feeding well x7 Discus, True Altums and more live stock, 8 GENUINE ALTUM ANGELS FOR SALE (SOLD SOLD SOLD SORRY), 11 X angelfish F1 from wild parents- 300 pounds, Peru Altum wild male angelfish -40 pounds, Discus pairs (Timperley) Altum stripe x 3 £145 per pair. Beautiful habitats designed for Ultimate Instant Jungle! Yellow Neon Tetra Wild altum Angels Preferably somebody who can ship them but I would consider travelling myself to collect them as I would make a special effort for these fish. Acanthicus zebra 4.0-5.0 £12.00 Mob - ... ... is there anybody out there got any altum angels for sale if so drop me a email.... hi has anybody out there got any altum angels for sale if so drop me an email many thanks for looking .... hi has anyone got any altum angels for sale top price paid, wanted genuine altum angels [no peruvian lookalikes] also scalares and cardinals wanted , genuine offers only please. 5" £50 Will do offers on multiple buys. Altum Flora 5-5½” £80.00 10 Some of the males here are in excess of 7 inches . EXCELLENT WEEKLY OFFERS AVAILABLE. Pair 2 Altum... ... Over 1000 discus in stock Everyone in Excellant shape . reduced from £400. L136b golden spotted Pleco 3" £20 5" £60 Wilds from Brazil All are roughly around 4" nose to tail and 9" top to bottom. T... ... Hand picked wild chocolate gouramis from our man in Malaysia. Please call for more information, ask for Lisa. Corydoras delphax 2"- 8£ These are slightly larger than the previous batch which are all sold out. Pecock Wrasse £10 Pics on request, please contact me by text so if you don't mind, give the ads a couple clicks. Collection washington aquatics Collection or delivery £25, Distributor? Cash and collection only from London E1. Breed from a amazing wild caught pair.....stunning neon blues on face and fins Albino Golden This is also thought to be how many Discus were introduced into that area as well because later in the 1980’s, many local tropical fish collectors started catching Discus from this same area. Goldfish, Koi & Ponds Imported from the best farms in Malaysia *Red Spotted Severum 3"-4" Red dragons Also maggots (squats) from the fishing tackle shop which work out a lot cheaper. Pair of Goldens from 7" , absolutely no peppering , full golden gene £280 Strictly first come ,first serve. Fish For You Hartlepool fish availability list, 6 Rare True Columbian Altum Angels in 300Lt Aquarium, (TAKING NO MORE ORDERS TILL MAY-JUNE) South American Imports @ (Catfish Aquatics) £18 APC Next Day By 10.AM (FULL 24H DOA POLICY). they will breed 2 weeks or so after you remove the young . Looking for true 'Orinocco' Altums in UK. These are true Columbian Altums around 2 inches. Red Cuipeau fish are now approx. Debates, Disputes & Beliefs pH 6 These are the one of the largest variety of discus Breeding does occur within the group but I'm not selling as pairs as they haven't successfully raised fry being in community aquaria and I'm reluctant to separate the group though would consider if given a good offer... ... We are open after a successful visit to the discus farms where we actually select our discus. I AM A BREEDER AND IMPORTER OF SOME OF THE BEST TOP QUALITY DISCUS. Here for sale are our beautiful Altum Flora Discus, they are top quality and are proven to be a pair, I have pictures and videos for you too see to confirm this. Wanted young healthy proven breeders. Satanoperca, Guianacara, Biotodoma, Gymnogeopahgus ect Gary Direct from the farms . Yellow white I have 3 young potential pairs for sale. Alenquer Red 3-3½” 2½-3” £10.00 £9.00 33 tail Size (Inch) Body size Retail Price £260 sold. Heckle X PICK UP ONLY IN PLYMOUTH Need these gone asap ... ... Altum Floras . Wanted a pair of altum angels .Prefer a couple of young ones as i would like to bring them along.I only want the real i am not peru or scaleres. now out of Quarantine , Can collect near to Manchester, otherwise please post. Please make offers if interested. Has been fed with tetra prima, fro... ... F1 rio nannay peruvian altum angels These have stunning colours , markings and shape . £40 the pair We cannot keep up with the demand for these. They have been raised in pH 6.0-6.5 and are currently kept in 6.5.there is around 10 left available in stock at Silksworth Aquatics. Scotland £35. 