I rejected God and was the most inconsiderate man that any woman could ever have been married to. I've found journaling sometimes helps me pull my own thoughts together and get clarity on questions/situations since my therapist suggested it. Arguing over money, pets and even children can be very traumatic and often people are left scarred. The process of getting back with your wife will require you to truly forgive yourself. This may not seem like that big of a deal to some of you, but for others it can be a real challenge. Now my parents specially my mom has more ego and anger against her. All these are making me depressed, and I’ve been praying to God to transform him the same way He transformed apostle Paul in the Bible. Don’t focus on the end goal otherwise you could start to feel overwhelmed. Stay away from her. Change what you do and in turn change the way that she perceives you and make her fall back in love! I am being advised by some of my friends not to take her back. I really wanted some space, they are living for almost 4 years with us. I am scared of going through the same thing again and at the same time wishing the things can get back to normal. You’ll need to continue to stay positive every time you interact with her and ensure that you avoid drama at all cost! If you do decide you want to reconcile, I suggest you take your time and be sure to see a marriage counsellor both together and separately. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. By doing so you will only validate what they have going on, and probably appear bitter and resentful.

Without even realizing it he constantly made her unappreciated, and he was living a life in pursuit of his dreams and not theirs. He needs to prove himself. As the day of getting back with an ex approaches near, … I really want everyone to be happy and together.

I trust God for total turn around for my husband for am not willing to become a single mum. © 2020 Elite Communication Coaching, LLC. She just want to come home and have a good sleep from all the tiredness and I want the same.

Once you are able to start talking with your ex wife, ensure that you leverage your shared history to make her laugh and prove that you are even more compatible. Now you are lucky with no kids. If you are sincere about your willingness to make things right – you’ll be patient. It’s most likely not a question of love and emotions and more one geared towards trust and happiness. That was first serious relationship for both of us. Am so confused right now. Your mindset can be your biggest ally or worst enemy in the process of figuring out how to get your wife back. We could be involved in a praise ministry together. She wanted me to kick the parents out that I didnt and couldnt, but I did truly loved her. I dont want to be a joke for freinds if that happened again. That’s why, when I speak to people during one on one coaching sessions, one of my initial goals is to ensure that I provide them with a full arsenal of everything that they have going for them; because it is so easy to be overly negative and to feel down about your present situation.

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