Read about American Indian Arts & Crafts, especially Indian jewelry and dances. The American west had all sorts of people including, No one has any way of actually knowing how many. All eleven members met with bloody, violent deaths during the era of the Wild West, Wild West Fact 27: Younger Brothers: The Younger Brothers were four American outlaws who were often allied with Jesse James. Cowboys worried about stampedes, which is when the cows would take off running, trampling each other and anyone in their way. The first westbound trip was made in 9 days and 23 hours and the eastbound journey in 11 days and 12 hours. Some of the most famous outlaws were: Billy the Kid, Belle Starr, Bill Doolin, Black Bart, Dalton Brothers, Jesse James, Frank James, Curly Bill, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This introductory lesson gives your class the chance to explore the fundamental beliefs of Christianity and some of the teachings of the Bible, especially the Ten Commandments. The barbed wire fencing changed farming and ranching and contributed to the end of the cowboys and the Wild West. Download the two DT lessons that form part of a complete Year 3/4 'Wild West' classic cross-curricular topic. The Boom Towns often turned into ghost towns after the gold strike ended. 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Wild West Criss Cross Crossword task where students are challenged to fit the supplied words into the correct areas of the puzzle. months[7] = " This website is produced by the Siteseen network that specializes in producing free informative websites on a diverse range of topics. Half-term sale: 20% off when you spend £20 or more. The Wild West | Geography: Geography of the Great Plains, 'USA Road Trip Topic Bundle' Topic Bundle. Learn interesting western facts about inventions like barbed wire and denim blue jeans. You’ll find interesting American Indian Sacred Places & Battlegrounds to visit, authentic Indian Recipes and Native Legends & Creation Stories. Another reason for the end of the Wild West was the invention of barbed wire, which is a type of fence made of steel with sharp points sticking out. months[2] = " Check out the interesting and diverse websites produced and created by the international publisher in the Siteseen network.

To find out more, see our, Wild West Facts & Worksheets: Check out the Siteseen network of educational websites. The people moving onto to these lands claimed the land as their land. var current_date = new Date(); month_value = current_date.getMonth(); day_value = current_date.getDate(); year_value = current_date.getFullYear(); document.write( months[month_value] ); Wild West - US History - Facts - Summary - Definition - Wild West - Definition - American - US - USA - Wild West - America - Dates - United States - Kids - Children - Schools - Homework - Important - Facts - Issues - Key - Main - Summary - Definition - History - Interesting - Wild West - Info - Information - American History - Facts - Historical - Major Events - Wild West, Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th American President who served in office from March 4, 1885 to March 4, 1889 and from March 4, 1893 - March 4,1897. I need research paper ideas about the American West 1800–1890 and wanted to do something unique. Wild West Fact 13: Deadwood: Deadwood Gulch was a Wild West city in South Dakota where graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Annie Oakley are located. The gunfight was between lawmen and the Clanton Gang of outlaws and cowboys. This lesson describes how false face masks were used by the Iroquois and shows your class some examples before they design, make and evaluate their own masks. Intended for Year 3 and 4 but easily adaptable for other age groups, this Wild West cross-curricular topic gives you a creative approach to the curriculum and enables you to give your class an all-round view of this period in American history. Wild West Fact 10: The Oregon Trail: The 2000 mile Oregon Trail started in Independence, Missouri and ended Oregon City. Understand chronology and timelines and use dates to identify other famous periods of time. This often referring to the period of the later half of the 19th century, between the American Civil War and the end of the century. 's' : ''}}. How have humans bred domestic animals to be different from their original wild counterparts? We also offer Cowboy Poetry & Songs, western Cowboy Recipes, plus links to other great facts about the American West. The 'Old West' was famous for cowboys, native Indians, the lawmen, gunslingers, the pioneers, the prospectors, the gamblers, the scouts, the outlaws, the gangs and the gunfighters. You’ll find history, lore and biographies of the lives and times of those who populated the Wild West. An error occurred trying to load this video. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. This lesson shows your children some examples of patchwork quilts, both the necessary and the artistic, before they get the chance to design their own patchwork square. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Already registered? The Iroquois tribe used false face masks to scare away evil spirits. He was sentenced to 25 years in the Texas State Prison for the murder of a deputy sheriff in 1877. Wild West Fact 5: Buffalo Bill: Buffalo Bill's Wild West show ran for over 30 years and over 1000 Native Americans performed in the Show including Chief Sitting Bull. This cross-curricular Wild West Topic for Year 3 and Year 4 introduces your class to cowboys, native americans and pioneers. You can test out of the months[8] = " Get fast, free facts and information on a whole host of subjects in the Siteseen network of interesting websites. Wild West Fact 23: John Wesley Hardin: John Wesley Hardin a Texas gunslinger who was said to have killed more than 40 men. The American Old West, also known as the American frontier or the Wild West, means the history, geography, people, and culture of life in the Western United States. The first lesson in this History series describes briefly the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the European settlement of America and how America became the United States, before looking at how and why the pioneers left the States to settle beyond the Western Frontier.

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