I started feeling nauseous today after only having scrambled eggs and avocado. Now this definitely is not necessarily a bad thing, because you should be eating a balanced diet anyhow and getting plenty of fiber from other sources. I made the mistake of trying again tonight when i read a book that insisted free rqmge eggs fed all vegetarian feed were bad for you. Dentures also can cause problems. My mother has chickens and I never got sick on her eggs but almost every store bought egg makes me sick. About 6 mo the later, same thing happened, it was then that I realized I had eggs for breakfast again that day so told the doc, they put me on morphine for the pain, it was comparable to childbirth if not worse . I had brain fog and could barely function. I tried a keto diet for 6 weeks, and had eggs on that, and still had problems, even though I wasn’t eating bread, pasta or rice. I learned that this is the problem, but I don’t think about it when ordering out until it is too late. Intolerance seems like a good name for it. I thought it’s a worth a try and I had been craving eggs for a while. I also did not lose gigantic amounts of weight, only 10lbs, which was probably mostly water and the fact that I had lowered my calories enough to lose that weight, which I can do, by counting calories, and eating good, whole foods, and still have carbs in moderate amounts. As mentioned earlier, most people are going to have any problems eating eggs. As for why I’m fine with McDonald’s eggs, I have to guess that it’s a volume thing. Once they’re about two weeks old I feed them to my family or make them into hard-boiled eggs, which don’t seem to bother me at all. I live with chronic pain from back injury on a daily basis, so any added pain is something I want to avoid if possible. #eggs #health, « Questions About Gone With The Wind From A Ten Year Old. It comes and goes with me/ Think I’ll give up fresh eggs entirely as I’m not bothered buying and doing the age test. Fishy, rotten, or foul-smelling semen isn’t normal. I have sensitivities to sulfa drugs and other sulfur containing foods. This seems to be my issue as well! I get nauseated right away. Works great for food poisoning too. Once this egg is absorbed in the skin, a reddish hive will appear within 15 minutes indicating an allergy. I have not ate an egg for the last 5 days and the sick feeling is going strong. There are those whose egg allergy comes with severe pains and severe skin rashes, and there are those who experience mild pains and rashes. Thanks. Four times farm fresh eggs have made him violently ill. I kinda realised scrambled eggs were a problem for me like a month or two ago and guessed I had developed some random allergy at the age of 25. Ah, you are lucky! Yesterday I was fine so I thought maybe i just had a bug but I ate half an egg this morning and i’m back in my nightmare again‍♀️ Going to call my GP for testing to confirm. I hadn’t had a single egg in six days. A couple of weeks ago my mom invited me to have dinner with her. I have no problems at all eating McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts egg sandwiches. You can also run them under running water, just dont wipe them. You can’t have pasteurized hens, it is the eggs that you can pasteurize. I’m so glad you took the time to write about your experience. Amy – i am having trouble with eggland’s best vegetarian eggs and believe it is the hens diet. You can also check to see if the whites or yolk of the egg are runny. For example severe shortage of breath, excruciating abdominal pains or when one of the signs is anaphylaxis. Yesterday I ate some potato salad with eggs and im staying paying the price. But to eat scrambled or an omelet…I’m in bed the rest of the day! Thank you so much for your comments. I have to be able to eat the cookies!! I never 5hlught about trying any other eggs but now I will do some experiments. I felt sick all day. Now, you do know you’re going to have to share that pasta recipe with us, right? The difference for us is that we only eat freshly laid eggs from my sister’s ducks and he still can’t handle it. But in most of Europe, refrigerating eggs is deemed unnecessary. I am late to this also. Then it started happening at home with light healthy oils. I’ve found but may be a coincidence, when I eat carbs with the omelet I don’t get symptoms. However, it doesn’t tell you if an egg is bad. Deviled eggs, boiled eggs, and eggs cooked in food still dont bother me. For the most part, when you buy something “old” in a “fresh” department, it is because a worker messed up. In the winter they get a break from laying and I ate store bought eggs. But pastured beef gets me sick too and pastures lamb tends to as well. Okay.. i have the same issue but for me, i noticed that when i eat brown eggs (the ones i get for the kids are organic cage-free) i Always get sick!! As a child I never had problems with eggs. I do think that some changes in genetics/ DNA/ genes can happen with age and life changes such as stress. . This morning decided to have boiled egg and back again. I’m about to use that in a recipe, so I’ll be looking out for a reaction. Eggs and corn products. I even thought all my symptoms were to do with my adenomyosis. You can always add in more fruits and spices to try to keep things balanced. Try limiting these foods to see if your semen smell returns to normal after a few days. I’m 21 and I have the exact same issue! I’ve had this issues for years. JavaScript