2 breeding pairs of large, adult Peru Altum Angels. Geophagus Sveni These were bought about a year ago from Rare aquatics for £100 each. temp. Wild caught Altum Angelfish imported from Columbia on 12th December 2018. Dwarf Cichlids SOME OF THE BEST PRICES IN THE NORTHEAST. Kullander, Dumerilii is also a synonym of Scalare, Pterophyllum are a long bodied Angelfish possibly related to Mesonauta (the Festivums). Checkerboard turq Philippine Blue Smokey Angelfish - Dime Size (1 Fish) $ 4.99. SCROLL DOWN BELOW PHOTO FOR INFORMATION. L147 Guacamaya pleco Ancistomus/Peckoltia sp. Blue Diamond 3-3½” 2½-3” £12.00 £10.80 20 Kept in tap water. White pearl scale platinum (20p size) one panaque orange spot LDA31 plec. Also breeding pair of Angels available. Shoal of 7 in prime contition. Also I have discus that are for sale welcome to come and view TDS:... ... L136b and L168 imported 12th July . We are dedicated to supplying the best quality discus to everyone from Hobbyists to those who attend shows. Pterophyllum altum wc x4 approx 6 months old. £5 each Free delivery during November on orders over £250, New Altum Angels £25.99 and Colombian L numbers@TWA, 3 inches Young discus coming out of quarantine 30th September 2013 from £15, New fish Stock at A.R.K. Please contact us for further details as stock is constantly ... ... Northants Discus are Sole distributors of premium Discus from Ricky Lim, Ricky has some of the best Malaysian bred Discus available throughout the industry today. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Black Neon Tetra one wild paruvian altum angelfish. We have some F1 altum angels bred from wild stock of colombian altum angels. Yellow Checkerboard Pigeon Alenquer Red 3-3½” 2½-3” £10.00 Get the best deals on Freshwater Angelfish when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Mixed Blues £11.00 No desire to sell but tank leak has meant evacuation to a small tank so they're priced to sell before the fin nipping gets out of hand ... ... Group of 7 young adults f1 peruvian altums for sale. (If buying more than 12, add 1 pound per angelfish) Brilliant colours wit bright red eyes. A few samples of March imports . Excellent condition. Angelfish, severum, liberifer, altum, leopoldi, geophagus redhead tapajos. Also looking for good quality Geophagus and other eartheaters, Hi Anyone out there have any Altums for sale if so, please let me know. just under 3" now but watch them grow Silver zebra (peruvian altums, 20p size) Looking for Orinoco or Atabapo. Selected while I was in their farms. tail Size (Inch) Body size Retail Price April Special Price (10% discount) Available This is not a fresh import, they are fully acustomed to tap water eating dry, wet, frozen, live food. 1x Large brissle nose pleco £4 Clown Angelfish - Dime Size (1 Fish) $ 9.99. Pterophyllum scalare, proven pairs... ... 4x altums.7xdiscus, around 25 tetras,2 clown,plecos,roots and many many extra..all 380£ tank and stand not included.harrogate, looking for large true altum angels contact terry on 07780562076. Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE I will be contacting those who reserve them shortly. updated 20th April 2011 A small sample of what i am importing into the UK this week. Checker board pigeon sourced from david lai stunning fish really are the real deal! As you can see from the pictures they are starting to develop the Red on top of their heads which is why these are one of the more favoured species of Geophagus. *Sajica 3... ... Altum Floras , massive Altum Floras with brilliant blue colour and full striped body , matching pair with fertilised eggs today ( 28th June ) £300 Ideally three high quality specimens. Pairs available Eruptions spotted face collection only, from Cambridge CB1 First consignment arrived 25th September of 427 discus Exclusive to C.E. Breeding pair of altum angels for sale witgp breeding cone, im after 25 pound or swap for cichlids call or text on 07427479862. Blue turqs Papagei (aka sp. Rose Reds 3 inch £30 Good sizes possibly a couple of pairs Over 800 discus from the best discus breeders in Malaysia. Release for sale on the 21st Sept.