0 for adoption with SOF units, these systems were combat proven to be highly effective and efficient. With the creation of clip-on in-line night vision devices that adhered to these requirements, so too was born Knight Vision LLC (KVC), a division of Knight’s Armament Company that sits at the cutting edge of night vision technology for the precision shooter. No rime or reason and no round count matters. However, while it’s great to have that…it cuts on the other side to. A:  Knight’s Armament really started proper in the mid 1970s, doing small projects but even then in the early days, it always evolving forward. What doesn’t this do well? It was a new face for Knight’s and I really liked it. Finely controlled tolerances and clearances, along with device fitment adjustment, eliminate distracting wobble and the need for external tensioning methods. Knight's Armament SR-15E3 Light Precision Rifle LPR 18" Barrel (Collapsible stock) Knight's LPR features an 18" Krieger Barrel, KAC rear 200-600m micro sight, KAC front micro sight, Knight's Armament URX 3.1 handguard with bolt on rail cover kit, LMT SOPMOD collapsible stock, SR-15 IWS lower receiver with ambi safety, magazine release, and bolt catch. There’s a constant evolution path. The SR-25 series of ri­fles is the end result of decades of improvement and refinement to the AR-10 type ri­fle platform. Ideal for tactical shooters, Knights Armament rifles feature direct impingement operating systems, hammer-forged chrome-lined barrels, ambidextrous controls, drop-in two-stage match triggers, flash eliminators, and M-LOK mounting systems for tactical lights and optics. There’s a bunch of good cold hammer forged barrels, but there’s not many that have a gas system that so specifically controls your gas flow and works so efficiently across the band of decent ammunition types. No votes so far! I can’t tell you the amount of projects I’m working on where I have something in front of me and he’ll come in and ask: What it is? We’ve got all kinds of programs and projects in-house…mostly government, but it’s about what new technology will make this new thing do something better than something bigger? Knights Armament Rail. You have a place where you can get the best…and it says Knight’s on it. Suppressors are another huge thing. Virtually my entire career, the original M4A1s had the M4 RIS on them. Question. It just does not exist on the open market. The Knight Vision line of Image Intensified sights set the standard for low-light operations. We want the suppressor to be lasting at least as long as your barrel. You have to be very good at all of those things.

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