is disabled. Is it possible that sulfur is the real culprit here? I came to the conclusion that I suffered from acute gastritis which has similar symptoms to the ones you have described. See, what *I* took away from all of that was that clearly the answer is that you need to subsist on a diet of Mighty Taco. I have the exact same problem. If I try to confirm that they’re “the most expensive, organic, pasture-wandering vegan chicken eggs” (PERFECT description BTW) I just feel like a pretentious jerk. Thank you. If the air pocket becomes large enough, the egg may float. You’re so welcome and I 100% get it. I’m the same way with baked goods. Store bought eggs have no bloom which is the protectant. I was made to eat eggs as a small child and threw up / got headaches every time. Can you drink wine and feel okay? Wow, it’s all coming together. Here’s our process. Hi Amy, sorry if it’s already been mentioned but I didn’t read all the comments. I also have problems now with mushrooms – and I think it is the same problem….And what about the poor chickens ??? I used to eat eggs daily. I ate eggs every day that I was there and never got sick. Eggs allergy is not restricted to chicken eggs only but also to eggs from ducks, goose or even quail eggs. Exactly my problem. This is also a common method for determining the age of a fertilized egg that is developing into a chick (5, 6). He loses 36-48 hours of his life Everytime it happens. People often scramble eggs with the addition of milk and cheese, which are two foods that cause diarrhea among some people fairly commonly. Roll out, cut, and cook! I think the problem there would be that the shells are porous (that’s how air gets in and makes older eggs float), so I’m guessing the water would get in as well. I had brunch at my father’s place and my stomach felt like cement for the next six hours. I’m lying doubled over in pain after eating home made scrambled eggs! I used to eat eggs every day until about 25 years ago when I got a flu shot that was apparently in some kind of egg base because rhey said if you’re allergic to eggs you can’t have the shot. This is such a late comment but I’m really glad I came upon this article. This pervasive scent is like that of semen — or as one Urban Dictionary user puts it, “used sex rags.”. Being raised on a farm and having eggs and milk as part of our daily diet for years this has me floored. Here you eliminate a food product after other. Thank You! Luckily it wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction, but he was projectile vomiting! I will have to try and find out what each farm feeds the chickens. Turns out, Christmas morning I had fresh eggs from a neighbor of the family. This means that they’re above a 7 on the pH scale, which is measured from 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline). I have back pain as well. The first time it happened I didn’t know what was going on but felt sick for like 2 or 3 hours afterwards but didn’t put 2 and 2 together. An expiration date, on the other hand, marks the date after which the eggs are considered less than fresh. It would explain why I also had the same stomach problems when I eat fried shrimp which are very high in cholesterol. Ive tried eggs from the farmers market and i still gor sick. I don’t seem to remember having a problem until we moved three years ago from the US to South Africa, but I am also in my 40’s. What a mistake! Oh that’s awful! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I tried organic eggs, antibiotic, cage free eggs, and nothing seemed to work. Thanks so much for sharing this info. I am familiar with a solid 80% of what you’re describing, including the strange tolerance for eggs certain ways and intolerance for them other ways. Unbelievable how sick I’ve been getting! Wrap in plastic wrap and let sit out for between 30 minutes and 3 hours. made my own fried chicken with egg wash to coat…that old feeling returned. My problem with products like Egg Beaters is that they’re all egg white with no yolk, so they just don’t taste good. That really sucks but at least it’s better than not knowing. Aging is stupid! Some infections and conditions can influence its odor, too. No clue, but I will say that the eggs I’ve been buying that are supposedly from pastured chickens always have an expiration date further out than that – usually about 45 days or more. I have become unable to eat eggs I fix at home, unfortunately. It makes so much sense it’s scary the thought never crossed my mind as to the age.of the eggs. It’s possible for me it isn’t about the location but the age. Once my stomach is empty again, I’m fine (except that I’ve completely lost my appetite). By process of elimination, I then narrowed it down to the eggs but then felt fine one day and not the next… Totally threw me! So annoying as I really like them but the pain isnt worth it. The sniff test is the oldest, simplest and most reliable method of telling whether an egg has gone bad. Our pediatrician told us to introduce egg yolks around 7 months, and after the 3rd time, my son got really sick. This is so frustrating. That’s sort of what I was afraid of. It wasn’t until around October when I ate a basic piece of wheat toast with an egg over easy, that it finally clicked. A fresh egg will sink, an older egg will stand on end, and a really old egg will float (doesn’t mean that that egg isn’t safe, it’s just old).

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