(SOLD OUT) Corydoras rabauty 2.0-3.0 £3.00 6" £100 Discus all around 3 inch Koi veil tail (minimum 20p size) 107 park road *Red Rock Severum 4"-5" & 2" Albino Golden 5 £80 Red turqs Feeding on Aquadip frozen brine shrimp, glass worms and tropical mix. Also Altum angels from columbia,ready 21st Aug A box of 6-12 angelfish averages a weight of 12 pounds. Penang Eruptions 3 inch onward... ... Hi guys i have for sale 3 true Altum angels, i bought these from david lai last year, i now have to sell them as i sold the display they were in and don't have any tanks high enough for them, they are a minimum of 8ins dorsal to anal fin, maybe more. New orders will be shipped the week of 11/9. We are proud to offer the world's largest selection of Philippine Blue angelfish varieties. I am dismantling my setups ahead of a house move and have 6 angels for sale, all F1s, currently kept in a mix of RO and tap water. Discus ,Altum ,corydoras,pleco ,geophegus ,potomotrygon. proven.Will take £100. The real altums,taking orders for the next batch, Wild Caught True altum angels.ONLY A FEW LEFT, L136b and L168 , imported from Columbia with Altums, [SOLD] Female Angelfish 5 inches Height 3.5 inches Length [SOLD], GOSFORTH PETS AND AQUATICS (NEWCASTLE) STOCK UPDATE..NATIONWIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE, Chens Discus - 10% discount on April Stocklist, BIG SELECTION OF TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE NOW @ JAKES DISCUS AQUATICS, LANCASHIRE LA4 5TR. Delivery to most of the UK (SOLD OUT) 4" £40 Albino Leopard Snakeskin 6-6½” 5-5½” £200.00 Starting to colour up nice. Marine Fish & Inverts Sold Out. only a few left!!! 4" £40 Red Phantom Tetra Water is soft and acidic at 6.1 pH , if you can't provide th... ... We actually select these from the farms not ordered from a list £300 the group of 6. No arrow heads , no shortened dorsal fins or operculum . they are currently sat on eggs at the minute. 1st Shipment of 39 boxes arrived on 3rd January 2014. The real altums have high finage Due to the size of the fish ,pick up only! tel matt 07850050434 approx 5" fin height Potentially for sale: Torpedo goby x2 £10 ea Not too often will we offer these gorgeous Peruvian Altum Angels for sale. In the UK now ! I would suggest growing these fish on to 6 inch. Collection only at this time It is thought that a fish exporter’s facilities was flooded out in the 1970’s causing all of his fish to be released into the Rio Nanay. Altuma Heckles MANY THANKS And many other pairs available . regards Looking for a group of established home grown altum angels, these are for our display aquarium within our shop and are not for resale. 15£/pair. THE BEST GUARANTEE IN THE FISH BUSINESS!!! Constantly spawning and looking after young - 15£/pair TDS 20ppm Albino Snakeskin 5-5½” 4-4½” £90.00 Add TO Cart. Fire Red £17.00 TANK RAISED = We get these Altums as frye from South America and farm them up to size here in AZ, After about a year of growing them here, they are ready to be shipped to our customers. All colours considered,but especially Contact us anytime if you have questions about your order status. These are wild caught altums and therefore their authenticity is beyound doubt and are only suitable for the experience aquarist. (Black and Altum). beautiful colours approx 15 months old plenty of time for growing on Please read our, Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp, Crayfish & Lobsters. Not peruvian, not nanay, not Orinoco. Have now had first spawn (eaten by others) Blue Diamond 4½-5”... ... Hi, does anyone know anywhere that get f1 true Altum angles in anymore? Temp ... ... Now taking orders for the next batch of wild caught real altums.

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